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Hamza Kashgari Cheats Death by Tweet

Last March, we cross posted the story from Wajahat Ali’s blog: Goat Milk: Death by tweet? How Hamza Kashgari’s fate will shape the face of Islam today. Arrested in February of last year, he spent 20 months in jail facing charges of apostasy and a possible death sentence for an “offensive” Tweet.

Kashgari is free at last, and expressed his joy to his supporters on social media:

“Good morning to hope…to souls which never die…thanks God.”  ~ Hamza Kashgari on Twitter

Saudi blasphemer Hamza Kashgari released from prison

By Katerina Nikolas, Digital Journal

Saudi Arabian writer Hamza Kashgari, 24, imprisoned since February 2012 on charges of apostasy for insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter , has been released from jail.

Hamza Kashgari’s lawyer Abdul Rahman Al Lahim, has confirmed that his client was released from prison on Tuesday morning, Emirates 247 reported. He has returned home where he was joyfully reunited with his mother.

Kashgari has used Twitter to inform his supporters of his release according to Sabq.

Following Kashgari’s arrest Digital Journal reported that many conservative hard-liners in the Kingdom demanded his execution. The writer went on to make a public apology in the form of a poem which was published last year.

News of Kashgari’s release has been met with delight by his supporters.

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  • Guess

    I haven’t “down-arrow” him, but I highly doubt most of them live in Saudi Arabia, nor was it because of what he said in his first two sentences.

  • Guess

    If I’m not mistaking this blog is from our fellow loonwatcher, miss “AJ”. I wondered where she’s been lately, I liked her posts.

  • 1DrM

    Based on your other comments on anti-islamic sites, your idiocy is apparent. Reread my comment, especially the part about reading an actual history book.

  • The greenmantle

    Never thought about living in the USA either
    Nor Greenland , Nigeria and a host of other places
    Contentment is wealth
    Sir David

  • anotherjoeblogs

    and probably never thought about trying to live there. I have heard it isn’t a seriously warped society, in fact it’s completely sane and more civilized than the west ( at least that’s what western dwelling muslims tell me ) peace.

  • The greenmantle


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