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Jihad Watch Reader Wants to Annihilate Muslim Holy Places

In an article from April 18, 2011, titled Iran’s Thug in Chief blames West for Middle East Unrest, another one of Robert Spencer‘s outspoken Zombie-like followers calls for the West to destroy Muslim holy sites:

Melouis wrote:

All this underscores the need for the West to apply the lessons of WW2 to the Islamisist threat. The lesson was that when we destroyed the false gods of the Japanese Imperial fascists, and when we destroyed the false gods of the Germans and discredited their ideology, then and only then were millions of Japanese and millions of Germans capable of adopting a new world view. As a result, they are today, our allies and friends,(for the most part, we are not talking Utopia here)whereas before they were committed to our destruction.

We can achieve the same results by using overwhelming force to destroy the three holiest sites of Islam,(the Mosque in Mecca, Medina, and the Dome of the Rock), in one night with satellite guided missiles and then pose the question to the Moslems, “If Mohamed and Allah could not prevent the destruction of the three holiest sites of Islam, perhaps you should reconsider your world view. The five pillars of Islam would vanish and so would Jihad. (emphasis mine)

It is quite a fetish for anti-Muslims to dream of destroying Mecca, Medina and the Dome of the Rock. We’ve had looniest blogger Pamela Geller, Krazy Joe Kaufman, Michael “Weiner” Savage, someone named Bob Beers, Tom Trancredo, etc call for nuking or destroying Muslim countries and holy sites in the past. Robert Spencer himself says he is opposed to nuking Mecca, not out of any sort of principled stand (this is the guy who supports the Genocide of Turks after all) but because it wouldn’t be a good ‘tactical move’ –which makes you wonder if he is really against the idea?

The Nuclear Card option forwarded by the Spencerite is the wet-dream of all wacko Islamophobes, and is probably the reason that Robert Spencer didn’t moderate it and similar comments.

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  • Mike guthrie

    Im glad israel has nukes.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    If the big rock does fall from the sky . I was thinking of going to the Brick Lane Mosque , London . It used to be the Brick Lane Synagog and before that a french Prostestant church.
    Three chances of being in the right place 😉

  • RDS

    Probably the crust that got uplifted due to the meteoric impact.

    Yeah, that would probably lift about thousand of tons of dust, causing global cooling (Hey, we solved the moose-limb problem AND global warming! Smart eh?) aka nuclear winter, followed by harvest failures, not to mention massive earthquakes following the impact that would flatten landmarks etc, oh and the tsunamis


  • Abdullah67

    ^ I wonder why they spared Somalia and Sudan. And what is that little peninsula around the “Ground Zero Ocean” is supposed to be?

    These armchair mass murderers are truly deranged (and dumb as rocks).

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  • RDS

    No words are necessary about the delusions of these people.

    (Come to think of it, technically it would require something no less than a major meteor impact which will f**k up the entire Earth along.)

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    > If Mohamed and Allah could not prevent the destruction of the three
    > holiest sites of Islam, perhaps you should reconsider your world view.
    > The five pillars of Islam would vanish and so would Jihad.

    LOL, I didn’t know Muhammad (PBUH) was supposed to intervene. But wait, he’s probably of the same school that calls us ‘Mohammedean’ in the mistaken belief that we will somehow be offended by 19th century terminology. Maybe he’ll throw out terms like ‘Saracen’ too, or the less elegant ‘Wog.’ I’ve heard far too many EDL supporters hurling that slur around. Sorry but we don’t worship Muhammad (PBUH). Respect him, but don’t worship him.

    Anyway, said argument does fall rather flat. If God fails to defend Makkah then Islam is supposed to be ‘false’? What happens if we apply the same litmus test to Christianity or Judaism or any other world religion. Why then would God allow the Romans to capture Jerusalem and scatter the Jewish people? Why would He allow the Holocaust? Why would God have allowed 9-11, or Pol Pot, or the Spanish Flu epidemic, or Hurricane Katrina, or the Black Death, or the Mongol Invasion? Why would he allow great people like Abraham Lincoln, Socrates and Benazir Bhutto to be murdered and others like Saddam Hussein, Mao tse Tung or Joren van der Sloot to go unpunished for so long?

    To me, blaming it all on the capricious whims of a wrathful God strikes me as rather childish, if not insulting. Yes, I believe in the existence of God in some form, but I also accept that man has free will. Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people, some die before their time, others find success despite never putting effort into it… if I knew how or why the world would be a very different place, but I don’t.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    To be quite honest, this sort of rhetoric is just a rehashing of Medieval anti-Muslim polemics. The belief that, if somehow Muslim holy lands and authority could be ‘destroyed,’ then the masses would simply submit and convert to Christianity. It’s a perennial fantasy that the neo-cons have sprouted for a while now. Witness that anorexic Anne Coulter claiming we should ‘kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.’

    The irony is that its pretty much the same thing the Romans did to the Jews when they invaded Judaea. Destroy the Second Temple, crush resistance at Masada, and enslave and scatter the Jews throughout the Empire. The idea was that the Hebrew language, Jewish faith, and any sense of identity would be lost in the Diaspora. The Jews would simply be assimilated into the Roman Empire; fortunately they didn’t and managed to cling to their own culture in spite of the millennia of hardships that would follow (particularly at the hands of their Christian brethern ironically).

    So it is with Islam. In general, the neo-cons and other western Islamophobes have no idea about Islam. In fact, they don’t WANT to, because learning about Islam would require them to learn about another culture and non-western history; topics which are an anathema to them! The neo-cons simply believe that Islam is the only obstacle to western domination of the world, and in all fairness, unlike the Hindus or many African religions, Islam is one of the very few religions that accepts converts. It means that we offer a path for their children and grandchildren to accept a different (and non-western) paradigm. Most other religions remain purely ethnic.

    The neo-cons NEED to believe that destroying our holy sites will destroy us. They are indoctrinated with it by worthless twits like Spencer, but much more than that, they FEEL it in their gut. After all, they cannot believe that we would be as resilient in our faith as they are. They need us to be weak-willed, enslaved, the ‘other,’ opposite of them in all regards. So by their logic (or lack thereof) destroying Mecca will destroy us.

    The problem is that’s never how these things work. Destroying Mecca would not destroy Islam. Mecca has been attacked. The Qarmatians actually stole the Black Stone at one point! In the 19th century, the city was invaded by the Saudis, then retaken by the Ottomans (under Muhammad Ali Pasha) and then ultimately taken by the Hashemites in 1916. About a decade later the Saudis retook the city. In 1979 a group tried to liberate Kabaa from the Saudis, and the ensuing struggle actually damaged much of the shrine.

    So yeah, Mecca has been attacked several times, including in recent history, and guess what happened? Nothing. Nobody lost their faith in God and his Prophets because of these things. It never shook Islam to its core. It didn’t do anything. We are still here and doing just fine. Nope its just wishful thinking from Islamophobes trying to live out their fantasies of genocide.

    Speaking of which… I’m told that those ‘Left Behind’ books that they read religiously (pun not intended) feature God destroying Mecca and other Muslim holy sites… complete with graphic descriptions of Muslim death and suffering. Quite frankly I’ve got much better things to read (I’m still a little behind in the Dresden Files novels and theres a new one coming out so I’ve gotta catch up) but if this is true it’s pretty amusing. It reveals the hateful fantasies of these kooks far better than anything I could ever say.

    Maybe I should just write some ‘religious fiction’ as a joke and cash in on the Islamophobic masses. It’d be a nice way to make a quick buck and give me a couple laughs at their expense.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    If we Muslims are sooo eager to destroy non-Muslim holy sites, then why didn’t we do so in all the centuries that we dominated non-Muslim lands. Why does the Church of the Holy Sepulchre still stand in Jerusalem? Why are there still Byzantine, Coptic, Assyrian and Armenian churches throughout the Middle East? The ruins of many Greek sites are still in tact. The Ottoman governers generally tried to preserve them. And what of Khajuraho and other Hindu temples that survived some six hundred years of Muslim rule.

    The same goes for us Shi’a. We have existed as a distinct community almost since the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed away. Kerbala and Najaf have been held by Sunni groups for much of that time. It wasn’t until the Safavids took power in the 16th century that we Shi’a became the dominant political power in Persia and Mesopotamia. Sure, there have been wars and persecutions, but we are still around, and those worked both ways. There have been just as many Shi’a extremists as Sunnis in history. But for most of history we’ve co-existed. There was always a sizable Shi’a minority in the Ottoman Empire. Indeed, Pir Sultan Abdal and Yunus Emre were both Shi’a!

    The worst destruction of our holy sites only took place in the 19th century, after the rise of the Saudi state. And that was mostly with western backing…

  • Abdullah

    “If Mohamed and Allah could not prevent the destruction of the three holiest sites of Islam, perhaps you should reconsider your world view. The five pillars of Islam would vanish and so would Jihad. (emphasis mine)
    That’s a reallly poor train of reasoning. It’s essentially the whole “problem of evil” applied only to Muslims. Using that logic, all pain and suffering, oppression of all people of all religions, prove that NONE of these religions are “right” and God doesn’t exist, or is a glutton for punishing others…

    That being said, this is an oft-repeated threat. They obviously have no idea what it would to do their public image.

  • Crow

    Cant really be surprised by anything the posters on modern day der sturmer post. They’re vile. As for harby I think he and his buddy dan say extremist things just so somebody, anybody will talk to them. Leave the 2 of them alone and theyll go back down in their mothers basement and go back to writing creepy, borderline stalking letters to some celeberty

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