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Muslims and Christians Gather together in Iraq

Muslims and Christians hold their respective holy scriptures at a gathering to support peace amongst the various confessions in Iraq.

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  • Whatever Mr Pork… tell me why I should even read your junk.

    I found this in the Jerusalem Post, more stuff about cooperation between peoples in the wake of these terrible forest fires in Israel:

    Palestinian firefighters come to Israel’s aid:

    Turkey offers assistance in Carmel fire despite tensions

  • Garo

    jihad bob dad,

    Re: December 3rd,2010 at7:07 am.

    I have just seen the above Re of yours and I have felt it implores a friendly response:

    My boy,why do you have to bring shame to yourself with such offensive comments?

    Well,my boy,your name calling and ignominious words sound like you have a stinky case of MOUTH DIARRHEA.

    Could not you learn?

  • Jack

    Halal Pork; you do know that in the Middle Ages the higher nobility often betrothed their offspring at birth, and girls had their marriage consummated as early as twelve years old?

    Spain still has the age of consent as early as thirteen years old while the age of consent in Turkey is eighteen.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    @ haram porky

    Allahu A’lam

  • @Mosizzle :It might sizzle you to know that according to one Hadith,Mohammad visited a house and saw a baby crawling and told the mother that he would marry her when she grows a little older but he died before he could fulfil his hearts desire.As it is said that a man is what he thinks.Hence you can draw your own conclusions about your Prophet.I think he did have pedophile inclinations which is a form of pervertion.If you still support and worship him,you might have similar tastes.You can always judge people by small things they do.

  • Mosizzle

    HalalPork, I never claimed that she was 3 years old. I said that some Biblical commenters held that opinion and that is justified because children matured earlier then and this is partially proven by scientific evidence that the onset of puberty was earlier in those times. 3 years old back then is not 3 year old babies of today.

    It wasn’t an attack on the Bible, Isaac is our Prophet too. But I’m just saying that you, as a Christian, can no longer keep throwing the Muhammad-Aisha thing at us. That is if the opinions of those Biblical commenters is correct.

    There you will find out how certain Rabbis “calculated” that she was 3 years old. This was an accepted opinion at one point, but is almost always left out when the story is told today. Other opinions are given more acceptance such as the opinion that she was 14 or 10. However, many Muslims today have calculated varying ages for Aisha from 9 – 18. But it doesn’t really matter. The rest of Muhammad’s life was so awesome that we shouldn’t be spending years talking about one marriage. Muslims can accept if she was 9 or 18.

  • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

    @ haram porker

    Allahu A’lam

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