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Muslim Takeover Final!: Family Feud Has Muslim Family on

It looks like the Muslim takeover is complete, the threat is no longer “creeping Jihad” it is all out Islamic imposition upon our values! That great American institution, “Family Feud” had the Abdur Rahman’s on and to top it off they won!

Woe to our free nation, this is no doubt Stealth Jihad!

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  • Khaled

    Whats funny is the fact that so many Muslims believe that 9/11 is an inside job is actually evidence AGAINST us being in some sort of Jihad against the US.

  • Khushboo

    Many people have conspiracy theories about 9/11, including non-Muslims. There’s actually a site made by engineers, physicists, and carpenters about their theories. Ofcourse, Bobby will only pick on Muslims of being a conspiracy theorist. Interesting!

  • Crow

    Seems to me that theyre a regular american family. As for jihadbob spencer pretty soon he’ll be viewed with the same contempt most sane people view david duke with. Pam geller will melt away like the wicked witch she is and life will be that much better.

  • Nur Alia

    You see…

    First the cry is by the haters that “Muslims should intergrate (assimilate) into western culture” as this family has done on an American game show.

    but…when Muslims do ‘assimilate’, the haters call it stealth jihad.

    When a church is bombed, the haters call us evil and ask why we dont speak against the evil done ‘in the name of Islam’. When we stand beside Christians and Jews in thier protest against the bombing…the haters say we are practicing stealth jihad.

    So…no matter what Muslims do, haters like Jihadbob and the like will find some reason to whine.

    Again…Jihad Bob and the others are a waste of time and effort. Let them go to Jihad watch and whine until the cheese is aged to go with it.


  • NassirH

    After Stephen expressed his beliefs about 9/11, several Loonwatchers came out and said they disagreed with him (including yours truly).

    What I don’t understand is why Bobby is complaining about conspiracy theories, since he holds several conspiratorial beliefs himself (which Johnny K already pointed out).

  • Johnny K

    So apparently one bad apple on the LoonWatch threads (Stephen G. Parker) claims that 9/11 was an Israeli conspiracy, and now JihadBob claims that ALL of LoonWatch is in full support of that idea?

    Come on Bob, you are either stupid or blind with hate. We all know how ridiculous that claim was. Stop trying to associate any of us not named Stephen G. Parker with that bullcrap.

    If Bob wants conspiracy theories fully backed by everyone on a thread he just needs to look at his website, JihadWatch. There you will get the real story of how this Family Feud victory is actually a victory for Islam and signs of creeping Shariah law creeping into our borders. Am I correct?

    JihadBob (Robert Spencer), simply put you’re a piece of shit. Stop trying too hard. You just look even more bigoted than you already are. Concentrate your resources on YOUR website. Keep your hate out of here.

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  • Khushboo

    LOL@JB’s dad. You certainly bring comic relief to the site. ?

  • Mosizzle

    “When is loonwatch going to start posting on who the real culprits of the 9/11 attacks are – exposing the official government line that ?Ayrabs’ were the perpetrators?”

    JihadBob, this is not a conspiracy site. For loony conspiracy theories try atlasshrugs or jihadwatch.

    Here’s some of Pamela Geller’s “conspiracy facts”, as she likes to call them, refudiated.

  • jihad bobs dad

    Son i am sure loonwatch will expose the perpetrators of 9/11 when you stop exposing yourself! This is the forth time in a month that the police have bought you home and banned you from the park! Where did I go wrong?

  • marco

    Oh Mindy your so naive. They are clearly doing the taqqiyah, you know to totally deceive the infidels and give them the image that they are actually you know….decent human beings. Can you believe that? Outrageous, how dare they do that!!!

  • mindy1

    Aww they seem like a nice family-as hyper as any other contestants ?

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  • Khushboo

    Oh lookie…Steve Harvey survived! :/

  • Jinn

    I think they do enough by exposing you and your clan Jihadbob. Whether its an Arab bigot or a Western Bigot. Exposing bigots is what matters here.

  • Abdullah

    JB is sort of like the Mencia of comedy– just a regurgitation of things that were said before, but said through the mouth of a complete tool.

    On topic: neat. I’m reminded of a bit Azhar Usman did about Family Feud… :)

  • mindy1

    @Jihadbob WTF?! ? Regarding the story-nice to recognize everyone

  • Syed

    Thanks for the laughs JihadBob
    When is Spencer going to stop spamming these forums and agree to a real debate with Danios? ?

  • JihadBob

    Thanx for the thread.

    When is loonwatch going to start posting on who the real culprits of the 9/11 attacks are – exposing the official government line that ‘Ayrabs’ were the perpetrators?

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