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AlJazeera’s Hour Long Newscast on KPFT Receives Threats

AlJazeera News has begun to air for one hour on KPFT, a prominent Texas Radio Station. It has received threats and hate mail since.

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  • M

    I heard all the usual tsunani of accusations about AJ by rightwing Islamophobes & was surprised to see how baseless the allegations were. The cure to ignorance is exposure to a wide variety of information. Nothing much can be done by wilful ignorance. In contrast to the stereotype, AJ really is a breath of fresh air, talking to all sides & getting their views e.g. extremist Israelis. is meaty, also different & watchable.

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  • marco


    And what of the libel being spread against Muslims in the media??

  • marco


    Like they are any better than Fox News right?

    Al Jazeera English is nothing like its arabic counterpart. It is probably the best news channel out there.

    Apparently the retards who were posting the hate comments can’t grasp the idea that al jazeera english is not a mouth piece of iran, nor does it help spread the message of Islam

  • A few things about Al-Jazeera:

    – it is two separate providers, Arabic and English

    – the English one is a high quality service which is pretty much run and staffed by a lot of western journalists that I think rivals many of the big names (BBC, CNN, FOX, ABC). Many of the staff are in fact from these big names previously since the big names cut their budgets, allowing AJE to poach them. Their loss, I think AJE may overtake the BBC or at least rival it as the world’s source of information sometime soon.

    – unfortunately the Arabic one is… ahem… ‘lacking’ in these areas and tends to be a bit crap and prone to doing all sorts of ‘backwater broadcaster’ junk.

    – and even then, this is rare, AJA still manages to push out some good quality programing, superior to other Arabic channels. Which is why bob only managed to find one instance of where they did this.

    – hence, only idiots or the ones with other motivation (or both…) make no effort to point out that they are two different broadcasters. Right bob? Can’t have them muzzies on the airwaves with their sharia-jihad-suicide-bombing-destroy-western-civilization-campaign can we? You know that just listening to them turns you into a suicide-bomber-jihad-sharia-spreader? Nope, we will show how superior we are with our freedom of speech (when I like it) laws and give ’em death threats. Dumb muzzies…

  • Ian Gould

    “Maybe it had something to do with al-Jazeera spreading libel against Egypt’s Christian population?”

    Maybe you’re making wild baseless allegations again.

  • mindy1

    You can disagree without threats-voice your protest if you must, but do NOT threaten people-that’s wrong

  • froger29

    I just donated to KPFT to show my support

  • MOH4

    Of course… Make perfect sense. Free speech for all ( except for anyone who disagrees with us ) Sarc.

  • froger29


    I lived in Houston for most of my life too and when you say “thought we were not a hatefull city”, I only ask you to read the comments posted on articles related to muslims on

  • NassirH

    This is a shocker. I click on this story and find JihadBob justifying death threats simply because those sent them hated Muslims.

    Anyways, keep up the good work Loonwatch. It seems that Islamophobes are getting more desperate every day.

  • JD

    Daily Democrat, 12/7/10

    Yolo County DA files hate crime charges against two who attacked Sikh cab driver
    Created: 12/07/2010 10:01:01 AM PST
    The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office has filed felony assault and hate crime charges against West Sacramento residents Pedro Ramirez and Johnny Morales for the assault on a Sikh cab driver on Nov. 28.
    Ramirez and Morales were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Department 9 of the Yolo County Superior Court.

  • JD

    Or stuff like this

    680News, 12/6/10

    Niagara Police are investigating after a possible hate crime occurred at an Islamic Centre in Niagara Falls.
    Police say on December 3 two adult males and a male young offender went to the Centre armed with golf clubs.
    They proceeded to damage cars in the parking lot and where then confronted by two members of the centre. The members were then assaulted with golf clubs before others intervened and detained the attackers until police arrived. …
    Police say throughout the attack the assailants continually hurled racial slurs at the victims

  • Mosizzle

    I think that was Al Jazeera Arabic, which is nowhere near the quality of Al Jazeera English, which is the channel being discussed here. They are very different in terms of content and quality. Al Jazeera English isn’t just a translation of Al Jazeera Arabic, it’s entirely different. Al Jazeera Arabic which you claim spread libel about Egyptian Christians is unrelated in this case. In case you have forgotten, Texans don’t speak Arabic.

    Interesting to note, however, is that you justify death threats against a news channel in the US for what another channel might have done abroad. It them becomes clear that your comment was not a real suggestion, but another example of you bringing up news headlines from JihadWatch or pointless stats from religionofpeace in order to cover up something bad done by your fellow Westerners.

    The real problem was that Texans couldn’t stand more Mooslims on the radio or they thought Al Jazeera was Al Qaeda.

  • JihadBob

    Maybe it had something to do with al-Jazeera spreading libel against Egypt’s Christian population?

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  • JD

    Wow I am in Houston and I thought we were not a hatefull city there are people from all over here guess I was wrong We are in Texas home of the Republi Nazi ohhh well……Think i will donate extra this year to Kbft and Democracy now…….

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Naw hes from the planet Geller

  • Rob

    Isn’t bob from texas?

  • Justin

    Freedom of speech in the land of the free!

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