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Some Jewish Reasons Why Inviting Pamela Geller To Speak Is Not Kosher

Not Kosher

Loonwatch has previously pointed out that Islamophobia and Judeophobia are frequently related. In this open letter to synagogues and Jewish organizations planning to have Pamela Geller speak, Jewish Loonwatcher Just Stopping By points out that not only is Pamela Geller Islamophobic, but her Islamophobia leads her to take anti-Jewish positions as well. Loonwatchers are encouraged to send copies of or links to this letter, or to compose a polite but informative message of their own, when they hear of Geller planning to speak at a synagogue or Jewish organization.

Some Jewish Reasons Why Inviting Pamela Geller To Speak Is Not Kosher

Guest Post by Just Stopping By

An Open Letter to Synagogues and Jewish Organizations Considering Inviting Pamela Geller to Speak: Pamela Geller Promotes Hatred of Jews and Jewish Practices

Pamela Geller frequently arranges to speak at venues by claiming to be a human rights advocate. Often, when the venues involved learn of her public Islamophobia, they decide to cancel her speech.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President Emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism noted in 2013, “The recent decisions by a synagogue in Great Neck and another outside of Toronto to cancel appearances by anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller—both were rescheduled at other venues—have made headlines in the Jewish press and raised  interesting questions for the Jewish community.” Rabbi Yoffie states in his commentary that “Pamela Geller has no place in an American synagogue.  She is a bigot and purveyor of hate.”

Pamela Geller’s anti-Muslim hatred should be sufficient reason to not invite her to speak or to withdraw any invitation already given. In addition, as has often been pointed out, hate against one group often leads to hate against another. And, even if Pamela Geller does not mean to promote hate against Jews and Jewish practices, in many ways she does just that. Below are ten ideas that you may not be aware that Pamela Geller has put forth that, in fact, are conducive to promoting hatred of Jews and Jewish practices.

1. Geller is effectively against kosher meat, having described a process nearly identical to shichitah (kosher slaughtering) as an action that yields “meat slaughtered by means of a barbaric, torturous and inhuman method: Islamic slaughter. Halal slaughter involves killing the animal by cutting the trachea, the esophagus, and the jugular vein, and letting the blood drain out…” The same could be said about shichitah, as the slaughtering method is subject to the same concerns.

2. Geller objects to reasonable accommodations for those who want to wear religious headwear like a kippa / yarmulke. Similarly, she points out an Obama appointee is “the first veiled Muslim woman to serve in the White House,” (bolding in Geller’s post), licensing a similar smear against kippa- or sheitel-wearing Jews.

3. Geller objects to universities offering optional classes and conferences in religious law. This is true even when those conferences serve goals such as applying pressure on non-state actors to reduce civilian casualties by addressing “the lack of standards for dealing with the rise of irregular armies or the inability of the law to accommodate asymmetric forms of attacks by non-state entities against sovereign states.” This position could be used against schools like the largest Catholic university in the United States, which has a Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies.

4. Geller objects when a government official uses a Semitic language to speak to an audience, calling it “speechifying in” that language. This attitude could be similarly used to criticize U.S. government officials who reach out to Jews in Hebrew or, moving beyond purely Semitic languages, in the Yiddish phrases that former Secretary of State Colin Powell sometimes invoked.

5. Geller objects to a private airline removing pork from its menu when traveling to/from a Middle Eastern country, even though many American Jews are familiar and comfortable with pork-free flights to the Middle East.

6. Geller objects to mosques‘ existence and construction, often under the pretext of zoning issues, using arguments that could be turned against synagogues. She further “calls for immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West and for new legislation making foreign funding of mosques in non-Muslim nations illegal,” a principle that could be turned against foreign funding or support for synagogues, and presumably other religious endeavors such as Chabad Houses, everywhere in the world other than in Israel.

7. Geller objects to the use of sharia courts for private dispute resolution, though this could affect b’tei din (Jewish courts) and though Jewish, Muslim, and other religious courts are publicly financed in Israel.

8. Geller objects to public schools having religious holidays off when those holidays are for religious minorities at the school, though Jewish groups often make the case for schools with large Jewish student populations having Jewish holidays off.

9. Geller promotes intolerance by using mocking terminology for religious figures, such as “Moe” for Muhammad, while Jews have rightly been upset at the use of mocking references to Jewish names and should be uniquely concerned with nomenclature given issues such as references to the Tanakh or the “Old” Testament.

10. Geller spreads conspiracy theories about what she has called the “Islamic Geopolitical Influence in Financial Markets.” Do synagogues and Jewish organizations really want to sponsor a speaker who promulgates theories about the influence of members of a particular religion on global financial markets?

Pamela Geller’s statements about Muslims are hateful enough that on that basis alone she should not be invited to speak at a synagogue or Jewish organization. Jews would not approve of other groups making similar statements about us, and we should remember that we should not do to others what is hateful for us. Beyond that, when we go and study Geller’s statements, we see that her agenda is not pro-Jewish. In fact, it is conducive to hatred against Jews and Jewish practices; she does not even have a leg to stand on.

How far do Geller’s statements go in providing support for hatred against Jews? Consider this quote from Geller, with bolding added, about a rabbi who called out Geller’s bigotry:

The quisling “rabbi” Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T’ruah, which spent $10,000 on ads last fall to oppose my pro-Israel ads, said “I wish that none of this had ever started.” Really, “Rabbi”? Jacobs will answer to higher authority. Jacobs was silent when vicious anti-Israel ads ran in cities across the country. Jacobs only got involved to condemn me for standing up against the vicious anti-semitic ad campaigns running on transit platforms from NY to California. Jacobs is not a rabbi — Jacobs is a quisling, an enemy with a Mona Lisa smile. She should be stripped of any rabbinical status (I am sure she’s of the ridiculous “reformed” [sic] movement — which no practicing Jew takes seriously).

A speaker at a synagogue or Jewish organization should be someone whose talk leads to a good and pleasant experience for those seated in the audience, not someone who uses blog post titles to spread division-inciting baseless hatred while trivializing Jewish history. Geller’s statements are not the kind of speech that a Jewish soul should yearn for; for if it does, our hope for peace and understanding with Muslims and other Jews may be lost.

It is understandable that a synagogue or Jewish organization could be misled by a carefully edited biography about Pamela Geller that seems to show her as a civil rights activist. But, analyses by the Southern Poverty Law Center show that she is an avid anti-Muslim bigot. That should be sufficient to deny her a position as a speaker at a synagogue or Jewish organization. But, given Geller’s effective anti-Jewish agenda, if you do decide to invite her, remember not to serve kosher meat or to refer to any rabbis who oppose her, especially those of the Reform movement though also Modern Orthodox, as a rabbi (instead of as a “rabbi”), lest you do something she finds offensive. Of course, the best idea is to either not invite her at all, or, like other synagogues and Jewish organizations have done, to withdraw an invitation you have provided before being made aware of Geller’s anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish positions.

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  • Solid Snake

    Excellent article my friend. You are always on point. Logical, well written, and a much needed article. Hopefully your letter will help Synagogues save time, money, and a little bit of their sanity by not inviting this bigot.

    But its such a shame that this thread has been hijacked by bigots. It seems to me that they have been mobilized by some type of organization for the purpose of gaining the top comments and posting propaganda.

    I remember reading that certain Right Wing groups have such ‘divisions’, perhaps a large mailing list where they send mass emails to their drones with a link to a piece to either upvote or downvote, comment positively or comment negatively etc etc.

    All of their up votes are Guest accounts meaning those up votes were made by people without Disqus accounts ie the mindless drones who came here to do what they were told without reading the article.

    It is a shame that such a well researched, cogent argument is met with what is the equivalent of a caveman grunting and banging sticks together.

    These damn bigots infuriate me.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “… don’t judge Islam by the Muslims that you know.”

    Of course! Judge Islam by the Muslims you don’t know!

    Or, better yet, don’t judge Islam by interpretations/explanations of Islam by Muslims, but by interpretations/explanations by non-Muslims, particularly those that strongly dislike Islam. I assume that we should therefore judge all religions and ideologies by the interpretations given by their opponents.

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  • Seeker

    “Israel Creates Curses for Cancer”
    I didn’t think cursing it would work but how would we know it in this Muggle world of ours.

  • Seeker

    Really how many comments did you expect Ms. Geller to dream up all by herself ? She did the multiple posters after all.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “are you implying that Pam is a bigot???”

    Of course not. That would be like implying that the sky is blue — something painfully obvious. I am suggesting that if you live in the ocean, you should think before claiming that those who live in the sky are evil because they live somewhere blue.

  • JD

    I dont like to Feed the trolls but for non muslim here


    Honor Killing=Sharia Yes tell that to Nirupama Pathak

    Her family was Brahmin, the highest Hindu caste, and when Ms. Pathak,
    22, announced she was secretly engaged to a young man from a caste lower
    than hers, her family began pressing her to change her mind. They
    warned of social ostracism and accused her of defiling their religion.
    Days after Ms. Pathak returned home in late April, she was found dead in
    her bedroom. The police have arrested her mother, Sudha Pathak, on
    suspicion of murder,

    Darn hindu following Sharia Law and killing there kids…
    There are 1000 cases like this Honor killing is not religion its culture

  • golden izanagi

    the crazies are really coming out of the woodworks but then again to the idiots who probably booby trap their sinks in fear of a muslim appearing out of them when they turn on the faucet geller is their hero.

  • JD

    Yup tell that to my Homosexual friends who want to get married

  • JD

    No She is a Great American Women and True Feminist
    she female? Someone needs to get a veterinarian check on that

  • JD

    . One side claims Islam is connected to terrorism the
    other side claims there is no connection. The terrorists speak for


    Really If we judge a group by the actions of people then

    Ouandja ” ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the bone – with bread. That’s why people call me Mad Dog” Magloire – must be a good rep of the teaching of Jesus and role model to all Christians.

    or how about

    The Christian American Patriots Militia who is openly calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama on their Facebook page.

    there are many many more examples but then again there is the double standards of the counter-Jehawd crowd these people are not terrorists and do not rep all of Christianity but few terrorists around the world pissed of at different country fighting for different reasons is all Islam

  • JD

    LOL just read first 2 paragraphs of that link and bust a gut laughing

    Money Jihad has previously revealed IFANCA’s links to the Saudi-based terror financing Muslim World League. Now, FrontPage Mag
    has laid out additional affiliations including ISNA, the Mosque
    Foundation, the MSA, and NAIT in an article called “Baby Food Jihad.”

  • JD

    religious leaders certifying meat to make sure it meets
    religious views DAMM YOU MUSLIMS you are the only ones who want to do

  • Guest

    Ohh my god religious leaders certifying meat to make sure it meets religious views DAMM YOU MUSLIMS you are the only ones who want to do that……

  • JD

    Pamela Gellar is controversial. She supports liberty (literally freedom) and opposes Islam (literally submission)
    HA if Spamface Geller supports freedom I am the Spacepope

    Geller: Oppose Resolution Condemning Ethnic Cleansing In Burma

    Terrorist Supporter Geller Dreams of Putting “Muslims” to AFDI Inquisition

    Pamela Geller Calls on “Moderate Muslims” to Prove It & Endorse Islamophobic 18-Point Platform)

    Pamela Geller: Defender of Radovan Karadzic

    Pam Geller melts if you throw water on her
    ( oh wait sorry that was non loonwatch link)

  • Chameleon_X

    Zed, melisa, tom, jon, lilly, etc. are all sock puppets with only one comment in their entire Disqus history. Note also the absurd number of thumbs up votes. Tobias is no doubt also one, with all his comment history starting recently on LW. Most likely just more HasbaRats defending their soldier of propaganda, the terrorist inspiring Pamela Geller.

    Is there any way to filter out any posts by individuals with little or no Disqus comment history so that we don’t waste our valuable time on these trolls?

  • Chameleon_X

    “The problem is once you accept that terrorism is motivated by fundamental Islam, no amount of white wash will make the truth go away.”

    Yes, indeed. Once you accept an opinion as “truth”, no amount of facts will ever make your “truth” go away. Thank you for teaching us all the pitfalls of brainwashing, where facts are always dependent upon the conclusion that you want to hear.

  • golden izanagi
  • Reynardine

    Wherever he lurnd two reed an spel so gud.

  • Rights

    A good piece, Just. About a year or so ago, Walid Shoebat was scheduled to speak at a local Jewish organization that curates some Holocaust writings. We learned about it late. But some requested the Organization to not let Walid speak. We did not succeed, but I think the Organization likely didn’t know it all about the man either until it was too late to undo the invitation. Or so we understood. I hope this man never shows up in our city again.

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