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Anti-Semitic Attack: MSU student’s mouth stapled, jaw broken in reported hate crime attack

We usually don’t comment on all the hate crimes in the USA, but this one was so brutal and vicious that it cannot be passed without sharing.

A despicable hate crime:

MSU student’s mouth stapled, jaw broken in reported hate crime attack


A 19-year-old Michigan State University student is recovering at home in Oakland County today after surgery overnight for a broken jaw his family says stems from a brutal hate crime.

Two men at a party early Sunday attacked Zachary Tennen, a journalism sophomore at MSU, after asking whether he was Jewish, his mother, Tina Tennen, said today.

They raised their arms in a Nazi salute, chanting “Heil Hitler� and then knocked Tennen unconscious, she said.

While he was out, the men stapled his mouth, putting a staple into his gum, she said.

Tennen said her son said no one at the party helped him as he was attacked then thrown out of the gathering. He took a cab to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for initial treatment, but underwent surgery in metro Detroit overnight to have his jaw wired shut, his mother said.

“I’m really, really upset in a few ways,” Zachary Tennen, said, according to the MSU student newspaper the State News. “First of all it is a terrible experience, physically and also mentally to know someone would do something like this,â€? he said before his surgery, despite the difficulties for him to talk.

“It almost seemed like they tried to kill me, and to think about that in my brain, physically — it isn’t very pleasant.�

The family has filed a report with East Lansing Police.

A young man who answered the door at the house where the reported assault took place would say only that police had instructed him not to talk about the incident.

Tennen has been involved with MSU Hillel, the Jewish student community center in East Lansing. He ate dinner there Saturday night, a reunion of sorts for a group he had traveled with to Israel this past May.

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UPDATE: Police who are investigating the attack are saying that is most likely not a hate crime.

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  • @Ilisha

    You’re Welcome.

  • @Emperor

    Here’s another update to this story from the same source as the last one I mentioned.

    Michigan State ‘Hate Crime’ Just a Drunken Brawl, Police Say

  • Solid Snake

    You said:
    “I am also not going to post here anymore, since it appears that this site has become a cesspool of Pakistan firsters who have hijacked the place for Jew hate, Israel hate and other apparently ‘legitamate’ obfuscations. This is not what a site that fights Islamophobia should be about.”

    That is a patently false statement. Just because you had a few unpleasant experiences with some posters does not mean you can accuse Loonwatch of being a cesspool of ‘Jew hate, Israeli hate’ etc. In the marketplace of ideas there will be many you will not agree with. It is your choice not to post here anymore but I would recommend following the stories posted here.

  • khushboo

    I didn’t know I was a Pakistani firster until I was told I am one. I’ve already explained that I have relatives there and so naturally I’m loyal to them and worried about them. I also have connections to know that there are many good Pakistani there who are trying their best to make a difference. I didn’t think I have to repeat this but I guess I have to defend myself.

    Using his/her logic then I guess BMD (which I discovered the identities on my own) must be an Israeli firster who doesn’t care about deaths and oppression of innocents as long as it meets his/her extreme zionist agenda and that includes deaths of innocent Pakistanis since she/he has such hatred for them and likes to generalize. Two can play this game!

    All I simply said was not to generalize Pakistanis and ever since that, he/she has accused me of being a Pakistani firster, which I’ve never heard of before. I have never defended the crazy Pakistani mob mentality, the corrupt politicians nor Talibanis.

    If this person knew me, he/she would laugh at the ridiculousness of these accusations. There is a Loonwatcher here who does know me personally and can confirm my innocence but for anonymity’s sake, don’t want to reveal his identity. Heck, even people who don’t really know me like Ilisha can tell from my past comments and history that I’m neither a Pakistani firster nor an anti-semite.

  • Avi


    I support Israel financially and I have family there. You are saying Zionism is the enemy of Islam, Moslems shouldn’t reconcile with Israel otherwise they’re enemies too. Israeli Arabs do not think like you, Why don’t you visit Israel and see for yourself. You will find Jews and Arabs living side by side. I’d like to believe that is the future. Israel is not perfect, but it isn’t justify such bitterness which even the Arabs living there would not share.

    Your use of ‘hasbarat’ is offensive, I would not use the term ‘Islamorat’ or ‘Palestinianrat’. Hasbara means putting forward the case for Zionism and Israel.

    I’d like to believe Moslems can support Israel and not rejected.


  • DrM

    @Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony said :

    “Although I think Dr M goes too far sometimes and he is not very funny WTF is a pakistan firster?”

    Ask the deranged israeli firster who made that claim. This idiotic hasbaRat thinks I’m Pakistani because I corrected him when he falsely tried to compare the partition of Palestine with the partition of the Indian subcontinent.

  • DrM

    @Islam Created the Modern World aka Muslim Zionists aka BMD aka 1001 schizo trolls

    Look who’s back to lie, distract, back peddle and project with more incoherent nonsense. Who’s playing victim, slimy? You’re bitter that I exposed you and utterly destroyed your hasbaRAT arguments over the years. Further proof of your cowardice was how you ran from every debate challenge I issued. I also exposed how you were NOT a Muslim. That’s why you tried to link me to the attack on this student…in your pathetic desperation. You think it’s funny using this Jewish student’s plight in your doomed vendetta against me?

    “I myself have informed people of my various identities. It is no secret.”

    No you didn’t, liar. I was the first one who raised this issue about your sock puppetry. I broke your secret. I asked you straight up why you post under so many different names and here was your answer :

    You even refused my proposal to have both our IP addresses checked a while back. Why I wonder? You evaded and evaded until everybody figured out who you were, and what your real agenda is. I don’t give a damn whether you are behind the websites you post under or not, its how you tried to pass yourself off as more then one poster peddling zionist horse manure. The above link also debunked your claims that there was no link between Islamophobia and Zionism. That post also contains evidence of your justification of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people(because the Native Americans got wiped to, this too is a popular zionist talking point). Almost as retarded as your failed attempts to being India and Pakistan in the discussion.
    You can scream “jew hate” and “israel hate” all you want, that dirty israeli tactic of character assassinating and silencing critics of Zionism wont work on me. Just like I know how fake your “apology” is, only because Ilisha put your mendacious behind on notice. Will you apologize for lying about Stephen G Parker? How about an apology for claiming that I’m “Believing Atheist,” or that he’s a fan of my blog paid to come to Loonwatch? Of course you won’t. There’s definitely some mental illness at work here, then again I’ve never come across a zionist who was mentally stable.
    Speaking of “pimping”(did you just learn that word to use it so many times in your excuse of a post or were the product of such a transaction?), you’re nothing a whore for israel with Zionism being your STD. Criticism of the satanic ideology of Zionism, and the terrorist state of israel will continue, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Go make up some more fake names to post under and come back to pick a fight with me again, ESPECIALLY under false pretense and I’ll kick your filthy, lying zionist ass right back the hasbaRAT sewer to be refurbished.
    Been there, done that, and will be happy to do it again.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    very bizzare .
    Although I think Dr M goes too far sometimes and he is not very funny WTF is a pakistan firster? I dont see that in any form in Dr M’s posts on this site .
    Now saying he was an Isreali firster that would be funny also pariently untrue .
    Dr M I would suggest quitting the field whilst you are ahead 🙂

    Sir David

  • Nice try at victimisation DrM, but I myself have informed people of my various identities. It is no secret. Pathological liar that you are, you should know that.

    I do not pimp any of my own websites here. Unlike you and your pathetic cesspool of hate.

    Had you been kushboo, your reasons would not have been the same, because you first you pimp your own hate site under DrM, and second your agenda under different identities (one for Jew hate under the banner of Israel, and the other to pretend that Pakistan is a victim of terror instead of being a hotpotch of terror.

    Don’t lie you liar, you know that very well.

    Stop playing the victim. Nothing above changes the accusations against you, if your’re not ‘kushboo’ it doesn’t mean that she/he is not your ally. Nor does it alter the fact that you are a Jew hater, thinking your hate will have more ‘legitimacy’ under the banner of Israel hate. something that kushboo desperately tries to hide.

    That was the difference.


    Ilisha, sorry to continue this. This is my last word here. But I couldn’t let DrM’s lies stand. Admin here, know that I post under various identities because I have communicated with admin under my various identities. Also, readers here are well aware of that, because i’ve said so myself. Incidentally, I was here long before either kushboo or drM. None of the websites I link to are ever my own, unlike DrM, I do need to pimp my own websites for readers. In fact if you recall, i’m against people linking to their own blogs here because it means they simply hope to pick up readers. Many websites don’t allow linking to your own blogs.

    I will apologise to DrM and kushboo, for linking them together as one.

    I am also not going to post here anymore, since it appears that this site has become a cesspool of Pakistan firsters who have hijacked the place for Jew hate, Israel hate and other apparently ‘legitamate’ obfuscations. This is not what a site that fights Islamophobia should be about.

    However, in due course, you will hear from me.

  • Sarah Brown

    @criticaldragon – seems the only reasonable response right now.

    I do rather enjoy DrM’s comments – they make me feel excitingly sinister.

  • @Senor

    I hope we find out exactly what did happen soon. Maybe the police had good reason to doubt Zachary Tennen story that we are unaware of, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Maybe it will turn out Tennen was telling the truth after all. Like I said earlier, I don’t know what to think now.

  • Senor

    @Timothy H…I should have been more clear. I am hesitant to believe the reasons for the attack based on the police saying that this is not a hate crime. I think the truth will come out in a few days.

  • DrM


    Thanks for checking my IP address, and confirming that Khusboo and I are not the same person. I’ve been calling for this for ages. I would request you do for israeli troll who posts under multiple names. Here are just some of them :

    Islam created the modern world
    Muslim Zionists
    Rachel Tabachnick Rocks
    Beautiful Muslim Doll
    Military Religious Freedom Foundation

    To suggest that I was part of, or condone the attack on this student is not only sick and preposterous, but shows you how desperate this degenerate is. This is no different then despicable Debbie Schlussel’s attempt to milk this vicious attack.
    I exposed this Zionist fraud years ago(and I wasn’t the only one), and he’s been nursing a grudge ever since. Let me also make it clear that I’m not Pakistani, nor have ever been to Pakistan. I don’t know where this “Pakistani firster” is about, probably because I corrected this liar on the partition of Palestine, and how erroneous it was to compare it to the partition of India. Just the desperation of a hasbaRAT pretending to be a Muslim in action. This is the same liar who insisted that I was “Believing Atheist” and that Believing Atheist was a fan of my blog paid come to Loonwatch, all in the same thread. Before this I was labelled a Christian Evangelical, as was Stephen G. Parker. I’ll be happy to provide the links upon request.
    We’re dealing with a mentally unstable Zionist(are there any other kind?). Here is an excellent definition left by another poster a while back :

    “They are known by the language they use: depraved sexual insults, bile, bigotry, threats, disinformation and character assassination. That’s right: I’m talking about “hasbarats,â€? zionist trolls who infect the Internet with hasbara, pro-Israel propaganda. Of course, mainstream media hasbarats have been around for decades, as have “hasbaratchiks,â€? fifth-columns in foreign governments who subvert national policies to serve Israel. The Internet, though, is the latest, some might say the greatest, propaganda playground, and Israel cannot cope with factual, passionate, well-documented stories that expose its war crimes and unrepentant criminality.”

  • Keith

    I hope Loonwatch will detract the first three lines of this post. It was NOT a hate crime! This isn’t the first time false accusations of anti-semitic hate crime has been fabricated by the victim. In fact, it is quite common. Those who would challenge me on that should first do their homework. Here’s just one of many examples:

    As far as this most recent incident, please follow this link:

    COPS: Religion not motive in attack on Jewish man

  • TimothyH

    Senor, the attack wasn’t fabricated, and he did have his jaw sown, though it probably wasn’t a staple. He could have been drunk and had a fight. The hospital said, he did have jaw surgery. He was most probably drunk, and thought he was being stapled.

    The update to the story above is from Little Green Footballs, it’s not reliable, as that is not a news site, and even that doesn’t say the attack didn’t happen.

    Here is a better update
    DETROIT — A Michigan State University student’s Jewish religion was not a factor in an assault at an off-campus party, police said Wednesday, a day after the 19-year-old man claimed he was popped in the jaw as a victim of “religious hatred.�

    There is no dispute that Zach Tennen was seriously injured early Sunday. But witnesses interviewed by detectives have not confirmed Tennen’s account that he was attacked after revealing he’s Jewish, East Lansing police Capt. Jeff Murphy said.
    Police also have no evidence that Tennen’s mouth was stapled as he maintains, Murphy said.

    “There’s a lot more to it than what is on the surface,� he told The Associated Press.

    “This came out early as being reported as a hate crime. It now appears after we’ve talked to many people who were at this party — and most importantly two witnesses who saw the actual assault — it doesn’t appear that religion was the reason he was assaulted,� Murphy said.

    Tennen, who is from Franklin in suburban Detroit, is recovering from jaw surgery. His father, Bruce Tennen, said the police department’s latest “assertions sicken us.�

    Tennen was punched while in the front yard of an East Lansing home while 40 people partied in the backyard. Murphy said two people immediately helped him, put frozen vegetables on his face and got him a cab so he could go to a hospital.

    The Michigan State sophomore said he was punched and had his mouth stapled after telling two men that he’s Jewish. In a statement Tuesday, Tennen said, “It’s shameful that in 21st century America, such religious hatred exists in our country.�

    Murphy said Tennen felt a wire in his mouth that he believed was a staple.

    “We haven’t found anything about staples. … This was one punch to the mouth,â€? the police captain said.

    Murphy said he couldn’t disclose many details about the investigation, but an 18-year-old man from Farmington Hills is a suspect. No one has been arrested.

    Police are not trying to discredit Tennen, said Murphy, adding: “He definitely did not deserve to be assaulted.�

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