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Hate Slogans Sprayed on Mosque Near Hebron

Hate slogans sprayed on mosque near Hebron

Attackers sprayed a West Bank mosque with anti-Islamic and pro-settler graffiti on Monday, a Palestinian official said, in an assault that bore the hallmarks of another raid by Jewish extremists.

The mayor of Bani Naim south of Hebron said that slogans in Hebrew sprayed on walls surrounding the village’s Sahaba mosque included “curses against the Prophet Mohammed” as well as “price tag” and “Yitzhar youth,” a reference to a hardline settlement and nearby outpost in the northern West Bank.

Mayor Radwan Manasra said that the mosque was on the village’s southern edge, facing the settlement of Pnei Haver, about 3.5 kilometres (two miles) away.

It was the seventh suspected attack in as many days by ultra-nationalist Jews fighting government plans to dismantle wildcat settlement outposts by vandalising mainly Palestinian property, although they have recently struck at Israeli army bases and the homes and offices of leftwing Israelis.

It was the third mosque attack since Wednesday, one of which coincided with the demolition by troops of the Mitzpe Yitzhar outpost.

AFP, 19 December 2011

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  • Truth Hurts

    Thankfully the Palestinians (Muslims & Christians) are not responding to each attack, though it might blow in one terrible go.

  • Crow

    Of course the goverment is in on it, bibi the bloated bigot only gives lip-service to these attacks and if evet lieberman gets in it’ll be worse. Had this been Palestinians soldiers would be shooting people in the face with tear gas canisters or shooting at people with live ammunition. Nothing good has ever come out of this zionist regime, only lies and agression.

  • mindy1

    This is going to get very ugly…. 🙁

  • Al

    This is out of hand- Why won’t the Zionist colonial government do anything to stop these attacks? Are they “in” on it?

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