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More ‘Anti-Islam’ Courses at US Military, AlJazeera Reveals

AlJazeera uncovered another “anti-Islam” class in the US military. The class seems to have been lifted directly from the talking points of extremists such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer:

US Military Under Fire for ‘Anti-Islam Class’


The United States military has called for a review of all its training classes after receiving criticism for a course taught to senior officers that allegedly encouraged war against Islam.

The controversial class presented slides that accused dozens of Islamic groups, many widely recognised as mainstream advocacy groups, of infiltrating the US media, education system, government and military.

One slide titled “The Muslim Brotherhood and Violence” showed a photo of an al-Qaeda beheading, erroneously conflating the two groups.

Through the slides and other presentations, the course created a picture of a US government co-opted by subversive Muslim elements.

Al Jazeera’s Josh Rushing reports from Washington.

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  • DrM

    @tommy boy,

    Wrong on all counts, you’re just gatekeeping for zionism like a typical hasbarat. Not only have you engaged in omission but are being evasive as well. PNAC ring a bell? So Wolfowitz, Ledeen, Feith, Perle Krauthammer, Frum, Kagan, Zakheim($2 trillion missing from the Pentagon), Podhoretz, Kristol mean nothing to you eh? It was all Bush and Cheney wasn’t it? Yeah you wish. Why didn’t you NAME the founder of the Clarion fund? Because you wanted to keep israel out of it. The role Israel played in fomenting the war against Iraq is non-debatable, just as their key role in spreading Islamophobia.
    “Muslim antisemitsm”?! What rubbish, guess it never crossed your feeble mind that Arabs are the largest group of semitic people on the planet, [snipped]. Israel, an ally of America? The lavon affair, attack on the USS liberty, giving US tech to China, espionage say otherwise. How often do American citizens get bulldozed to death in broad day light and the POTUS and Congress are dead silent?
    With an ‘ally” like this America doesn’t need enemies. The tail is waging the dog. Try again.

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  • protonsAzan

    DrM, thank you. You is the best for writing about Zionist criminals.

  • Tom

    DrM, I’m sorry but you’re being disengenious. I provided the link to the funders of the propoganda, which names the Clarion Fund, therefore I didn’t omit to mention anything. It is you who selectively mentioned Israel as if George Bush and Dick Cheney rank below Wolofowitz, and Feith. The decision for war lay with them, not with sayanim or Israel or Feith and your selectively choosing the Israeli links no matter how tenuous or far fetched, are typical Muslim anti semitism dressed as Israel bashing. The US and Israel have joint military excercises and share intelligence. That is no secret, most of the aid the US gives Israel is spent on US military contracts in the US. Israel is America’s ally in the Middle East.

  • Waqas
  • DrM

    stevie blunder said

    “Is anything not israels fault?”

    Only when they’re NOT invading, occupying, annexing, murdering for the Satanic ideology of Zionism, which is about as common as a blue assed baboon in Antarctica. Tell me, as an outsider how do you feel about the human race?


    Israel and its sayanim propagandists were calling for war against Iraq since the late 1990s, but especially after 9/11. It’s lost on you that many of these “teaching materials” in US army in regards to Arabs and Islam come straight out of the Zionist propaganda playbook. Only an ignoramus would deny that(look through the archives of this site). Israel’s influence in the US is a cold hard fact. Anybody who doubts this need not look further then the case of Rachel Corie. Infiltration indeed! You mentioned
    a couple of names, but left out Wolfowitz, Ledeen, Feith, Perle Krauthammer, Frum, Kagan, Zakheim($2 trillion missing from the Pentagon), Podhoretz, Kristol, etc Wonder why…It’s also rather dishonest to bring up the Clarion Fund while ommitting the fact that it was founded in 2006 by Raphael Shore, an Israeli rabbi.
    I rest my case.

  • Just Stopping By

    @Steve: You say, “muslims have the same civil rights as anybody else in america.”

    I assume you are the same Steve who wrote today, “The swiss ban on minarets is entirely reasonable.” “”

    Since the Swiss ban was on minarets–not towers, turrets, or spires–and since there is no similar ban on structures common to churches, such as steeples, do you agree that the Swiss ban UNFAIRLY restricted Muslims’ civil rights?

  • crow

    PS Muslims have the same civil rights as anybody else in the US. Islamaphobes like the she beast geller, fat Bob Spenser etc are trying to convince the weak minded like you that Muslims shouldn’t have the same rights,

  • crow

    Steve, israel creates its own problems, under its goverment it is an aggressive, war mongering meddling state and it cant blame anybody but itselfp

  • Steve

    muslims have the same civil rights as anybody else in america.

  • Tom

    The Mellons and the Koch brothers both oil billionaires, are amongst the biggest funders of Islamophobia, though the Koch brothers are anti war, they do fund David Horowitiz, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Brigette Gabriel. 80 years ago, these types held similar beliefs against blacks and Jews.

    Koch Brothers Also Funding Islamophobia

    The Economics of Islamophobia
    Weekend Edition April 15-17, 2011

    What do the Republicans want? I’m sorry to say it, but what many want is fascism, though they may not know it yet. According to reporter Pam Martens, it was associates of Charles Koch who funded the Clarion Fund, which distributed the film Obsession during the 2008 election. This was an inflammatory Islamophobic film that was distributed free as a DVD in swing state newspapers, in a transparent attempt to influence voters who thought Obama was a Muslim. The Koch brothers also fund the Tea Party and pay their proxies to destroy unions, while Republican candidates increasingly compete with each other to engage in Islamophobic rhetoric. Clearly, some Republican leaders seek to use Islamophobia exactly as the rightwing parties of Europe used anti-Semitism a century ago. They want an internal US “enemy” to distract the middle class from the predations of multi-billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch, who are intent on destroying the social gains Americans have won since the New Deal, as well as the democratic institutions that made those gains possible.

    American civil society must protect American democracy, defend religious liberty and effectively fight Islamophobia. The crisis America is now entering puts pressure on affluent Muslims to fund organizations to protect Muslim civil rights in America.

  • Tom

    I don’t what DrM means by Israeli infiltration of the US army, but that is just pure BS, blaming Israel for the Iraq war, or every Conservative (traditionally Islamophobic, racist, anti semitic) is just something that Israel haters like to do. Conspiracies.

    Mellon Scaife, is one of the biggest donors to the Centre for American Report which revealed the funding behind the anti Islam hysteria. The Mellons are virulent anti semites, as were much of the Republican top who were traditionally white and Christian, actually still are. They are also the chief string pullers of the army, donating to military causes.

    Meet An Islamophobia Network Funder: Richard Scaife
    By Eli Clifton on Aug 29, 2011
    Scaife has become a reliable funder of right-wing causes and, as the principal heir to the Mellon family banking, oil and aluminum fortune, he has $1.2 billion at his disposal for influencing the U.S. political and cultural landscape.

    Serving as the vice chairman of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank (Heritage president Edwin Feulner serves as a trustee for the Sarah Scaife Foundation), Scaife has positioned himself as a central figure in conservative politics.

  • Steve

    “considering how much israeli infiltration there is”

    Is anything not israels fault?

  • DrM

    MC said

    “The very men and women that are going to be sent to fight in Afganistan are being taught to hate Muslims.”

    That’s the whole idea. They know exactly whats being taught and only do damage control once it’s news. I’m not surprised in the least, considering how much israeli infiltration there is. The fact that racist trash like the “The Arab Mind” is one of the most widely read books on Arabs in the US military is a testament to this.

  • mindy1

    I hope they can stop this-nothing wrong with fighting an enemy, but this is not the way to do it 🙁

  • MC

    Disturbing. The very men and women that are going to be sent to fight in Afganistan are being taught to hate Muslims.

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