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Former Navy Seal Ben Smith: Obama Is A Muslim, Drops Quran to the Ground


By Emperor

There’s no doubt former Navy Seal Ben Smith is a loon, his new line of work as a spokesman for the Right-wing propaganda machine, (pays very well) has him traveling the US ranting to Tea Party members with the well-worn shtick: the US is under attack by Communists, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood and AlQaeda. Not only have these groups penetrated the US government,( he says “they’re here”), but President Barack Hussein Obama himself is an undercover Muslim.

In the following clip Smith unloads his kooky conspiracy fear-mongering in front of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention audience that is sitting on the edge of their seats and erupts into joyous applause when he theatrically drops the Qur’an to the floor. (h/t: AG)

The evidence of a Crusader sub-culture in the US military has made headlines in recent years and one wonders how representative Smith’s views about Islam and Muslims are of the Navy Seals as a whole; are their views as contemptuous? As insane? They are after all fighting in Muslim-majority nations!

If he is expressing himself about Muslims and Islam in this manner while at home, how was he acting when he was on patrol? Perhaps the only comfort out of all of this is the hope that he is doing this for the money, joining the circus of proud bigots who’ve happily joined the bandwagon of fleecing old, gullible Tea Partiers.


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  • El Cid

    “As for dropping the Qur’an on the floor in the hateful manner that he did, he lost all claim to true following of the Christ.”

    Quite the contrary: Desecration of the Noble Qur’an has been the right of passage for Christian Soldiers through the ages. That is how the Crusader gets his wings to heaven, whether in Jerusalem, Spain, Indian Subcontinent, Iraq, Fallugha, Afghanistan, Bagram or Gitmo.

    Desecrating the Qur’an has always been the hate message, celebration of victory when ever Christians conquer a Muslim country. Second only to the standard ritual of victorious Christians: Humiliation, torture, murder, rape and slaughter of Muslims, and the obligatory Jew who may be in the way, in the reflected light of burning Qurans…and raped, mutilated, beheaded, broken bodies of Muslim non-combatants.

    This is understandable: For Christians the Glorious Qur’an is a blasphemous book. The ‘Book of the Devil’ as thy call it. Does it not proclaim that God is One, Eternal. Did not beget nor was begotten? And blasphemy of blasphemies considers Jesus a prophet, not God. And certainly not the “Only begotten Son of God”.

    Except for that obvious concoction of John, or one of the scribes writing under his name, the Bible agrees with the former description given in the Noble Qur’an and the Holy Torah, and irony of ironies, proclaimed by Jesus himself.

  • Tanveer Khan

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  • Mehdi

    Ok verdict, we need to find an opportunity for you to eat real coucous 🙂
    In the meanwhile, you shall not refer anymore to the dish you mentioned as couscous, nor use the term couscous in the same sentence (actually conversation) as Pizza Hut.

  • Tanveer Khan


  • Mehdi

    Do you have anything to add to your defense before I pronounce the verdict?

  • Tanveer Khan


  • Mehdi
  • Mehdi

    The stuff you eat at pizza hut is probably not couscous. Seems to me like some salad, nothing to do with the actual north african dish.

  • Tanveer Khan

    …. are you hatin’ on Pizza Hut?????????????????????????

    ……. hold on. If Pizza Hut couscous is a shadow of what it usually is, then what the hell does real couscous taste like?! :O

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