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[Open Thread Sunday] Robert Spencer’s White Nationalist Colors

Robert Spencer and his biggest fan: Anders Behring Breivik

Robert Spencer and his biggest fan: Anders Behring Breivik

This story comes to us via. Critical Dragon. It is an older story, originally published by the SPLC in November of last year. It is quite astonishing as it clearly proves Robert Spencer‘s links to and parroting of the White Nationalist line. This further adds to the nexus between Western cultural and racist supremacists and Islamophobia.

This piece of Spencer’s worldview seems to be largely overlooked by many when discussing his hate activism.

by Leah Nelson, SPLC

Proving yet again that nothing is beneath him, anti-Muslim propagandist Robert Spencer has put himself firmly in the camp of open white nationalists with an article published yesterday in Crisis magazine, a conservative Catholic publication. Replete with fawning references to the superior accomplishments of Western culture and the Catholic Church, the piece, titled “Is Multiculturalism Evil?,� proposes that Western civilization is superior to all others and that multiculturalists (aligned with “Islamic supremacists�) are colluding to bring it to its knees.

This is nearly the identical view forwarded by Anders Behring Breivik to justify his terrorist attacks in Norway. According to the Breivik and Spencer’s of the world there is a leftist-Muslim conspiracy that is attempting to destroy the West through the “cult of Multiculturalism.”

Spencer’s links to, associations with and citing of White nationalists, individuals associated with Holocaust denying publications, websites that positively review movies that are wildly popular with neo-Confederates and more gets a thorough treatment by Leah Nelson of the SPLC:

Spencer’s piece is punctuated with a recommended reading list that might have been taken from the bookshelf of John Tanton, the racist architect of the modern nativist movement. Of the five tracts he suggests, four were written and/or published by anti-immigration extremists. They include On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration by retired priest and longtime Tanton ally Patrick Bascio; The Immigration Mystique by Chilton Williamson, who is a frequent contributor to the white nationalist website VDARE; Anthony M. Esolen’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization, which was published by the white nationalist Regnery Press; and Jean Raspail’s 1973 Camp of the Saints, a racist fantasy about an invasion of France and the white Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees that was most recently republished by Tanton’s Social Contract Press.

(Interestingly, Crisis claims that Bascio’s book was put out by “Authorhouse,� of Bloomington, Ind. In fact, its first publisher was American Free Press, a hate group founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto that also publishes an anti-Semitic and conspiracy-minded weekly.)

Given its recommended reading list, is should be no surprise that Spencer’s answer to the question “Is Multiculturalism Evil� is a resounding yes. Tipping his cap to his Catholic publisher, he denounces multiculturalism as a “heresy� intent on “[d]enigrating and ultimately destroying the Judeo-Christian West, not stamping out some putative racist devaluation of other cultures.�

“Today, no one questions the idea that one culture is as good as another,� he writes in shocked tones. “No one even whispers the possibility that the achievements of one group in a given area (for instance, medieval Christians) might actually surpass those of another group. No one even dares to think that there might be better indicators of the quality of an endeavor than the number of different ethnicities of the people involved.�

“Multiculturalism in reality is an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-Western exercise in moral and cultural Relativism. … A true multiculturalist hates all forms of Christianity and Judeo-Christian civilization, but retains particular contempt and bile for manifestations of Catholic piety and culture.�

In one particularly hypocritical section, Spencer complains that “European multiculturalists, working willingly in tandem with Islamic supremacists� are trying to enforce the Islamic prohibition against insulting Mohammad by extending anti-hate speech laws to Muslims, while ignoring insults to “the dominant Judeo-Christian culture.�

It is true, as Spencer says, that free speech is valued in the West – but unlike America, many European countries have laws against hate speech, and Spencer’s suggestion that they privilege Muslims is patently absurd. In 2005, for example, the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard drew a set of offensive caricatures of Mohammed whose publication in European periodicals led to a violent reaction among some hard-line Muslims, including two attempts on Westergaard’s life. The cartoonist wasn’t prosecuted for hate speech against Muslims. Rather, he was placed under permanent police protection. On the other hand, in the same year, authorities in Austria arrested British national David Irving for denying the Holocaust. He was convicted and jailed in early 2006.

Spencer further complains about supposed “double standards� in academia, which he claims is controlled by multiculturalists who hate the West. Inconveniently, Anthony Esolen – whose Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization is on Spencer’s recommended reading list – is currently employed as a professor at Providence College.

Despite his bile, it’s no surprise that Crisis should find Spencer appealing. While claiming that it “explores and articulates the subjects of politics, business, culture, faith, and family life from a Catholic perspective,� the magazine – like Patrick Buchanan, a famous Catholic who has recently written several articles for Crisis – obviously has no interest in the church’s pro-immigration stance. Its interim editor, John Zmirak, has contributed numerous articles to VDARE (which, oddly, has also published anti-Catholic screeds – including a recent attack on the church’s embrace of immigrants). Zmirak has also written for David Horowitz’s conservative and anti-Muslim FrontPageMagazine, to which his contributions include a highly positive review of “Gods and Generals,� a 2003 Civil War drama that minimized the role of slavery and was wildly popular in neo-Confederate circles.

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  • Ilisha


    I kind of zoned out once “Thinker” launched into his “work of devil” conspiracy theory, so I didn’t even make it to the last part. Thanks for addressing that accusation. :)

  • Sarah Brown

    @thinker – I always think it’s meaningless to deny any form of bigotry, racism etc. But in response to your implication that people here, who disagree with you, hate Jews I’ll invoke simply the objective fact that I have been an occasional poster on a site in the UK dedicated to opposing antisemitism and regularly write elsewhere on this topic (and on anti-Muslim bigotry, homophobia, etc). I suspect I have different views from most here on the intersection between antisemitism and antizionism but to imply this is a site where people ‘hate Jews’ is quite unfair.

  • Jai


    No problem at all — and thank you for your kind words about my comment. I look forward to a proper response from you when it’s more convenient.

  • Ilisha


    Your comment is filled with excellent ideas that should be addressed with a thoughtful response.

    I’ve been busy troll slaying this morning, thumb typing on my mobile no less! Yes, I recognize the futility, but sometimes when I’m feeling feisty, it’s invigorating to go a few rounds. 😉

    When I have access to my laptop, I plan to give you a proper response, probably this evening (it’s early afternoon here now).

  • Jai


    Any thoughts on my last comment above ?

  • Ilisha


    You’re a master excuse maker with not the first clue about Islam.

    Danios and I have both repeatedly challenged people like you to show a verse in the Quran that calls for unprovoked aggression–don’t bother trying. You can’t.

    If so-called jihad is the reason for Western violence, what’s your excuse for Vietnam or the dozens upon dozens of non-Muslim countries the West has bombed?

    Please dig hard through your book of 1001 excuses. By the way, when I point out Western crimes, I am looking I’m the mirror. I’m American.

    You assume everything a Muslim does is “in the name of Islam,” and everything the West does has nothing to do with Christianity.

    Yet most Western leaders are Christians from Christian majority countries, and we’ve documented plenty of Crusader mentality and imagery in the highest echelons of the US government and military.

    Dry drunk and born again Christian George Bush said God told him to invade Iraq and he did. And in any case, regardless of motive, the victims are no less dead. It’s just another excuse and diversion.

    Iran hasn’t invaded any other country in over 200 years–a laudable record few Western countries can boast. That example does nothing to bolster your case.

    You’re the poster child for psychological projection.

    I would never make excuses for Muslims the way you do for the West. I don’t think anyone has clean hands. But if you want to play a rational, fact based game of who’s more violent today and in the last 500 years, you’re going to lose. The West has no moral high ground from which to preach.

    Now, as critical as I am of foreign policy, on the domestic front, I give the West credit. Too bad so many dumbed down Westerners are too dense to even appreciate, let alone safeguard, their own past accomplishments.

    You’re too busy gazing over at Muslims to see what’s happening right under your nose.

  • Thinker

    The mirror, what do you see?


    – Most wars in the west had no ‘Christian ideological’ reason or purpose.

    I am indeed used to these baseless accusations.

    ‘Who spends the most money on morbid weapons of mass destruction? Who stockpiles them and deploys them ceaselessly, even under flimsy or fabricated pretense? The US is unrivaled in that arena, and also has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world to have ever nuked another.’

    Response : – Do you have any idea what ‘Heil Ahmadinejad’ is up to !? (Together with his ‘Brothers in Crime’ like Morsi and Erdogan !? )

    Drones are used to eliminate ‘people’ like those of Hamas, the Taliban and al-Quada. Any deaths besides these are regrettable.

    So your charges against the west are largely biased and abused to bring Christianity into a bad spotlight. The work of the enemy of Christ.

    Now there is Jihad, which makes killing infidels an legitimate goal of Islam, and that is the real issue at stake here.

    Maybe, maybe the thought behind ‘Loonwatch’ is upright, and I suppose there are religious people around at LW who have the illusion of serving ‘God’, while in reality they seriously should start thinking about the possibility of being seduced to serve his enemy! This world is in far too much turmoil already.

    As an ‘Islamophobe’ I am holding up an mirror to you, not to condemn you, but I do it in the hope that at one point in time you will be able to see the reality for what it is, until then you are your own victims through wrong convictions. The battle of good and evil is thought by spiritual powers around the minds of people, it is here that everybody should carefully check all his sources. (And consider alternative sources!)

    Bless you.

  • Ilisha


    You’re missing the point. No one is arguing you can’t cobble together every negative story about Muslims across the globe and paint an ugly picture of Muslims.

    But even if every incident is true, it isn’t the whole truth.

    I could certainly come up with an enormous list of crimes perpetrated by the imperial powers of the “Judeo-Christian” world and paint an ugly picture too–bigger and uglier in fact, including the Holocaust.

    Your “logic” requires selective blindness to the relentless bombing, poisoning, starving and robbing of countries outside the Western orbit for a very long time–long before 9/11.

    You tell me which Muslim country has drones prowling the skies of Western countries, vaporizing people with hellfire missiles. Who is invading and occupying whom even as I type this? Western countries led by the US are invading one Muslim country after another, not the other way around–and Latin America, Asia and Africa have not been spared either. America itself is the product of ethinic cleansing and genocide.

    Who spends the most money on morbid weapons of mass destruction? Who stockpiles them and deploys them ceaselessly, even under flimsy or fabricated pretense? The US is unrivaled in that arena, and also has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world to have ever nuked another.

    Your list includes even a single deranged individual as an example of something that allegedly indicts the entire Muslim world. Good thing there are no deranged mass murderers who aren’t Muslims, right?

    It’s like a rampaging elephant pointing fingers at a mosquito. Cull your examples. Your hypocrisy is staggering. I don’t know if you’re woefully ignorant, mentally challenged, or brainwashed by propaganda, but a child could debunk your arguments.

    CriticalDragon is definitely right about you, muddled “Thinker.”

  • Thinker


    What about these ‘bigoted fascist dogs’ :

    (Muslims Chase Cops in London….Police Run for Cover)

    I am looking forward to another brilliant excuse !

    BTW, a fascist is in the first place somebody who hates Jews with a passion, sounds familiar? And: I am somebody who has not any problem with any skin color whatsoever and certainly not with the Jews!

  • Géji

    @Thinker says: “I understand, you are completely right, 9/11 only happened in the mind of Spencer, like Toulouse, like Madrid, like Mumbai, like London, like the Taliban, like Nigeria, Like Egypt, Like Syria, like Sudan, like Liege,like Jemen, like Eritrea, like Somalia, like Pakistan, like Iran, like Iraq, like Mali, like Hamas, like Hezbollah, Like Bali, what a fool I am, I should have known better, I am terrible sorry about my misunderstanding of Islam. How much self-deception can you swallow?”

    We are so sick and tired of bigoted fascist dogs such as you and your ilks targeting different communities each and every generation that God brings about. Especially now that you fascist cowards can hide behind the internet without ever stating who you are, where you come from and in the name of what you speak, but all the while capable of spewing your hate of your target community du jour of certain ethnicity and certain religion, and all the while of course hiding your own religions and ethnicities. So thus here’s the thing, you like to list random behaviors and actions of certain individuals and groups belonging to certain ethnicity and religion right? fine! State your ethnicity and religion so that we can do the same and list the same random behaviors and actions from some of your co-religious fellows and co-ethnicity fellows, all the while of course we will be blaming and holding FULLY responsible of those actions on your religion, you’ll see and find out how easy it is to play that game. So go ahead and state who you are please!

  • CriticalDragon1177


    Responding to Awesome,
    I understand, you are completely right, 9/11 only happened in the mind of Spencer, like Toulouse, like Madrid, like Mumbai, like London, like the Taliban, like Nigeria, Like Egypt, Like Syria, like Sudan, like Liege,like Jemen, like Eritrea, like Somalia, like Pakistan, like Iran, like Iraq, like Mali, like Hamas, like Hezbollah, Like Bali, what a fool I am, I should have known better, I am terrible sorry about my misunderstanding of Islam.

    How much self-deception can you swallow?

    Yes, because the only way someone can fight bigotry against Muslims is to deny all the evil done in the name of Islam or by Muslim fanatics of any kind. Yes every single person opposed to Islamophobia, will tell you that 9/11 was inside job, because otherwise we would have to admit that all Muslims are evil. Never mind that Al Qaeda is extremist group that doesn’t come close to representing all Muslims, also never mind that other terrorists groups like Hamas hardly represent all Muslims either. Never mind that a large number of Muslims openly condemned the Bali attacks. Also never mind all the things that have happened in places like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Egypt, not mention non Muslim countries like India, that goes against the anti Muslim “counter Jihad” narrative. Yes, everyone opposed to your position must deny reality, even through they do not need to.

    “Thinker” its become obvious to me that you don’t live up to your name, long before I even read your last comment. Do yourself a favor. Start thinking. Start asking questions. Do research outside of the “counter jihad” blogs and the books written by anti Muslim propagandists like Robert Spencer. You can easily find Muslims that are the exact opposite of every single negative stereotype you have. Just look up things like Muslims condemn Terrorism, or Muslims condemn the stoning of homosexuals.
    Here’s just one great example.

    On Apostasy and Islam:
    100+ Notable Islamic Voices affirming the Freedom of Faith

  • Sarah Brown

    Again, I’d like to use an analogy to challenge Thinker’s use of the phrase ‘hate speech’ and the implication that Loonwatch might be morally responsible for threats against Robert Spencer. I write for a blog which is just as Geller/Spencer averse as Loonwatch but also criticises Islamist extremism. We recently posted a piece critical of one particular event – an event also criticised by Hope not Hate, incidentally. Apparently there were threats made by extreme nationalist types, perhaps EDL related, I am not sure. I have seen no evidence of this, but I can quite believe this happened. I would unequivocally condemn any threats of violence or of course any actual violence against the speakers or attenders at that event. I see no reason to doubt that Loonwatch feels the same way about threats against Spencer – that it condemns them. To criticise his views and his errors really is not ‘hate speech’ in any meaningful sense. You can’t say, I don’t think, that all criticism of someone like Spencer or Hirsi Ali should be taboo just because those people have had threats made against them.

  • Thinker


    I understand, you are completely right, 9/11 only happened in the mind of Spencer, like Toulouse, like Madrid, like Mumbai, like London, like the Taliban, like Nigeria, Like Egypt, Like Syria, like Sudan, like Liege,like Jemen, like Eritrea, like Somalia, like Pakistan, like Iran, like Iraq, like Mali, like Hamas, like Hezbollah, Like Bali, what a fool I am, I should have known better, I am terrible sorry about my misunderstanding of Islam.

    How much self-deception can you swallow?

  • Awesome

    @ Thinker

    You call negative reporting about Islam based on facts and truth, which can be easily verified by non-biased sources, irrational and falsehood!?

    – No. I call negative reporting about Islam and Muslims based on sensationalism, lies and half-truths to be irrational and falsehood, which is all that comes from hate-mongers like Spencer and Geller.

    Putting forward systematic false accusations towards these critics is in itself a very ‘subtle’ and disguised form of hate speech. That is why RS does not have a public life.

    – Hate speech is speech designed to incite hatred of a person or group on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. The accusations toward people like Spencer and Geller can only serve to discredit them as well as their claims, and therefore cannot be considered “hate speech”.

    You would not call any form of critic towards Nazi-German to be hate speech, would you?

    – That depends on the criticism and what it is based on. If you were to say that Nazi Germany was a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship based on authoritarianism, militarism, fascism, statism and racist nationalism, then that would be stating a truth, based on documented history.

    However, if you were then to begin claiming that Nazi-Germany was representative of all Germans, or was an inherent part of German culture, or that all Germans who love their country think that way, and/or that they need to all be held collectively responsible for Nazi-Germany, then that would be hate-speech, obviously because it would be hate-filled towards a group of people based on their race and culture.

  • Chameleon

    @Jai and @Wanderer and @llisha,

    I keep my own copies of just about everything I write, and I encourage others to do the same. I am hoping to flesh some of my own work out later into full articles, as you suggest, but I would like to see what new platform Loonwatch comes out with first. For example, I would like to see not just news articles on Muslims with all the transient banter this generates, but timeless reference articles on all the hot button topics of Islam that loons continually focus on (e.g., violence in Islam, position of women, apostasy, etc.). This is actually what I enjoy writing about most. However, unfortunately, everything on Loonwatch is centered on current events (primarily in defense of Muslims) rather than on the unchanging principles of Islam (to defend Islam, which has the most long term value). I have written on many of these Islamic topics already, but it takes time to pull all of my disconnected thoughts together. For example, I am just about finished with the second draft of a 6,000+ word essay that I did to completely destroy the notion that concubines are permitted in Islam. This is great, but right now, I don’t see how this could possibly fit into Loonwatch’s format at all.

    What I would suggest for Loonwatch in the future is that the site be separated into at least two separate streams of information: one based on both current events and historical analysis focused on defending Muslims against loons (the current events part is there now, but the historical analysis part needs to be separated as a permanent reference area); and the other based on the timeless principles of Islam that is focused on defending Islam against loon interpretations. The second section would NOT be for teaching everyone all there is to know about the principles of Islam (there are all kinds of those web sites already), but to focus entirely on the facts and misinformation that the loons use in their attacks on Islam as a religion.

    So when some loon says women are only worth half as much as men in Islam (based on arguments related to legal matters and inheritance), one could simply say “wrong” and point to the topical Loonwatch link on Islamic principles, which in turn could be cross-linked to both specific and related articles on the topic from Loonwatch contributors (by the way, I have soundly rebutted both of these arguments already, which is why I can confidently say “wrong”). One should also be able to search in this Islamic anti-loon database by hadith # or verse # to find all analyses referencing these facts when loons try to bring these facts up as arguments against Islam (e.g., “Bukhari 84:58” or “Quran 4:34”, both of which I have also written about).

    On further thought, I think there should actually be three streams or sections of info in any new Loonwatch format, with the third stream focusing on the top loons in the looniverse. This is where we would collect more permanent topical articles on loons, such as what Jai and I wrote on this thread about Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, EDL/BFP, etc. that are not necessarily attached to any particular current event. Therefore, the three sections could have the following three focal points: 1) Muslims (their actions and the loons who act upon them, perhaps subdivided into historical analyses vs. current events), 2) Islam (in the form of specific anti-loon rebuttals as a permanent reference source), and 3) the loons (as another permanent reference source to learn about all their nefarious activities and connections to other loons). The first and the third sections are kind of there already on Loonwatch today, but in a very disorganized and unsearchable format. However, the second section on Islamic principles from the anti-loon perspective is completely missing.

    @Solid Snake,

    Don’t let my previous silence imply that I did not like your hilarious posts as well. Lunacy deserves all the ridicule it can get, and that can be done in one of two ways: 1) via facts and logic (like I did on this occasion) or 2) by holding up a mirror to their lunacy (like you did). Given the blowhard duffer we were dealing with, my tentative conclusion is that your approach was almost certainly more appropriate than mine in this instance! However, my motivation was more to document the facts and analysis for future reference.

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  • Jai


    Thank you for your very kind words, and no problem about my own contribution supplementing your excellent comments.

    �Like you, I believe that this is not so much about winning an easy debate. It is about getting it right for the record, preferably all in one thread to make it easier for others to find it next time.�


    What I can add is the following: Ideally, the respective information that you and I provided also needs to be included (in full) in suitable Loonwatch articles. Although there are obviously plenty of people who read comments threads, the majority of visitors to these websites only read the main articles, not necessarily the ensuing discussions. So, Loonwatch’s editorial team should strongly consider including all that information in new articles so that the material reaches the maximum audience.

    (Even more so since sockpuppetting fanatical bigots frequently use diversionary tactics to distract attention from damning information raised within comments threads, resulting in the thread deliberately being derailed and the information being buried in the middle of it – as is already happening on this thread).

    It would be sufficient for Ilisha and/or her fellow Loonwatch editors to publish two articles, at their discretion of course: One simply titled “Robert Spencer’s influence on the terrorist Anders Breivik�, with the contents consisting of your two brilliant comments above; and a separate article titled “SIOA & JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer exposed: The facts�, containing my own 9-point comment above (along with the subsequent 7 bullet points about the EDL/BFP).

    [My other comment about Kevin Carroll and Pamela Geller & David Horowitz is a separate – albeit overlapping – issue, so it depends on what Loonwatch’s editorial team wants to do with that information. As I mentioned previously, there are significant implications concerning the reality of Robert Spencer’s main British allies’ attitudes towards Geller and Horowitz].

    Ilisha – Over to you. Your thoughts would be welcomed as always.

  • Wanderer

    Hear hear sir david.

  • Ilisha

    You will be allowed, right?

    Yes, welcomed. Contributions should be submitted via email for admin review and possible publication.

  • Wanderer

    cc Ilisha

    Try writing a full article please? Been following your responses lately, excellent. You will be allowed right?

  • Sir David

    I would be proud to be a listed member of this site
    There are times when one should stand up and be counted

    David Livingston

    Aka Sir David

    ( for our readers in Langly , Tel Aviv and Cheltenham that’s Livingston without an e at the end)

  • Thinker


    You call negative reporting about Islam based on facts and truth, which can be easily verified by non-biased sources, irrational and falsehood !? Putting forward systematic false accusations towards these critics is in itself a very ‘subtle’ and disguised form of hate speech. That is why RS does not have a public life.
    You would not call any form of critic towards Nazi-German to be hate speech, would you ?

  • Awesome

    @ Thinker

    This thought occured to me today: Would Anders Breivink have commited his hideous crime if we did not have ‘Political Correctness’ as a polluting factor in our politics and media !? With other words would Anders Breivink have commited his crime if our politicians and journalists had been fair about the real thread of Islam !?

    – And the other thought that should have occurred in conjunction with that one: Would Anders Breivik have committed his hideous crime if people like Spencer and Geller weren’t running around promoting their hate with insidious sensationalism, lies and half-truths against Islam and Muslims!? In other words, would Anders Breivik have committed his crime if Spencer and Geller, the individuals who inspired him, had been fair and even-handed in their approach to Islam and Muslims!?

    No good has ever come from the irrational hatred and fear that people like Spencer propagate, nor will good ever come from it. When all of that hate-inspired falsehood is believed to be true by those who don’t know any better, it is inevitable that it would trigger a lot of negative emotions and reactions, which can lead to tragedies like the massacre that Breivik committed.

    Unfortunately, such massacres are not likely to be the last of their kind, unless and until people stop absorbing themselves in mindless hatred based on falsehoods. Trying to defend your “freedom” is useless if all you’re going to do is run around in a circle of hate over imagined threats.

  • Ilisha

    @Solid Snake

    I liked your posts too.

    “Regarding the improvements to the site, a member registration function would be nice.”

    Yes, it would! Ideally it would be nice if registered users could post comments without moderation, even if moderation was turned on for non-registered users. I’m eager for any solution that reduces the need for moderation–frankly, it’s not a fun job, and it isn’t necessary for most of our visitors.

  • Solid Snake


    Thanks :) I am glad at least one person liked them! But you hit it exactly on the head. I posted that Yosemite Sam rant because that’s what livingengine was doing. He was spamming (ranting) while not saying anything of substance.

    While I appreciate Jai, Chameleon, and other posters for posting the ‘tsunami’ of facts and arguments I alluded to in my earlier posts, someone like livingengine will not even read them. His buddies will not read them also. But it is good to post them for the record.

    Regarding the improvements to the site, a member registration function would be nice.

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