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PRA: “Manufacturing the Muslim Menace” by Thomas Cincotta

First off I want to apologize for the last post, I actually had not looked closely at the images which were as many of you pointed out, “needlessly offensive” and in fact prejudiced. Thank you for the input and oversight, Emperor informed me of the comments and of my error, I am a new contributor and I hope this does not put me out of favor with the loonwatch family.  –Amago

Now the actual study, entitled “Manufacturing the Muslim Menace: Private Firms, and the Threat to Rights and Security,” is well worth the read. It recounts the pervasive atmosphere of Islamophobia and reliance on Islamophobes at the most and ignorance at the least amongst security officials, trainers and others and the corrosive effect in can have on our rights and national security.

Here is an excerpt from the “Executive Summary” of the report:

“Manufacturing the Muslim Menace: Private Firms, and the Threat to Rights and Security”

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks by al Qaeda Homeland Security Professionals Conference,on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the fed- eral government has mobilized law enforcement agencies at all levels into a coordinated national defense against future terror attacks. To meet this challenge, the growing ranks of the domestic security apparatus—including local police, transit, port, and other agencies not traditionally involved in counterterrorism—require training. The George W. Bush administration’s declaration of “war on terror” bolstered a private counterterrorism training industry that offers courses on topics ranging from infrastructure reinforcement to terrorist ideology.

A nine-month investigation by Political Research Associates (PRA) finds that government agencies responsible for domestic security have inadequate mechanisms to ensure quality and consistency in ter- rorism preparedness training provided by private vendors; public servants are regularly presented with misleading, inflammatory, and dangerous informa- tion about the nature of the terror threat through highly politicized seminars, industry conferences, trade publications, and electronic media. In place of sound skills training and intelligence briefings, a vocal and influential sub-group of the private counterterrorism training industry markets conspiracy theories about secret jihadi campaigns to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law, and effectively impugns all of Islam — a world religion with 1.3 billion adherents—as inherently violent and even terroristic.

Walid Shoebat, a popular “ex-Muslim” speaker used by multiple private training firms, recently told the audience at an International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA) conference, “Islam is a revolution and is intent to destroy all other systems. They want to expand, like Nazism.”1 Another private sector counterterrorism trainer, John Giduck, told a Homeland Security Professionals Conference “Going back to the time of Mohammed, Muslims’ goal has been to take over the world.”2 Walid Phares, who teaches for The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies and the National Defense University, argues that “jihadists within the West pose as civil rights advocates”3 and patiently recruit until “[a]lmost all mosques, educational centers, and socioeconomic institutions fall into their hands.”4 These “jihadists” put off militant action, Phares claims ominiously, “until the ‘holy moment’ comes.”5 Solomon Bradman, CEO of the training firm Security Solutions International (SSI), likewise claims that a Muslim stealth jihad threatens the United States from within. Such assertions are far from benign. Asked by a PRA investigator what she understood to be Shoebat’s solution to the Islamic threat he described at the ICTOA event previously mentioned, one audience member responded, “Kill them, including the children. You heard him.”6

Islamophobic statements like those above have the effect of demonizing the entirety of Islam as dangerous and “extremist,” denying the existence of a moderate Muslim majority, or regarding Islam gen- erally as a problem for the world.7 The private sector speakers and trainers PRA investigated routinely invoke conspiracy theories that draw upon deeply- ingrained negative stereotypes of Muslim duplicity, repression, backwardness, and evil.8 Islamophobia is “an outlook or world-view involving an unfounded dread and dislike of Muslims, which results in prac- tices of exclusion and discrimination” and may include the perception that Islam is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.9

The notion that a generalized Muslim menace poses an existential threat to the United States and western democracy contradicts official national secu- rity doctrine and undermines both domestic security and the constitutional rights of our citizens and resi- dents. Nonetheless, PRA’s investigation finds that public resources are being used to propagate this dangerous falsehood to the nation’s first responders, intelligence analysts, and other public servants.

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  • Khushboo

    ^ read the article and it’s hilarious when bigots like Gabriel use words like “Muslims are being radicalized” or “Quran promotes violence” and when they’re corrected,they immediately get on the defense, back peddle, and say “oh I mean ‘Muslim Radicals’ not all Muslims….I love Muslims, it’s Islam that we’re against…blah blah blah.”

    Well guess what? People who follow Islam/Quran are all Muslims. People who go by Sharia (i.e. praying 5x a day, charity, etc.) are ALL Muslims, not just radical Muslims. They’re insulting the whole religion which is insulting ALL MUSLIMS!

  • dz alexander

    Thanks for that. The New York Times had a recent article on this

    “circuit of self-appointed terrorism detectors”.
    Drawing U.S. Crowds With Anti-Islam Message
    By LAURIE GOODSTEIN March 7, 2011

  • jacque

    A very important study. Keep up the good work Amago.

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  • Marwan

    There is a Hadith by the Prophet Mohammed which I paraphrase here:

    There will come a time for my people when to hold on to ones faith, will be like holding on to a hot coal!

    This is indeed such a time, when a huge segment of the so called ‘civilised’ word has been infected by this anti-Islam Rabies.. You cannot reason with a rabid dog, we just have to be patient and wait for it to die or lose interest.

  • Anj

    Friend, you are absolutely right. These loons are being paid copious amounts by the US government to teach hate and project misinformation. There is no way these people could hold a 9-5 job.

  • Anj

    The democrats are now going to have judicial hearings into the rise of islamophobia in north America! Maybe we should post the report to the senator in charge.

  • RDS

    Much better than the last one. Welcome to the family!

  • Friend

    Yes, yours and mine, tax dollars are paid to otherwise incapable-to-carry-a- steady-job fake “experts” to teach hate, sponsored by evangelicals and radicals of Judeo-Christian power players all in the name of security and war against terror.

  • Khushboo

    Nice work!

  • mindy1

    Thanks for removing the other article. As for the article, it’s scary that hate is being taught

  • Anj

    The abhorrent part if all this islamophobia and this illogical loonery is that the Evangelical Christians and Zionist Jews are financing and propagating the hate.

  • Anj

    At last a single piece of coherent work which exposes the loons.
    I think we need to distribute this PDF file everywhere. I’m going to attach it to any email i send.
    Why have US authorities not looked at this before?
    Americans need to send a copy to their elected rep asap. The quicker these parasites ate exposed the better!

  • Saladin

    The worst part is that it takes away from the real problems faced by people across the religious spectrum

  • Friend

    Finally, someone looked at Islamophobia/hysteria/propaganda objectively. These so called counter-terrorism experts are nothing but opportunists making BIG quick bucks while feeding on Islamophobia spread by neocons, ultra-conservatives, Armegeddonists and warmongers bent on their hate-filled agenda.

  • Rob

    Welcome Amago!

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