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Bosnians Rebury Srebrenica Genocide Victims


It is the genocide that Islamophobes love to deny or even claim never occurred. Today’s memorial stands as a sharp rebuke to those who would so callously attempt to deny this recent, brutal and horrific chapter in the history of Europe.

The suffering wounds of tens of thousands is real and the identification of 409 victims, amongst them 43 teenage boys and one baby reinforces the need to never forget.

via. AlJazeera English

Tens of thousands have gathered in Bosnia for the funeral of 409 newly identified victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide on the 18th anniversary of the atrocity in which about 8,000 Muslims were slaughtered.

Among the victims are 43 teenage boys and a baby that was born during the ordeal. They were laid to rest on Thursday at a special cemetery near Srebrenica where victims are buried as their remains are gradually found in mass graves.

As delegations arrived to lay a wreath at the Srebrenica memorial, families of the victims were paying their last respects at the coffins displayed in the cemetery of Potocari, outside Srebrenica.

“This year we are going to bury the youngest victim of the genocide, the Muhic family’s baby,” Kenan Karavdic, the official in charge of the burial ceremony, said.

The baby girl died shortly after birth in July 1995 at the UN base in Potocari. She was buried next to the grave of her father Hajrudin, also a victim of the genocide.

Srebrenica was a former UN “safe haven” that fell to Bosnian-Serb forces under wartime commander Ratko Mladic. The victims were rounded up, executed and bulldozed into pits over five days in July 1995.

This year’s commemorations bring the total of identified victims to 6,066. Another 2,306 remain missing a decade after Bosnia began the process of identifying victims of the genocide through DNA testing.

Their remains were found in more than 300 mass graves in the area, according to Amor Masovic, head of Bosnia’s Institute for Missing Persons. But officials say that many bodies are still unidentified.

Relatives mourning

Columns of wooden coffins, covered with green cloth, lined the hall at the memorial centre, where relatives have spent the last few days walking among them to find their loved ones.

Earlier this week, thousands of mourners stood in silence along the route of three trucks that carried the remains to Potocari. Relatives clutched pictures of the victims and pillowcases embroidered with their names. Some bowed their heads and wept as the trucks passed and several women held young children close.

About 100,000 people were killed during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war, when Mladic’s forces seized vast tracts of land and drove out non-Serbs. Fighting between Serb, Croat and Muslim forces tore the country apart.

Meanwhile, judges at the United Nations’ Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Netherlands have reinstated a genocide charge against Radovan Karadzic linked to a campaign of killing and mistreating non-Serbs during Bosnia’s bloody war.

The decision on Thursday reversed the former Bosnian Serb leader’s acquittal last year on one of the two genocide charges he faces.

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  • Chameleon_X

    I think you are overreaching to assert that any Loon Watch regular poster is denying or downplaying any genocides. I certainly do not. However, I don’t claim to know all the historical details of this region either. That is why I have no intention of getting into this history debate. Nevertheless, this comment of yours struck me as poignant in pointing to the false premise of your arguments (point #2 above):

    “My comments about victim mentality were not in reference to bosnian muslims who are undoubtedly victims but muslims organisations such as loon watch who use what happened politically to spread an ideology of victimhood whilst ignoring their own history in the region. Is that fair? I think not! it seems like hate propaganda to me.”

    Your entire argument seems to be based on a guilt by association fallacy, and your words are belied by this false association quite obviously. Look closely at what you wrote. You idiotically claimed that “muslims organisations such as loon watch” are “ignoring their own history in the region”. Please do tell, what history does Loon Watch have in Bosnia? I am sure Loon Watch admin. would love to sit around the campfire to hear this wild tale. In other words, what you are trying to say is that Loon Watch has no right to tell the truth about real life Muslim victims because Loon Watch is guilty of ignoring its own brutal history of creating victims in and around Bosnia. Got it.

    On a completely separate note, if you are writing your responses in a word processor application, I found it helps to paste into WordPad or another text app. first before pasting into Disqus. That way you can avoid all those extra line breaks. If someone knows an easier way, I would be glad to hear it.

  • Reynardine

    Seeing that you yourself are stuck in the Ottoman Empire, a matter of little concern to Croats, your whine is risible. The chances are rather better that you are a fifty-center; as to where you draw your fifty cents, let others speculate.

  • zlatan

    thankyou I also
    want to apologise for my comments and swearing at you in Croatian.
    Just when people try to
    say I believe things I don’t
    believe, I am not croatian because all
    Croatians homicidally hate serbs and
    that I am trying
    to justify or deny genocide I
    find that to be very insulting and get very
    angry and I made some angry comments o n here for which I also apologize.
    All these comments reinforced my
    view that this site promoted pro-muslim hate propaganda and that anything showing muslims as opressors was justifiable or did not matter. That really angered me because
    this was my country’s history and seemed
    to be very hypocritical as if nobody
    else mattered. I am not saying
    anyone is perfect just wanted more fairness. Thats all i think i will just leave it at that

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