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Manuel Valls: Kippa vs. Headscarf Double Standard


(h/t: epris2justice)

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  • Ronei Daselva

    Typical question though every wants that every person has right to wear anything and not to force to anybody what to wear.

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  • zanqa

    while i get your point, actually every nation on earth that i know of has some regulation of women’s and men’s dress. e.g a women can’t go out topless in chicago or nyc or sfo or london, or madrid. while the amount of dress regulated differs , there is a regulation nevertheless. But then that’s about the minimum a women must wear. France and Belgium are unique in the sense that they limit maximum what a women can wear.

  • Solid Snake

    Sorry next ‘Planet Stop; is in errrr hold on let me check..500 lightyears from now…better get comfy lol

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    What you have said is not true the evidence just doesn’t point towards it
    Here are two links of relevance to the subject

  • JD

    New age Atheism has become a religion with its evangelist efforts , churces, Books , its saints / church leaders ( Hitchens , Dawkins ,Harris) and its sermons by there saints radio programs. . The difference between the religion and atheism is hard to see anymore.

  • JD

    I hate to get into this argument here but i hate the religious Atheist view without religion everyone hold hand sing song

    Iraq war is about greed oil resources

    Rights without religion there no Vietnam war wait that is about political system

    Korean war..Nope

    You can also look up

    Socialist People’s Republic of Albania

    State atheism in Albania was taken to an extreme during the totalitarian regime installed after World War II The Agrarian Reform Law of August 1945 nationaliz­ed property of
    religious institutio­ns, including estates of monasterie­s, orders,
    dioceses. clergy and believers were tried, tortured, and executed

    The Soviet Union

    atheism in 1922 to 1926 Soviet Union, 28 Russian Orthodox bishops and more than 1,200 priests were killed 100’s subjected to persecutio­n

    The People’s Republic of China

    Houses of worship, temples, mosques, and churches, were converted into non-religi­ous buildings for secular use.

    People’s Republic, religious belief were discourage­d because it was
    regarded by the government as backward and superstiti­ous and because
    some Commy leaders, ranging from Vladimir Lenin to Mao Zedong, critical
    of religious institutio­ns. During the Cultural Revolution­, religion
    was condemned as feudalistic and thousands of religious buildings looted

    Mexico under Plutarco Calles

    June 14, 1926, President Calles enacted anticleric­al legislatio­n known
    as The Law Reforming the Penal Code and unofficial­ly as the Calles
    Law.His antiCatho­lic actions included outlawing religious orders,
    depriving the Church of property rights and depriving the clergy of
    civil liberties, including right to trial by jury and right to
    vote.Catholic antipathy towards Calles was enhanced because of his vocal

    point is any idea system can used for war ,politics,Get keep and hold power. Its not the idea its the person who believe in the

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    Yup I dont know I admit it . I do admit that there is wisdom to be found in many ‘ Holy ‘ books also other stuff I find not so clear . I really believe that people have the right to worship as they please , who they please as long as it harms no one else. Loons infringe was is for me a core value.
    Basically its the God question . I neither accept that there is proof that God in any form exists nor that there is proof God does not exist . The belief in God exists I fully accept that, I just dont have it . 😉
    Sir David

  • Seeker

    I’m not very clear with the various ‘isms, ics, etc’ so I had to google it. So you’re not sure either way right?
    Does it help tip the balance when you think of a balance to the injustice in the world ?

    ( For some reason I though you were a Christian. )

  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    well said
    Its soo obvious that both are positions of belief .
    Thats why I am an agnostic .

    Sir David

  • JD

    When is Islam going to stop showing it’s ugly face, like the one that we are seeing on today’s internet,
    By that do you mean stupid people acting stupid because that is not limited to Islam

    Canadian Terrorist Richard Henry Bain: “I am a Christian soldier. I fight for freedom, democracy and justice”

    Police: 7 dead in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting

    Word Of Faith Fellowship Church Confined, Abused North Carolina Man For Being Gay: Report

    Jewish Settlers Vandalize Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem

    Pat Robertson Claims Islam Is ‘Demonic’ And ‘Not A Religion’ But An Economic System (VIDEO)

    Religious counsellor gets 103 years in prison for abusing girl who questioned faith

    Is this fodder for their agenda or stupid extremists people doing stupid extremist stuff on there own which is not the religion fault and should not blame everyone of _____ group faith . Do we also give that consideration to muslims.

    Or people who like to blame Islam and muslims for every world event that occurs like the Insurgency in Iraq Afgan or other world events.

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