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Crazed EDL supporter jailed after air rifle incident at Muslim home


Crazed EDL supporter jailed after air rifle incident at Muslim home

A crazed English Defence League supporter from Rowley Regis has been jailed for brandishing an air rifle as he shouted racial abuse at a Muslim family’s home.

Neighbours of the Muslim family were terrified after seeing Shaun Havelin, aged 28, screaming and shouting racial taunts with the gun whilst wearing an EDL sweater.

The incident was sparked after an argument with his mother at her Warley Hall Road in which he shook his beloved sweater in her face and said: “I want to die in this.” He then charged round to the Muslim’s family’s house in a nearby street not realising they were not at home.

Judge Martin Walsh told Havelin it was clear his anger had been directed at the house where the Muslim family lived. He said: “Members of the public who saw you were in fear for their personal safety.”

Miss Sarah Pratt, prosecuting, said: “The gun was pointed towards the floor but his finger was on the trigger and his other hand was holding the barrel. People who saw him were very scared fearing he would be able to quickly lift the rifle and fire at them because in the dark, they did not know it was an unloaded air rifle.”

Keith Ingram just happened to be in the street and he later told police officers he believed he could have been shot and he reflected on the incident on a daily basis.

Havelin was bailed by police after his arrest and he appeared before Crown Court to deny charges but after learning his mother was to be a witness for the prosecution he warned her he would make sure she never gave evidence before smashing a window in her car.

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  • warley warrior

    Was best mates with him for years unreal how much people change after a drink. He wouldnt do none of that sober. Im hopin this sentance sorts his head and drinkin out cuz hes a good lad deep down

  • Tanveer Khan

    Oh England. I weep for you.

  • Nick Lynch

    Yes, keep him in there for as long as possible!

  • mindy1

    At least he is locked up

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