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To All the Mammas: Happy Mother’s Day!

A well known axiom in the Muslim world states, “Paradise Lies underneath the feet of your mother,” (h/t: MuslimMatters).

All peoples and cultures can empathize with this reverence and respect conferred upon mothers, and here we’d like to give a special salutation to all the loonwatching mothers out there: Happy mother’s day!


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  • dreamdayz01

    @MC: Point !

    Happy mother’s day !!(little late here)

  • mindy1

    Happy mother’s day 🙂

  • MC

    Mother’s day should be everyday but I guess this day we show them more love… but shouldn’t we always show them more love?

    Whatever, Happy Mother’s Day!

  • IbnKa3Ka3

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

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