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Round 2: THE 99 Superheroes Vs. The Loons

By Ilisha

Last October, the loons were celebrating a small victory in their epic battle against THE 99 Comic Stealth Jihad:

THE 99 is an animated series featuring superheroes inspired by Islamic culture and society. The series was scheduled to launch in the US last week on the The Hub children’s television network, but producers have since announced the broadcast will be postponed indefinitely. Vicious anti-Muslim bigots everywhere are gleeful, boasting that their small but boisterous outcry may have prompted the delay.

The New York Post published a scathing article by outrage peddler Andrea Peyser criticizing the series and calling on anti-Muslim bigots to protest loudly so they can “cancel THE 99 before it starts.”  Peyser says the series will indoctrinate impressionable young children with Sharia-compliant Muslim superheroes “masquerading as the good guys.”

For Peyser the Hateful, Muslims are always super villains, so characters who represent the 99 virtues of God in the Qur’an will naturally use their powers to wage the ultimate jihad. She conjures up fearsome images of Jabbar the Powerful dishing out a mean stoning, and Darr the Afflicter venting his rage on hapless dhimmis

…Despite all the controversy, Dr. Al-Mutawa remains optimistic.  He has faced many hurdles in the last eight years, and his frustrations have been chronicled in the PBS documentary Wham! Bam! Islam!  ”One way or the other,” he says, “‘The 99′ will get on air in the U.S.”

Read the rest: THE 99 Superheroes Vs. The Loons

Now it seems professional outage peddler and hate sophisticate, Daniel Pipes, has at last detected THE 99 Comic Stealth Jihad and taken up the battle in his alarmist article, Islam’s Cartoon Missionaries:

Comic books as a method of missionizing for Islam (da’wa)?

Yes. One year ago, Harvard University hosted a workshop to teach comic book artists how to address Americans’ “unease with Islam and the Middle East.” And later this week, Georgetown University will air a PBS documentary, Wham! Bam! Islam! celebrating a comic book called The 99.

The 99 sounds innocuous. Adweek describes its topic as “a team of multinational superheroes [who] band together to fight the forces of evil.” The American children’s network Hub more fully explains that, “Created by noted Middle East scholar and clinical psychologist Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, [it consists of] superhero characters who must work together to maximize their powers. Each member of The 99embodies one of 99 global values such as wisdom, mercy, strength or faithfulness, and they hail from 99 different countries on seven continents. The series’ superheroes portray characters designed to be positive role models, representing diverse cultures, who work together to promote peace and justice.”

Who can object to the promotion of “global values … representing diverse cultures”?

But a closer look reveals the Islamic nature of the comic book. The title, 99, refers to Islam’s concept that God has 99 names, each of which appears in the Koran and embodies some attribute of His character: the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Kind, the Most Holy, and the All-Peaceful, but also the Avenger, the Afflicter, and the Causer of Death.

The comic book, produced by the Teshkeel Media Group of Kuwait, tells a partly-factual, partly-fantastical tale that begins in 1258 A.D., when the Mongols besieged Baghdad. Librarians supposedly saved the wisdom of the city’s main library by encoding it in 99 gems that get scattered around the world. The heroes must find these “gems of power” before an arch-villain does. Each of them is an ordinary Muslim who, through contact with a gem, achieves superhuman powers and represents one of God’s 99 attributes.

The superheroes are all Muslims (i.e., not Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist), some of whom come from Western countries like the United States and Portugal. In contrast, villains are primarily non-Muslims….

….Likewise, Barack Obama praised the comic books for having “captured the imagination of so many young people with superheroes who embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam.” An Islamic investment bank whose products “fully comply with Shari’ah principles” invested US$15.9 million in Teshkeel and complimented it for “highlighting Islam’s rich culture and heritage.”

In short, The 99, available in both Arabic and English, contains overtly Islamic content and explicitly promotes Islam. Granted, its Islam has modern aspects, but among non-Muslims the series engages in surreptitious da’wa.

In addition to the comic books, Al-Mutawa has developed some spinoffs (online comics, games, lunch boxes, and theme parks) and envisages others (newspaper comics, stickers, and perhaps toys). But most of all, he wants an animated cartoon. Although the Hub network planned in 2011 to air The 99, this never happened, largely because criticism caused it to shy away from a show instilling “Islamic values in Christian, Jewish and atheist children.”

In short, to the Islamic indoctrination of Western children, already present in schools through textbooks ,additional school materials, and classroom trips, now add comic books and their many spin-offs, actual and potential. The 99 might be fine for Muslim children but, support from Georgetown University notwithstanding, non-Muslim children should not be exposed to missionizing propaganda of this sort.

Will THE 99 Comic Stealth Jihad succeed and lure our children into the clutches of the Mooslem supervillains?!? What are we to do now that Pipes the Courageous has revealed that even our Secret-Mooslem-President, Barak HUSSEIN Obama, is in on the plot?!?

Quick! Someone call Spencer Man and Geller Woman

The 19: Spencer Man and Geller Woman..ugh.

…or before you can say derka derka Mohammed jihad, “our children” will be snubbing pork rinds, and Mooslamic theme parks will be springing up like mosques in the heartland.

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  • Sam Seed

    @Halal Porker/Truth Picker/Sh*t Stirrer etc etc. is a troll…it has no feelings…it repeats…repeats..and repeats. You can almost call it an empty vessel (by its own admission…it once claimed that empty vessels make loud noises).

    I guess it has comedy value but very little else. You can’t even reason with trolls.

  • MrIslamAnswersback

    @truth seeker Allah never had 3 daughters. The Quran clearly says The pagans made these daughters up(Quran 53:23) Muhammad never worshiped them nor gave permission to worship them. The story is false and fabricated. No such verses were abrogated because no such verses were ever revealed.

    And you idiot, Salman Rushdies book was a work of Fiction. Its listed on Amazon as › Books › Literature & Fiction .It was not an academic theological book about Islam. “The Satanic Verses” is a book of short FICTIONAL stories. It includes stories about sexual fantasies with the Queen of England (pg. 169 The Satanic Verses). It includes stories about how white women are good for nothing but F#@#ing and throwing over(pg. 261 The Satanic Verses).So get a clue, before you mention Rushdies book. And Rushdie is not a True Muslim, he is not a practicing Muslim. Damn, you really don’t know what you are talking about!

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  • From the wastelands….

    You know.. the truth did set me free… Sadly.. your delusional Truthy… You seek the truth but turn away from it. Enjoy your truth, i’ll enjoy mine.

  • @ Jack cope;You have lost your little head because you can not face or COPE with the TRUTH.You have been deceived through your unfortunate birth or by ISLAMIC deception.Allah contrary to God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, had three pagan daughters named Al-Uzza,Al-Allat and Al-Mannat which your prophet allowed to be worshipped in the beginning but when questioned about his mono-theism rants,he conveniently retracted and abrogated them, blaming the poor SATAN to have whispered those verses called SATANIC VERSES in his ears.You can’t fool me,little man.Know the TRUTH which would set you FREE.Read also SATANIC VERSES by Sir.SALAMAN RUSHDI-A TRUE MUSLIM.

  • Crap Mr Pork, you’re still pushing that same line that was disproved here all those years ago to your very self? Ignore him/her/it folks, he/she/it won’t even respond to you. Will you Mr Pork? Damn coward.

  • God worshipped by the Jews and Christians is not the allah of Islam.Allah has been given 99 names but omitted the main one :AL-MUKKAR;ThE DECEIVER which is his real name.Mohammad is the real Allah who attributed his teacing to his ancestoral pagan imaginary god.Islam should be exposed vividly through cartoons specially the antics of Muslms in janna.

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    Not that there are many Christian influenced books or TV programmes:-)

    Is it true that if Mit Romney wins the election then ” little house on the Preyree”
    Will be compulsory in all schools?

  • Brad Welch

    This could cause some children to become Muslims, but not evil Muslims.

  • Arab Atheist – ملحد عربي

    This is how I see the picture as an atheist:

    The 99 does not reflect the real teachings of Islam, so it is supposed to be bad. Well then, to be consistent, all reforms and good representations made to Christianity and Judaism are bad too because they betray the original “ugly” teachings of those religions. If reform is self-deception (which I believe it is, no offense), everyone should be allowed to engage in self-deception, including Muslims. Why are Muslims an exception!!! All that Christians talk about today is God’s Love love love, well how about hell fire for unbelievers? Why aren’t Muslims allowed to think that their religion is all about good & virtuous deeds too?

    Let people beautify religion!! Why should anyone have a problem with that as long as it makes people better (even if based on a lie). Isn’t part of Spencer’s argument that, unlike Muslims, Christians do not take the violent teachings of the bible literally (which, to me, is lying to themselves)? Why can’t Muslims lie to themselves too!!! I tried so hard to find a ground for agreement with Spencer and Pipes but I always failed. Those guys hate everything Arab and Muslim, no Matter how bad, good, reformed, strict, or loose Muslim–all are bad in their eyes.

    P.s. Pipes arguments are the silliest.

  • Solid Snake

    @corey and saladin

    Oh and then a year later we find out that all the new content was on the disc all along you just had to pay to access it 🙁 at least they are gonna have a new downloadable villain pack featuring Spencer and The shrieking Harpy!

  • mindy1

    It’s like the league of justice versus the league of superevil 😛

  • corey

    @snake and saladin
    actually I will be holding out for capcom vs the 99 vs marvel vs tatsunoko vs tekken vs dc vs blazblue vs shonen jump extend super edition with one new character and four more storylines that coudve been added as dlc or and and update but is just its own game just so the companies can see how much money they can squeeze out of you.

  • Sighhhhhhhhhh,

    Not all of us watch TV. Not all of us are familiar with American pop culture.

    Ilisha, as much as I love you, please try to remember your audience is global not just American 🙂

  • Saladin

    @Solid Snake what about Capcom vs The 99 vs Marvel vs Tatsunoko vs Tekken SuperHype vs DC Ultimate Limited Edition

  • Garibaldi

    mjasghar writes,

    is it just me? the more i see spencer the more he reminds me of Borat’s sidekick Azamat

    bwhahahahaha…that’s hilarious, I never saw that correlation. We might use it any future satirical comparisons.

  • Solid Snake

    Alright! I cant wait for the video game “Campcom vs The 99 vs Marvel vs Tatsunoko vs Tekken SuperHype Edition!”.

    Or Ill just wait for

    ‘Capcom vs The 99 vs Marvel vs Tatsunoko vs Tekken SuperHype Ultimate Limited Edition’ that will come out three months later with extra contents like bonus characters and stages.

  • mjasghar

    lol Reynardine
    That’s the Palin et al schtick – the Real Americans, implying by default others are NOT real Americans so must be traitors.
    Why are they never called on it? You would never get a British politician saying stuff like that without the media picking up on it. The US media is just so rubbish in general about questioning politcians.
    BTW bif surprise NYP involved. Rupert Murdoch paper. Hopefully they get caught up in the voicemail hacking storm about to hit NewsCorp US

  • Reynardine

    No! We cannot have ril uhMericuh invaded by mercy, wisdom, faith, or lunchboxes!!!

  • mjasghar

    is it just me?
    the more i see spencer the more he reminds me of Borat’s sidekick Azamat

  • corey

    ah spencer man and geller woman its quite disgusting that they are wearing the garbs of superman and wonder woman even though that for those who read those comics would be aware of how much of a blatent insult they are to what those two represent for example here is superman making the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity do you see “spencerman” doing something like this hell no he would probably spout on about how muslims are to blame for why the sun is dying or maybe get somebody else to lay down there life to revive the sun then spout on about muslims being the source of the worlds ills.

  • Believing Atheist
  • Good one! Pretty funny! Got have a sense of humor. It’s the best way to deal with religious bigotry.

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