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Malmö: Protesters Outnumber Islamophobes at Geert Wilders Speech by Wide Margin

Anti-Muslim speeches and events have a track record of poor turnouts, but this one was laughingly abysmal, as pro-Freedom voices outnumbered the bigoted clan of Islamophobes gathering in Malmö for a lecture by Dutch loon Geert Wilders.

The protesters have to be commended, they are a sign of the real Europe. (h/t: CriticalDragon)

Muted protests greet Wilders Malmö visit

(The Local)

“Our intelligence told us that we should be prepared for trouble,” a Malmö police officer told The Local.

But at the end of the event a colleague assured The Local that the day “had passed without incident with just minor disturbances”.

The frequent critic of Islam was a guest of the anti-Islam Swedish “Freedom of the Press Society” (Tryckfrihetssällskapet) and addressed an audience of approximately 100 people at a venue in Malmö’s western harbour.

Outside a crowd of around 300 gathered to protest at the presence of the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom.

The society’s president Ingrid Carlqvist explained the poor turnout in that the society had received many bogus applications for tickets. [ed. This seems to be the usual excuse for Islamophobes]

In a heated confrontation, Carlqvist denounced the protesters as “screaming hordes of monkeys” whom she said had revealed her home address, claiming that she had been forced to stay in a Copenhagen hotel as a precaution.

Wilders’ arrival in Malmö was shrouded in secrecy with the location of his speech only revealed on Friday afternoon due to security concerns.

A heavy police presence surrounded the Kockums Fritid centre with officers confirming to The Local that the deployment was similar to that used for dealing with football hooliganism.

Protesters from Stockholm as well as Copenhagen chanting “no to racism and fascism” were joined by a large group of Scandinavian media.

While police confirmed that the demonstrators generally behaved in an orderly manner, several attendees, including some journalists, were pelted with eggs and oranges as they entered the venue.

Carlqvist welcomed Wilders on stage, describing as “one of the bravest freedom fighters in the world” and the 49-year duly spoke for almost an hour.

The Dutch politician told the assembled crowd that he “loved Sweden and its people” and added that “Malmö should not succumb to Islam”.

Wilders was applauded several times during his talk in particular where he defended freedom of speech and cited Winston Churchill as his inspiration.

He received largely sympathetic questions from the audience urging “Swedes to be good patriots” and that “patriotism is not fascism” before departing under armed guard.

The outspoken politician and author, who has received multiple death threats in the past, spent only a few hours in Malmö and left immediately after his speech to catch a flight home from Copenhagen.

The vast majority of protesters had meanwhile left by the time Wilders emerged from the venue with police telling the The Local that the cold weather had persuaded demonstrators to head home.

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  • golden izanagi

    interesting how the leaders of the “counter jihad” movement can keep a straight face while raving about being non violent even when they have associates and fanboys who advocate nuking entire cites or celebrate and justify violence against muslims

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    I leave your comment up as a testimony to the genocidal nature of many Islamophobes. Another proof against themselves.

  • Jai

    “Winston Churchill for all his patriotism and inspirational goodness was a racist and hated Islam.”

    Churchill’s bigoted opinions on Islam decades earlier have been extensively documented, but he certainly didn’t “hate Islam” by the 1940s; Churchill’s attitudes towards Muslims were far more positive by that time. As indicated by, for example, Churchill’s pivotal role in enabling the construction of the aforementioned London Central Mosque (and his motivations for doing so); or his amicable relations with Jinnah, including the continuing private correspondence between them and Churchill’s associated lobbying in London for the creation of Pakistan.

    “He also hated Mahatma Gandhi.”

    Actually Churchill hated Hindus in general and was far more hostile towards them than he was towards any other Indian religious group. However, historical records confirm that Churchill’s attitudes changed dramatically in his final years, apparently after he finally met Nehru in person (outside Buckingham Palace, after Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation) and was startled & moved at Nehru’s complete lack of personal animosity towards him.

    Churchill is subsequently repeatedly on record as expressing considerable regret that Britain had not behaved on much friendlier terms towards Indians both on a personal level and in terms of political policies; Churchill even invited Nehru’s sister (the Indian High Commissioner to Britain at the time) to visit him while he recovered from a stroke, and quietly discussed his regret about how badly the colonial authorities had treated her husband along with other Quit India leaders.

    As with similar historical figures, it is a good idea for people on both sides of these arguments to familiarise themselves with the individual’s opinions at the end of their lives, not just the more widely-known negative attitudes from earlier years which the individual concerned ultimately abandoned.

  • Ibrahim

    @Umayr, was going to say the same thing.

  • Anon

    Doesn’t it strike you as odd that Silva (the Bond villain) from Skyfall (Bond 23) movie looks a lot like Wilders?

  • Umayr

    @Jai Winston Churchill for all his patriotism and inspirational goodness was a racist and hated Islam. He also hated Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Jai

    “Wilders was applauded several times during his talk in particular where he defended freedom of speech and cited Winston Churchill as his inspiration.

    The same Winston Churchill who played a key role facilitating the construction of the London Central Mosque, more popularly known as the “Regents Park Mosque” ?



    1939 – 1940 Lord Lloyd of Dolobran, (1879–1941), Secretary Of State For The Colonies, & former President of the British Council, works with a Mosque Committee, comprising various prominent Muslims and Ambassadors in London. Lord Lloyd sends a memo to the Prime Minister, in which he points out, inter-alia “only London contains more Moslems than any other European capital but in our empire which actually contains more Moslems than Christians it was anomalous and inappropriate that there should be no central place of worship for Mussulmans”.

    1940 The British Government is persuaded to present a site for a mosque in London for the Muslim community of Great Britain. On 24 October the Churchill War Cabinet authorizes allocation of £100,000 for acquisition of a mosque site in London (WAR CABINET: 276 (40). National Archives – See also Report WP (G)(40) 268 of 18 October 1940). The intent was to enable Muslims in Britain to build a mosque and an Islamic Cultural Centre, so they could conduct affairs pertaining to their faith. The gift was also intended as a tribute to the thousands of Indian Muslim soldiers who died defending the British Empire.

    1944 A Mosque Committee comprising various prominent Muslim diplomats and Muslim residents in the United Kingdom accepted the gift and The Islamic Cultural Centre which includes the London Central Mosque, was established and officially opened in November by His Majesty King George VI.”

  • wilders party lost half its seats in the most recent election…he is the david duke of amsterdam

  • @Emperor,

    Hopefully all this will translate to a lack of support at the polls, and Wilders and his “freedom party” will loose their seats in the dutch parliament, come the next election over there. Imagine Wilders and his party out of office, and not being able to garner enough support to get back in.

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