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German Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Discovered, Targeted Muslims and Immigrants

Pink Panther

In this computer screen shot a Pink Panther figure stands next to a portrait showing murdered Turkish businessman Enver S. in a DVD reportedly produced by neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boenhardt to document a series of murders they committed over several years on November 15, 2011 in Germany.

An interesting title. You never hear such language when Muslim nations take unequivocal stands against violence in their countries. What’s the last time you saw, “Shocked Saudi Arabia Vows to Fight Terrorists.”

The larger story is how little attention this has received outside of Germany. If these were Muslims you could bet that it would be world-wide news, threat levels and suspicions of terrorists sleeper cells would be dominating coverage.

The money quote from this piece:

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany lamented what it described as a chronically neglected chain of violence against Muslims in the last 20 years.

“Obviously right-wing terrorism was rife and went unchallenged because the authorities looked too much in the direction of religiously motivated criminals,” Council chairman Aiman Mazyek told the Osnabruecker Zeitung.

Shocked Germany vows to fight neo-Nazis after murders


LEIPZIG/BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives urged her on Tuesday to step up the fight against right-wing extremists following the chance discovery that a group of neo-Nazis had been murdering immigrants for years.

Merkel has described as a national disgrace the existence of a cell, called the National Socialist Underground, whose members are now suspected of killing between 2000 and 2007 at least nine immigrants, eight Turks and a Greek, and a police woman.

The cell only came to light by chance, raising fears the security services have underplayed the threat from the extreme right and may have been distracted by its use of unreliable informants from the right-wing scene.

Police are reopening all unsolved cases with a possible racist motive since 1998.

The case has topped the national news since the weekend and politicians from all parties have expressed shock, which has also fuelled calls for a renewed effort to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD).

“You cannot help being left with the dreadful impression that the danger of right-wing extremist violence wasn’t taken seriously enough,” Thomas Oppermann, a member of the opposition Social Democrats (SPD), told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily.

Germany’s Nazi past makes right-wing militancy a particularly sensitive subject, yet experts have long warned of extremism among disenchanted young people in eastern regions of the country where unemployment is high and job prospects poor.

At least 3 million people of Turkish origin live in Germany. Many came to fill West Germany’s labour gap after World War Two and helped deliver its “economic miracle”. About 81 million people live in Germany.


Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) voted unanimously at a congress in Leipzig on Tuesday to push for tough action against what the party called “a serious, brutal threat to our democratic life”.

The CDU urged the government to “intensify the fight against right-wing extremism” and to “find out whether the recent events provide grounds for a prohibition of the NPD”.

Conservative parliamentary leader Volker Kauder said he was in favour of exploring whether it would be possible to “root out this Brown weed” — referring to the brown shirts once worn by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Stormtroopers — by banning the NPD.

A previous attempt to ban the NPD in 2003 collapsed because informants were used as witnesses. Many politicians are wary of trying again, not least because of the fear of pushing NPD supporters underground.

Lorenz Caffier, the CDU’s leader in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, one of the depressed former East German areas plagued by right-wing extremism and where the NPD enjoys support, told the congress “German society has to stand up to the extreme-right NPD with all our might, it is our democratic duty”.

With seats in two regional assemblies, the NPD received 1.06 million euros in taxpayers’ money last year.

The NPD is more radical than populist, anti-immigration parties in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden.

Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution describes the NPD as racist, anti-Semitic and revisionist and says its statements prove its inspiration comes from the Nazis. The party says the German constitution is a “diktat” imposed by victorious Western powers after World War Two.

Last weekend the NPD appointed Holger Apfel as their leader. He has tried to portray himself as the moderate face of the NPD and distanced himself from the newly-found terror cell, as well as condemning political terrorism and violence.


Germany’s domestic intelligence agency monitors far-right extremists but has in the last few years made little of the threat of violence from right-wing groups.

One of the main charges levelled at the agency is that in its efforts to infiltrate right wing groups, it used unreliable informants. Critics even say money paid to the informants went to fund criminal activities.

Top-selling Bild newspaper reported that a security agent had been very close to the scene of crime in six of the cases.

“There is much to indicate that the intelligence services did not fulfil their task of protecting society. They failed,” veteran Greens lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele said.

“Not only did they let huge risks develop but probably 10 or more people have been murdered. Post-war Germany has not known this kind of drama until now,” he told N-TV television.

Families of some of the victims have said they thought all along the murderers were right-wing radicals.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany lamented what it described as a chronically neglected chain of violence against Muslims in the last 20 years.

“Obviously right-wing terrorism was rife and went unchallenged because the authorities looked too much in the direction of religiously motivated criminals,” Council chairman Aiman Mazyek told the Osnabruecker Zeitung.

Police discovered the neo-Nazi group, known to the Thuringia regional intelligence service in the 1990s but then forgotten, earlier this month when two of its members apparently committed suicide in a caravan in Eisenach in eastern Germany.

Weapons involved in the murders were later found at a burned out house nearby in Zwickau that had been used both by them and by a woman called Beate Zschaepe, who has given herself up. A male suspected accomplice was arrested on Sunday.

Other evidence uncovered included graphic DVDs prepared for sending to media and Islamic cultural organisations. They show a Pink Panther cartoon figure pointing out the scenes of the killings. Police say this indicates the group had inside knowledge of the attacks.

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  • eslaporte

    This problem has nothing to do with Germany — and Germany has left its Nazi past behind. Germany is actually in a better position to deal with radical right terrorists because of its Nazi past that other European nation.

    Germany has policies and laws in place that the country to the West of it (guess which one) don’t have. While I don’t know the exact wording of the laws, Germany at least has laws that ban groups that “are a threat to the constitution and democratic order” or Germany. This includes groups that hold hateful platforms against minority groups.

    The PVV of Geert Wilders would probably not be able to exist over in Germany, let alone run around the Netherlands “bullying” its critics and opponents. The PVV is most certainly a threat to the constitutional and democratic order of the Netherlands.

    We should worry about other European nations like the Netherlands that have NO ability to ban these dangerous “political parties” and continue to allow any pack of loons to call itself a “political party.” As we have seen in the past, European-loon, “political parties” have proposed such awful policies against minority groups, like putting Roma people in camps, ethnic cleanings of minority groups, as well as deporting Muslims and banning Islam. Once on the ballot, the hateful and dangerous views of such “political parties” gain respectability and legitimacy.

    In many respects, we have the same situation present in many European nations that lead to the rise of the Nazi Germans – the notion of WIDE OPEN political systems. The Germans have learned from their history and at least have policies and laws to deal with dangerous “political parties.” Germany has learned from its Nazi past, but other European nations have not learnt anything from Germany’s 1930s experience with these types of hateful and dangerous politics. Here are some suggestions for Europeans and European nations:

    1. Political parties in European and at the European-level nations MUST be regulated and subscribe to basic values of a democratic and free society before being granted the status of a political party.

    2. “Political party” should be a status that is granted and only after being granted “political party” status can a legitimate political party compete in the local and national political arena. This will insure that the democratic and legal system of the nation is protected, chiefly the rights of minorities.

    3. These basic values include (but not limited to) respect for freedom of religion, freedom of expression, anti-racism, equality before the law, pluralistic values. Those groups that intend to change the national constitution to make minorities less equal should not be given political party status.

    4. There should be no absolute “free speech” and political figures that promote hateful myths about especially minority groups should face some sort of rebuke. As a counterbalance, there should be equal access to the media to challenge hateful myths, ex. “Islamisation”, and the presentation of a counterview.

    Democracy and liberty need to protect itself – and often this involves facing up to the fact that not all speech and speakers should be allowed, and not all political groups should be given the chance to access real political power that they can abuse to harm others in society.

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  • Truth Hurts

    While the “ultra-efficient” Germans elite soldiers are fighting the terrorists in…

  • Jacomo

    @ Black Infidel

    “Germany never left Nazism after all.” … True!

    After ’45 thousands of Nazi Diplomats, Politics, Secret Service, Economy, Religion, Army, …etc. remained unharmed in Germany and kept on Going.
    The main Reason for whats happening today!

  • TheBigT89

    Some people will sweep this story under the rug and claim its not terrorism because they weren’t “Muslims”.

    Terrorism has no face, any group of people can be terrorists, its not exclusive to one group

  • eslaporte

    Well, you know how it goes, in Germany, the Netherlands, and many places in Europe – and among many “counter-terrorism experts”: Not Muslim, not terrorist. No Islam, no radicalization. As I have said before – the notion that “there are Islamists and jihadists everywhere in Europe” is simple WRONG and there is actually more of a problem with the radicalized right terrorism and violence. And – there is not a counter-terrorism expert out there outside of the SPLC that can talk about how one is radicalized into right-wing terrorism. It’s all about “Muslims” and only “Muslims.”

    After Norway in July, the so-called “counter-terrorism community” in the Western world went back to their old “clash of civilizations” babble-talk of “Muslims” as a threat to American and European security. Since “terrorism” is something only Muslims do…these Nazis are not terrorists, even as they were operating in a terrorist fashion.
    In Germany – these “alien” and “threatening” communities “deserved” this violence. Since “Islam does not belong in Germany,” having a terrorist group visiting the Muslim community is actually a “public service,” isn’t it?

    What needs to happen is that there needs to be political action by the minority communities, especially the Muslim community, to demand security and protection. What also needs to be demanded is the basic rule of law and counter-terrorism practices that European governments stop treating religious minority communities as “alien” and “threatening” communities! The demand should also include a demand of security and protection against governments with political leaders that regard them as “aliens in their own country,” as we currently have in the Netherlands.

    In Germany, they BAN “political parties” that threaten the constitutional order. This is not so in many European countries, like the Netherlands, where there is almost no set of rules for what is a political party and what is a threat to the democratic order. There is now talk of banning a political party that poses such a threat. Are these murders, as well as open hate speech against minorities, now “freedom of speech” to some on the radical right that want to avoid rightful prosecution for hate speech?!

    It is time that European nations start protecting all people and communities in their nations, Stop treating Muslim and minorities as “threat communities.” Protect you constitutional order by banning hate groups that use “political party” status to spread hate. Don’t Europeans know that when you allow these “political parties” (like the PVV) on the ballot you open up the chance of them gaining real political power to do tremendous damage to the democratic and legal order of the nation?!

    Let’s hope Europe wakes up in time. If Europe does not take action against the terrorist, radicalized right, the next Anne Frank hiding in a attic in Amsterdam will be wearing a hijab.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    I’m waiting for Germany to send some of their military drones (I’m sure they have them) over to the US to take out the terrorism supporters Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller! Germany would only be taking the US example of “targeted assassination” against people giving ideological and vocal support to extremist terrorist groups.

  • Black Infidel

    Germany never left Nazism after all. No surprise.

  • Mustafa H.E.

    In Germany, Holocaust denial and some anti-Semitic can get you arrested and punished under it’s law. Neo-Nazis are banned from using Nazi symbolism (common on uniforms, flags, etc), however there is a growing discord between Germans and Turks because native born Germans face a demographic crisis. German families are not producing as much children as they used to, and many of these myopic nationalists can only blame Turks for this, but they never see the fault of their own people. I guess German youth are not to blame, even as they party and give little consideration to settling down and raising families, however the hardworking Turkish man who has many kids is “evil” to the eyes of the drunken skinheads.

    This mentality is not exclusive between German nationalists and Turkish minorities, but also between the French, British, Dutch, Swedes, Serbs, Indians, Americans, Chinese in Xinjiang, Russians in the Caucus, etc and their respective Muslim minority populations. Whenever something goes wrong with their society…blame the odd people.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    So 1940s German stereotypes return again because of Muslim stereotyping. And here I thought the old man was being racist and paranoid for being skittish of one of the most developed countries in the world.

  • Al

    It’s just Muslims… Move along people, nothing to see here-
    *swept under the rug*

  • mindy1

    What is it with Germany???

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