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Sofia Mosque Warden Assaulted, Beaten – Chief Mufti

An injured Muslim worshipper holds a towel on his head after suffering a wound in clashes supporters of the Bulgarian ultra-nationalist party Ataka (L) during Friday prayer in front of the Banya Bashi Mosque in Sofia, 20 May. Photo by EPA

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Sofia Mosque Warden Assaulted, Beaten – Chief Mufti

The warden of the main mosque in downtown Sofia has suffered a brutal assault at the hands of unidentified attackers just minutes before the start of the morning prayer on Sunday, the Chief Mufti‘s Office announced.

“Today we witnessed yet another attack against Sofia mosque. This morning, 20 minutes before the morning prayer, the warden of the mosque in Sofia was cruelly beaten. Unknown people have jumped over the fence of the mosque, beaten the keeper, destroyed the security room and burst into the mosque,” says the statement.

The man was found by worshippers who came to the mosque for the morning prayer, covered in blood and unconcious, it said. He has been taken to the emergency Pirogov hospital.

“Hate crimes, acts of xenophobia and Islamophobia have risen dramatically in recent months,” says the statement of the Chief Mufti‘s Office.

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry has issued no official information about the incident so far.

The news comes just a month after a Muslim man and five policemen were hurt in clashes between supporters of Bulgaria’s ultra-nationalist Ataka party and worshippers outside the Banya Bashi mosque in Sofia on May 20.

The incident was condemned by authorities and human rights groups as an example of a worrying escalation of xenophobia and religious hatred.

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  • SKhan

    Spencer’s probably all over this one (“Honor killing, you idiots!!!!”)

  • Deccal

    Oh really? What goes around comes back around.

  • Isa

    It’s probably not Islam as a religion that the ultra-nationalists are fighting, but rather that Islam represents the “foreign element” that “must be crushed.”

  • JD

    If this was other way around It would been used by JihadBob and other to point out a all out war against christians in ___________ country This on small incident. I still dont see any thing from them here….

  • mindy1

    Dammit don’t fight over religion, does it really matter WHAT you call god?? 🙁

  • Anj

    Man that is so messed up! Cowards, that’s all I can say. Their arguments are pretty pathetic and hence they resort to violence. The Internet islamophobes are just as responsible for this act of violence as the perpetrators!

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  • Al

    And the Islamophobes will place the blame on _______

    (Muslims, of course!)

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