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Australia: White Supremacists Heart Geert Wilders

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It’s not much of a shock when we remember that Wilders is a racist:

White Supremacists Ready For A Fight

by Natalie O’Brien (The Age)

WHITE supremacists are urging Australian “patriots” to gather at public meetings by the controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders, ready for trouble and a no-holds barred fight.

Tensions have been mounting over the impending visit of the far right-wing politician who has been accused of Islamophobia and racism.

One group, Australian New Nation, has been encouraging followers to react to any threat or sign of violence from Muslim protesters who might attend.

On its website, the group has posted an audio from “Radio Free Australia, the voice of white revolution in Australia” warning them to “expect an Islamic rent-a-crowd outside screaming and foaming at the mouth like the evil bastards they are”.

“We encourage all patriots to exercise their legal right of self defence if any ragheads try to prevent them accessing the venue, or threaten, or use violence against their person once they try to strike the first blow, everything that follows is self defence on your part,” it said.

The vitriolic broadcast, which lasts almost 10 minutes, goes on to say, “go . . . and be prepared to defend yourself and if they take a swing at you, they push at you, they spit on you, don’t hold back. You have a legal right of self defence do what should be done to this rag-head camel f— . . . Islamic filth who have no place in civilised society.”

Muslim leaders have been encouraging their community to ignore Mr Wilders’s visit and not to draw attention to his views by protesting.

The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Hafez Kassem, questioned what the authorities were doing about the “provocation by rednecks”.

“Surely they must be monitoring this,” he said.

Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association said while Muslims should have every right to protest peacefully, it would only draw attention to Mr Wilders. Mr Trad recommended the community ignore the event.

Social media sites protesting against Mr Wilders’s visits to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth have also been the target of hate messages.

Stepan Kerkyasharian, the head of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, said he had not had any complaints so far about Mr Wilders’s visit, but it was clear the Muslim community was concerned about the outcome of his tour.

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  • Talking_fish_head

    Technically, Australia has Deserts, mostly in the center of the continent/country

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    We would love to make more videos. Hopefully, once we have more time.

  • Talking_fish_head

    Glad to have you on board 😀

  • For the most part I agree. But one of the reasons I’m so busy fighting anti Muslim bigotry now, is to make up for my mistakes.

  • Talking_fish_head

    you don’t need feel ashamed, everyone makes mistakes that is why we are human

    what happened in the past is gone, what is important is now and who you chose to be

    there is a saying in Arabic “الي فات مات” meaning what ever is in the past is dead

  • mindy1

    Geert attracts racists? No way/sarcasm

  • Emperor

    By the way, you guys should consider making a few more videos. Some of them, like the one you showed here were really good, and really get the message across in a way that a written format like a book or a blog cannot.

  • Emperor

    The fact that I once looked up to and admired Wilders is one of the things that I’m most ashamed of right now. Part of me would love nothing more than to go back in time beat myself up over it.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Raghead: a derogatory word which means a person who wears a keffiyeh or turban. >.>
    Wilders, wilders, wilders do you not know most warheads live in Asia which means they dont wear rags? I’ll forgive you this time as I know your intelligence is low.

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