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European Far-right Stage anti-Islam Rally


The Israeli flag makes a regular appearance next to the flags of other European countries in such anti-Islam and anti-Muslim protests.

The above anti-Islam meeting organized by the Danish Defense League attracted 300 people.

Anti-Racists who protested the DDL attracted 5,000.

European far-right stage anti-Islam rally

Hundreds of far-right sympathisers are holding a rally in Denmark against what they call the Islamisation of Europe, starting with a moment of silence for the seven people who were killed by an al-Qaeda-inspired gunman in France.

Saturday’s “European Counter-Jihad Meeting” was organised by the Danish Defence League – an anti-Muslim movement claiming to have no neo-Nazis ties.

It has drawn participants from several European countries, including Britain, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

The rally is being held in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, 200km northwest of Copenhagen, the capital. Police spokesman Georg Husted says 300 people are taking part.

Nearby, a much larger group – about 2,500 people – marched in a counter-demonstration, under the banner “Aarhus For Diversity”.

‘No Breivik ties’

The rally takes place a few weeks before the start of the trial of Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right extremist who murdered 77 people in Norway last July.

Breivik claimed to have had contact with the English Defence League (EDL) ahead of the attacks, adding that he had “spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders”.

In response to the killings, the league condemned the killings and added that it had no contact with Breivik.

In a statement on its website, the EDL said it would not associate with any individual or group who did not reject “extremism” and said “racists, neo-Nazis and any other extremists” were not welcome.

It said it had called on participating groups to sign a memorandum declaring that they were “anti-extremist, anti-fascist, and anti-racist”.

“We will protest peacefully, but we will defend ourselves if need be. We will be loud, and we will not back down,” the memorandum states.

EDL leader Stephen Lennon said: “We hope it [the rally] will be the start of a European movement that will continue to grow.”

Various far-right groups have been in Aarhus since Wednesday where they have had a chance to hold meetings and discuss ideas.


Anti-racist groups are worried that hardline anti-Islamic groups are mobilising and gathering support in Europe.

Police in Aarhus said the rally would be kept apart from an expected counter-demonstration by anti-racism campaigners.

Projekt Antifa, a Danish coalition of anti-fascist groups, had booked coaches to take protesters from Copenhagen to Aarhus.

Police Superintendent Mogens Brondum said: “The police can and will handle this situation. We will be out massively.”

Last week, several thousands people turned out for an open-air concert organised to protest against the far-right rally.

A statement issued by city officials said the concert was organised because “Aarhus does not want to be associated with extremist groups” that represent “everything we want to distance ourselves from”.

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  • Sam Seed

    @BuddhaShrink, nice response to this GW character, man they all think alike these biggots/racists and when it comes to Islam they cry ‘Since when was Islam a race?’. They fear Islam will take over….but the fact is, it already has.

  • BuddhaShrink


    You are the one who made the ad hominem attacks: ignorant, blind, etc.
    Projections really are the darnest things. You see yourself and think its me.
    Islam is a religion and your hatred of Islam: Islamophobia, makes you a religious bigot.

    I suspect you should come clean as to why you are really attacking me. I suggested that you were also known as Eric Allen Bell when you commented on the article about Geert Wilders and said that you were a huge fan of Geert Wilders as No imaginary friends here.

    Now I suspect that GW (Geert Wilders) is also known as Eric Allen Bell AND No imaginary friends here.

    As is common, those with blind rage are usually the last to see it. That is one of the reasons why it is referred to as blind rage.

    That you refuse to see Islam as a religion, and only a political system, suggests to me that your eyes are full of pain and that you see no more clearly than does your adopted mommy and daddy: Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, whom you parrot.

    You’ve been banned from both Loonwatch and from Huffington Post but you keep sneaking back just like a sociopathic child would. Part of blind rage is refusing to take NO for an answer.

    If I am right and you are Eric Allen Bell, are you also hacking into Loonwatch and causing problems? Grow up man and face your abandament issues. Your new mommy and daddy will reject you too when they are done using you. Liberate your inner Muslim 9 year old girl so that you can, like Martin Luther king Jr., cry out: Free at last! and be done with your projections, denials and rage.

    May you find compassion and kindness towards ALL when your scared, frozen heart warms and melts.



  • GW


    Instead of commenting about my character, about which you know nothing, why not stick to the subject matter. I assume you didn’t read the link otherwise you would be admitting that you were completely wrong in your assessment that Islam doesn’t have a political aspect built into it. It must be hard to have your delusions shattered by the very people whom you profess to support. Instead of blindly following others try researching what it is you wish to support and defend. You’ll find it much easier to make a cogent argument that way. For the record there is no blind rage here, my eyes are wide open to what islam does to other cultures. Respect and tolerance is a two way street.

  • HGG

    “Palestinians will kill because they are under siege and out of frustration. Israelis kill because of an expansionist ideology.”

    Ah, I see. When Palestinians kill, it’s an heroic act of defiance against the Evil Empire, but when Israels kill, that’s because, well, they are just evil.

    Let’s see how it works the other way around.

    ‘Israelis will kill because they are under siege and out of frustration. Palestinians kill because of a hateful ideology.’

    That sounds familiar…

  • BuddhaShrink


    Ignorant? Apologist? If your attention span permits? Fool?

    Congratulations! A disparaging, hateful insult in nearly every sentence.

    My experience tells me that people hurl disparaging comments when they have nothing constructive to say. And usually those disparaging remarks are nothing more than projections. Projections really are the darnest things, they mess you up and make you blind (blind rage). You see yourself and think it’s someone else.

    Consider paracticing Kindness. It works better.

  • GW


    You are truly ignorant in your understanding of Islam. I know you wish it weren’t true about islam’s political inclinations as it makes your job as an apologist much harder. But don’t take my word for it just read what was written about Islam in regards to it’s political structures. Gee the Muslim that wrote this must be some kind of islamophobe! If your attention span permits go to the link and try to educate yourself. At least then you won’t make such a fool of yourself.

    Religion and politics are one and the same in Islam. They are intertwined. We already know that Islam is a complete system of life and politics is very much a part of our collective life. Just as Islam teaches us how to say Salah, observe Sawm, pay Zakah and undertake Hajj, so it teaches us how to run a state, from a government, elect councillors and members of parliament, make treaties and conduct business and commerce. Bear in mind that Islamic ruling system is not the same as the ruling system we have in the non-islamic countries.

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