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Israelis ♥ Iran: A Message of Love and Peace

Bibi Don't Bomb Iran!

Prominent, hawkish leaders in Israel are beating the drums of war, but according to a recent poll, a solid majority of Israelis, both Arab and Jewish, oppose a unilateral strike against Iran.

Israelis are finding creative ways to tell their leaders–and the world–they want peace. Tikkun Daily reports:

Last week, when graphic designers Ronny Edry and Michal Tamir decided to counter the war drums beating in Israel with a simple message of peace to the people of Iran, little did they know it would create a viral Facebook initiative which would help to inspire a massive anti-war rally in Tel Aviv.

On Saturday night, this is precisely what happened, as Israelis flooded Habima Square in Tel Aviv to protest the elevated war rhetoric coming from their leaders and to stand squarely against the hypothetical bombing of Iran.

It’s not difficult to trace much of the momentum for Saturday night’s rally back to the married duo of Edry and Tamir, who last week created images of themselves with the superimposed message, “‘Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We ♥ You.’”

Their images inspired countless Israelis to post their own Facebook versions, which in turn inspired Iranians to do the same, creating a virtual, imagistic message of love cycling between the two peoples. That message also helped to inspire Israeli activists – many of whom were involved with this summer’s social justice protest movement (J14) – to organize the county’s first significant anti-war rally concerning Iran.

Israelis from various walks of life have also posted their message on Youtube, and in a single day, one of the videos was viewed almost 40,000 times:

IRANIANS WE LOVE U: a message to Iran from Israel

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  • mindy1

    @Ahmed-no Israel-just American 😀

  • Géji

    @seljuq, you seem like a bit indulging in conspiracy theorists crap, in that you seem following the same logic as the conspiracy nut just above your post -(i.e., No imaginary friends) who’s trying to tell us about the Iranian boogeyman who’s under every beds, and you’re doing the same with Zionist boogeyman. Both of you are insulting the intelligence of the ordinary citizens of those countries, and are giving credits to despised leaders. Also your conspiracy theories about the Arab uprising are a pure insult not only to those that are still struggling to obtain freedom, but also to those that died trying it.

  • Géji

    This a beautiful message, I’m happy and proud to see that both people are trying to reach each other, despite their warmonger, bloodshed advocates leaders. The people knows that it is they who will pay the heaviest price, if this horror started, with their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, and not those evil leaders who will only be “watching” the horrific scenes of slaughters from their ivory palaces, just to give more orders to slaughter better, with their own sons and daughters well protected and save in those palaces. So Go Israelis, Go Iranians… and say NO to those who’re trying to destroy you.

  • Ahmed

    @Mindy, Ah, you’re an American in Israel at the moment – gotcha!

  • seljuq

    @Sulayman ok so you are a sayanim, then go learn history, Zionist and US have threatening Iran since decades ago after Iranian kicked shah CIA-Regime and How they Invaded lebanon with the support of US and as reaction Iran help Lebanese militias to form Hezbo.

    the problem with so-called muslims leader these day is they do not put the apartheid dream of “Eretz Yisrael” as main threat , instead harbouring internal religious classic conflict, the sunni vs shia

    like in syria, currently the sunni Muslim brotherhood want to topple Shia Assad family regime since 1976 and strangely with violence, ironically with the help of zionist – just take a look of their weapon made in Israel.

    remember the history, how “Arab spring decades” ago, dozen of western backed coup and political chaos in arab-persian states, lead a successful invasion from the zionist- “the six day war” as the first step of “Eretz Yisrael”

    the problem with so called muslim these day, they have short memories….

  • No imaginary friends here

    Surveys show that most Israelis do not support a unilateral preemptive surgical strike on Iran. However, most Israelis support a joint Israeli US strike and 60% believe that only a military strike can stop Irans nuclear ambitions

    Israel can’t logistically defeat Iran alone nor fight a prolonged war with all the regional implications.

    Hopefully Bibi will remember he is a sabra and not go down in history as the Prime Minister that allowed Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

    I’m in total agreement. There is an interesting article in the telegraph showing the contempt Assad has for his countrymen.

  • Sulayman

    seljuq, the Zionist wouldn’t be threatening Iran if Ahmedinjejad was not playing silly threat games. If he threatens any country he will be threatened back. Simple as that. Just ask North Korea. This is the problem with so called Muslim leaders these days. They have their priorities f**8 ed up. There is no Muslim leader today, anywhere whose prime concern is the welfare of his people.

  • mindy1

    @Ahmed, I am American, but it was an open group, and I loved the idea of it 😀

  • seljuq

    @Sulayman. Ok, so you support the Zionist, and Iran will be toasted? it’s not Iran who started beating the drum of war, and if there is a big war, then it will be the Zionist who got toasted first, just saying….

  • We love the anti-loon stories!

    The arc of the moral universe does bend towards justice as Martin Luther King Jr. wrote.

    Coexisting does not mean people will die as the right-wing loons are writing on their hate filled websites and facebook pages.

    Kindness and compassion will prevail!

  • Sam Seed

    Humanity at it’s best.

  • Sulayman

    seljuq, so are you saying we should support Hezbo? These leaders, fanatics like Hezbo, Syria’s Assad all need to be shoved out. If Iran starts a war, Iran will be toast. Iran must know that. Why are you defending Syria when they are Baathist and Alaavi and suppressing the religious? How many have they murdered?

  • Ahmed

    You are from Israel, mindy? I always assumed you were an American Jew!

  • seljuq

    “‘Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We ♥ You.’”

    but the problem is, Israel do not have capability to Bomb Iran, except with the help of US. The chaos in Syria today, was preplanned, to cut Hezbo – Syria – Iran ties because in 2006 zionist failed to wipe off Hezbo.
    The first aim is Hezbo, the distraction is war with Iran, the current action is Syria upraising.

  • Susie

    That is truly wonderful. Unfortunately Obama and Bibi could care less what their people think. Love you guys!

  • Solid Snake

    Makes my heart melt :)) I am not Iranian or Israeli but I love them all!!!

  • mindy1

    Aww I joined that group a few days ago 😀

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