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Anti-Muslim Rant On Montreal Bus Suggests Religious Tensions Flaring (VIDEO)

Religious tension in Quebec seems to have boiled over in this video captured on a Montreal city bus.

The exclusive clip, obtained by Huffington Post Quebec, was taken Aug. 28. In it, a male passenger angrily tells a woman in a hijab to go back to her own country.

According to the person who took the video, the altercation lasted between five and 10 minutes.

“The conversation started when the lady entered the bus,” the video author, who wished to remain anonymous, told HuffPost Quebec. “The man told her to remove her headscarf or return to her country.”

The woman doesn’t suffer the insult lightly, telling the man to shut up, adding, “You’re a coward.”

Quebec premier Pauline Marois was mentioned by name on a couple of occasions — with the man shouting, “This is our home! With Marois, we’re going to take off your hat.”

The hat is a reference to the hijab — among several religious symbols the Marois’ Parti Quebecois is looking to ban from the civil service with its proposed ‘charter of Quebec values’.

A poll published this week suggests that were an election held today, the PQ would be defeated by the federalist Quebec Liberal Party.

However, a provincial election is not expected until next spring.

Opinion polls suggest Quebecers care mostly about the economy, the cost of living and the environment. But the values charter, unveiled earlier this month, has brought the thorny issue of religious symbolism into the spotlight. The PQ is looking to prohibit all visible religious signs in the civil service, including hospitals, kindergarten and schools. The issue has polarized the Quebec population, dividing immigrants, anglophones and francophones alike.

Anti-Muslim Rant On Montreal Bus Suggests Religious Tensions Flaring (VIDEO)


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  • Tanveer Khan

    You don’t have to apologise to me, Emir JSB…..

    And thank you for the advice. I am always looking for opportunities be classier….. than I already am. JK JK. xD

    Once again, sorry if I offended anyone. I’m off to watch Naruto again.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Tanveer has gone crazy from all those late night Naruto sessions…… xD

  • Ilisha

    ….perhaps you need glasses… Or a biology lesson.

    LOL. I thought the same thing.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Ahh, that explains it. I will not only apologize for suggesting you brought that up, but apologise as well.

    Still, even in quoting or referring to someone, it is often classier to redact certain words to express your disapproval of their use. Quotation marks are helpful too, as I just showed how easy it is for a reader to mistakenly attribute them to you. Mea culpa, young Paladin.

  • Tanveer Khan

    It’s from the forum post he mentioned.

    The guy who posted the rant called themselves C**t (I probably should’ve censored that a bit. I’ll do it now) and their profile picture is what that which shouldn’t have been typed means. I sort of assumed the guy who posted the rant on the forum is the guy who posted the comment.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Paladin Tanveer:

    I am a little confused by your comment. First, the profile picture you refer to is a fist. I am not a fan of an avatar suggesting violence, but perhaps you need glasses (or spectacles, I believe, you might call them). Or a biology lesson.

    May I also ask why you chose to use what we here sometimes call “the c-word”? I suppose that sometimes I essentially forget that you are a teenager. But, this reminds me of that and that you are at a point where you are developing writing skills that will follow you for life.

    I have rarely seen the use of an expletive improve one’s writing or add to one’s argument, and I live in New York. Perhaps on occasion when it makes for a good pun or witticism, or if used very carefully to set apart an idea, an expletive can be used to good effect, but not when it is just thrown about casually or for shock value. Their use also tends to signal that the writer or speaker is looking for strong language to mask a weak argument; weak arguments are not something that describes your writing. You are also a student, so you should know that expletives and class usually don’t go together.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Dearie me cunt (I hope that’s you at least 0_0), you just got Emir JSB and Emira Ilisha on your case. Good luck.

    Also, did anyone else notice how our little ranter takes offense with the disturbing misogyny of Islam and yet their profile picture is a picture a certain something?

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