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Sri Lanka: Boda Bela Sena Defends Principal Nayana T. Perera Who Forced Students to Worship Her

BBS To Rescue Anti-Muslim Unqualified Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya Principal

(Colombo Telegraph)

Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary  Galagoda Atte Gnananasara yesterday defended the actions of Nayana Thakshila Perera who earlier forced two Muslim students to remove their attire which was in accordance with Education Ministry Circulars and Supreme Court orders, and ordered them to worship her.

Earlier the Graded Principal’s Union General Secretary S. U Kariyawasam also charged that the Principal at the centre of the accusations was a Political appointee and was not fit to serve in a Grade I school.

Perera, is a Grade III qualified Principal and has only functioned as a deputy Principal for two years.

The BBS secretary ignoring the fact that Perera had forced the students to worship her, and was also an unqualified politically appointed Principal addressed a Press Conference yesterday and said the the Muslim ministers were harassing the Principal.

“When principals punish such students, Muslim Ministers and Governors intervene and harass principals whose duty is to maintain discipline in schools. That’s exactly what happened to the Principal of the Janadhipathi College who asked two female Muslim students to remove their attire,” he charged.

The Colombo Telegraph learns that the Principal had during a meeting with the General Secretary on Tuesday briefed him on the issue after which yesterdays media briefing was held.

Many observers point out that the intervention by the BBS in the matter is an indication that the Principal was discriminatory in her actions.

The Colombo Telegraph learns that the student who was forced to worship the principal is still suffering from the trauma and has not attended school since the date of the incident.

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  • Amie

    I know! What do they mean worship? Hell, she would have to beat me up for me to kneel before her, let alone worship her! Who is she, a miniscule bug of the whole universe? The children should have spat at her.

  • B. aggacitto

    What is being termed “worship” I believe is just an extended form of “wye” where the individual prostrates. I can understand how this would be misconstrued as “worship”.

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  • mindy1

    Let people be, this NOT what buddha wanted 🙁

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