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LoonWatch: Best Islam-Releated Website in the WORLD?

Voting is now open for the annual Brass Crescent Awards, “that honors the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere (aka the Islamsphere).”  LoonWatch and its writers were nominated for multiple award categories, including Best Blog, Best Non-Muslim Blogger, and Best Writer.

We issue a fatwa declaring the obligation for you to vote for us in all three categories: LoonWatch for Best Blog and Best Non-Muslim Blogger, and Danios of LoonWatch for Best Writer.  Cast your vote here:

The Seventh Annual Brass Crescent Awards

Allow me to be a bit sensationalist and over-the-top with this:  our site is one of the finalists for the best Islam-related blog in the entire world. I think this really speaks to how effective our site has been.  Our opponents have tried (quite unsuccessfully) to minimize our importance, hoping that people will ignore us.  But the Muslim masses have spoken, and have given us a clear mandate and their vote of confidence.

I was nominated for Best Writer.  Aside from basking in the glory of this and using it to stroke my already overblown ego, this has some serious importance.  Robert Spencer, king pin of Islamophobia on the internets, issued an open challenge to debate any “Muslim or liberal” spokesmen.  When I accepted his debate challenge, he issued a “haughty refusal” and tried to minimize my importance.  Does a nomination as the Best (Islam-related) Writer in the WHOLE WORLD, as voted for by the Muslim masses themselves, qualify me as relevant enough?

Some random haters comment on our website, saying that they will debate me, asking why should Robert Spencer accept to debate me when I don’t accept to debate them?  They try to strike some equivalence between themselves and myself.  Yet, there is absolutely no correlation.  Nobody reads the random haters’ comment rants (half the time not even myself).  On the other hand, so many people read my writing (and that of other writers on LoonWatch) that I (and our site) have been nominated for BEST (ISLAM-RELATED) WRITER (AND BLOG) IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Robert Spencer is widely known as the most prolific anti-Islam blogger, and I am in the running for Best (Islam-related) Writer.  It only makes sense then that he and I are meant for each other, and that he and I should debate each other.  Shouldn’t the Best Anti-Islam Blogger and the Best Islam-related Writer not duke it out (proverbially speaking)?  Why does Robert Spencer agree to debate so many Muslim and liberal spokesmen out there but refuse to debate the one who is in the running for Best (Islam-related) Writer, at least in the eyes of the Muslim masses?  We can only conclude that he is scared to debate me.

Anyways, I’d like to thank everyone for nominating us.  We do appreciate the support.  Go cast your vote (don’t vote twice since it tracks IP addresses and invalidates cheaters), and let the best blog win (unless of course it’s not ours).

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Its good that the site gets some plaudits internationally . Maybe a little sign added to the heading would be nice .
    Congratulations to the big guys and gals who write the articles and also to the little guys and gals who just point out the epic failures the loons makes in the comments sections . ( and a big thanks to Captain Bobby Spencer without whose ilk the site would not exsist ? )

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll


    Hey people, The Brass Crescent Awards are in, ….

    CONGRATULATIONS LOONWATCH, :) you won one category, and came as a runner up (honourable mention) in another


    Which blog writen by a non-Muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialogue with Muslims?

    WINNER = Loonwatch

    Relatively new on the scene, Loonwatch has made a splash in the fight against Islamophobia, taking on the big names and deconstructing the lies about Muslims they tell.


    His Peace Upon Us
    Dustin Shramek’s blog “does a great job of connecting Muslims and Christians without painting one side or the other as heros or enemies” and “really works to understand Muslims”.


    Who is the most stimulating, insightful, and philosophically wise among us? This category is intended to highlight a blogger who may not post daily, but when they do post, they really make an impact.

    WINNER = Sadaf’s Space

    Sadaf’s Space
    Homeschooling parent, Muslim activist, and amateur foodie Sadaf Farooqi gives a detailed look into her life. “I always take something new away from Sr. Sadaf’s posts,” comments one fan.


    One of Loonwatch’s most proficient writers, Danios consistently gets under the skin of bigots seeking to tar all Muslims with the crimes of a few.


    Congratulations too to Sadaf, and unfortunately Richard Silverstein didn’t win anything either, though he deserves it. Suhaib Webb won a couple, not surprising. I don’t mean to belittle Sadaf, but what is wrong with people? Surely a site that fights our enemies is of more importance than one that shares her own experiences and thoughts with the world? Again no offence meant to Sadaf (if you’re reading this)

    I was however surprised at some of the frivolous subjects……sheeeeeesh, don’t people understand the threats that we face, that they have the time to engage in sheer nonsense? How about getting our priorities right, fight the enemy, then engage in frivolities. There were only two websites dedicated to fighting Islamophobia and both were by non Muslims.

    This is a sign of the sorry state that the Muslim world is in today.


    Haram Pork, and Jihad bob,

    You didn’t mention whom you voted for? ?

    Since you spend more time here than many other people who support the cause, I hope you voted for Loon Watch in all the categories, especially the best Islam related website.

    and Jihad Bob, I hope you’re a good sport and congratulate Danios :)

  • NassirH

    I voted for Loonwatch 8)

  • Halal Pork

    I loves Hindutvadi sites.

  • DrM

    Not a fan of the Brass Crescent Awards, but Loon Watch deserves a clean sweep. Oh, and kosher porky, they ought to have a category for functional retards who wine and dine on Spencer’s excrement.

  • Khushboo

    Most idiotic loon: Porky

  • http://Googlemail Halal pork

    Best Islamic food:HALAL PORK.Say Bism Allah before you cosume it.Specially recommended to B.M.D to calm her nerves.

  • Aamir

    Same here

  • Sam Seed

    Voted “Loonwatch” and “Danios”.

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    Well done guys, lets not rest on our laurels and move forward – we need to expand your work and let the world know on whats happening in America to Muslims

  • Rob

    Loonwatch should have its own awards for biggest anti-muslim loons of the year with different categories.

  • Jack Cope

    I understood, don’t worry, but Russians are… how to say… well varied of course. I am sure that plenty will be interested but the ‘white power’ groups in Russia are fierce and powerful, they have a lot of influence in certain parts. Vile people, makes the EDL look like pussies.

    As for India, well, again, mixed bag, ‘Hindu nationalists’ are again a powerful bunch these days and tend to use Muslims to step on and blame. But the sort of people who would be interested in this stuff would be reading English, I think you’re right.

    I think though that none of this really matters, all that matters is translating the stuff, someone will read it! Do you have any proposal about how to go about this? If not I’ll talk to some people, right after I’ve sorted out this Road to Gaza problem which you’ve probably heard about by now.

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Jack Cope

    I think you misunderstand a little

    It’s not just the Russian Muslims (nearly 40% by the way) it’s the whole Russian population. I disagree that they’re not interested, they see the US as a stirrer of trouble, and they’re dead right there, they need a good source of Islamophobia busting material, they rely too much on conspiracy mongers which they don’t trust either,

    As for China, the 1 billion plus population is the future superpower, it could be argued that India is too, but English is understood in India so it’s not important to have an Indian language site. Russia and china and Arabic are critical.

    Come on Danios, you got your work cut out :)

  • Jack Cope

    It’s difficult Dawood, I know a significant number of Chinese who don’t speak it, the teaching in schools is a bit new I believe plus a lot seem to like their ‘local’ Chinese. Depends who you’re among at, I suspect most of our potential readers would be young and educated so yes, Mandarin is probably best. Regarding Chinese Muslims, they are in fact very diverse so targeting them might be hard, I found this pretty useful:

  • Dawood

    If it was Mandarin it would be fine, everyone studies that at school and can read it easily – it’s the national language in effect. Interesting choice of languages for sure. Unfortunately my Arabic to English is okay, but going the other way not so good, lol. It always works that way when you’re a native speaker of one language and not the other. :)

  • Jack Cope

    That is a good point, they really don’t have anything to rely on. I think the Chinese in particular would be interested, Russians maybe a bit less so. Also, don’t forget that the Uzbek, Kazakh Tartar and Korean speakers to name four languages at random, make up a significant minority of ‘Russians’ (yes, there really are lots Korean speakers). Which reminds me, Chinese is going to be a tough one, what with all the dialects and variants which can lead to some pretty embarrassing cock ups when it comes to translations, I know from experience. Oh dear, I think you’re enthusiasm is going to make me look into this a bit more ?

    And yes, I find Al Jazeera preferable to the old beeb often now, they have a lot more scope.

    My Russian is unfortunately lacking these days, two years learning the language at school and I never used it, I’ve forgotten the lot except for…. no, not in front of a lady ? . Sorry for waffling again, you got me started…

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    Jack Cope

    I agree with the last part, any language translators are welcome,

    Why I think Arabic, Russian and Chinese are badly needed is because they comprise a large part of the worlds population, that do not get the truth about America and Islamophobia. They don’t trust American media, they know their is a concerted effort against Islam coming from America, but at the same time, there isn’t a good alternative for them to rely on.

    There is Al Jazeera in Arabic, and now international, (Max Blumenthal works for them), which rivals the BBC in terms of quality, so they have good staff. But they are not dedicated Islamophobe busters. They’re a news channel.

    Russians and Chinese (not just their Muslims populations) need to know the truth about American Islamophobes, and how to “bust” their lies.

  • Jack Cope

    BMD, all my translators/writers work on similar projects like this, I completely agree about the dedication thing, it’s far better and I don’t pay them nor do they want paying (I considered ‘monetizing’ my sites but it was flatly turned down). Money is one thing, but you can’t buy dedication, money is a distraction.

    And you are totally right about women, the majority of my ‘staff’ are women and all the best ones certainly are!! Not sure what it is about you…

    Arabic, Chinese, and Russian strikes me as an interesting choice, I’m not sure I see the logic on just those three but I think the scope should be unlimited, heck if there is a dedicated person writing in, heck, Swahili to pick a language at random, take ’em!

  • Beautiful Muslim Doll

    I bet you guys n gals anything, that Spencer votes for others simply so that Danios doesn’t win. I bet he asks his cronies to do so too.

    anybut but Danios is probably what he is hoping

  • Mikebloke

    To be fair, I’ve never heard of any of those blogs/websites except Loonwatch and Islamophobia Watch :p

    (Not that I’m into blogs, I’m sure there are many great writers there).

  • Watcher4

    Agreed…Loonwatch = best blog. Best non-Muslim blogger = Greenwald

  • Leo

    Loonwatch – best blog.

    Danios – best blogger.

    Glenn Greenwald – best non-Muslim blogger.

  • SillyGuy

    Voted for loonwatch.

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