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Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid

A camp outside Sittwe, one of many where 100,000 of the 1.3 million Rohingya in Myanmar live. They were set up after Buddhists and Rakhine nationalists burned their homes in the town, a dilapidated trading center on the Bay of Bengal. Aid workers say the camps, where tight security prevents people from leaving, even to work, have become little more than sprawling prisons.

A camp outside Sittwe, one of many where 100,000 of the 1.3 million Rohingya in Myanmar live. They were set up after Buddhists and Rakhine nationalists burned their homes in the town, a dilapidated trading center on the Bay of Bengal. Aid workers say the camps, where tight security prevents people from leaving, even to work, have become little more than sprawling prisons.

The situation for Rohingya Muslims gets dire by the day in Myanmar. Now the government has cut off aid to the beleaguered and oppressed minority. (h/t: Al-Kanz)

SITTWE, Myanmar — By the time the baby girl was brought to the makeshift pharmacy, her chest was heaving, her temperature soaring. The supply of oxygen that might have helped was now off limits, in a Doctors Without Borders clinic shut down by the government in February.

A hospital visit was out of the question; admission for Rohingya Muslims, a long-persecuted minority, always requires a lengthy approval process — time that the baby, named Parmin, did not have. In desperation, the pharmacy owner sent the family to the rarely staffed Dapaing clinic, the only government emergency health center for the tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims herded into displaced people’s camps. Although it was just 4 p.m., the doors were shuttered.

“We became like crazy people, running everywhere,” the child’s grandmother, Daw Mu Mu Lwin, said. With no good choices left, the family returned to the pharmacy, where Parmin died, untreated, three and a half hours later, cradled in her grandmother’s arms.

The baby’s death was part of a rapidly expanding death toll and humanitarian crisis among the Rohingya, a Muslim minority that Myanmar’s Buddhist-led government has increasingly deprived of the most basic liberties and aid even as it trumpets its latest democratic reforms.

The crisis began with the government’s expulsion of Doctors Without Borders, one of the world’s premier humanitarian aid groups and the lifeline to health care for more than a million Rohingya increasingly denied those services by their own government. But the situation has grown more dire in recent weeks, as local Buddhist officials began severely restricting other humanitarian aid to the camps and the rest of Rakhine State, where tuberculosis, waterborne illnesses and malnutrition are endemic.

Some aid workers fear they are being kept away so there are fewer witnesses to rampant mistreatment and occasional bloodletting; the doctor’s group was expelled from Rakhine State after caring for victims of a violent assault on a Rohingya village that the government denies ever happened.

The scope of the government crackdown is serious enough that it has inspired at least some rebukes from world leaders after near silence even as Myanmar’s government ignored violence by local Buddhists in 2012 that left hundreds of Muslims dead and drove many others into the displaced people’s camps. Loath to criticize the government as it moves the country away from a military dictatorship, international leaders also fear losing out in an international scramble for Myanmar’s business, and allegiance.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well,what do you want me to do, apostasize? I will never do that. Not even under the threat of death, and even if I did, under duress it would just not be valid. If his life is threatened, a Muslim can do anything, in order to avoid being killed. So, apostasy is not on. You have decided my fate anyway. You will not get my submission in the bargain. No, you won’t.
    Also, I can assure you, I hate the IS as much as you do. Sure, you don’t want to believe it but it’s a fact nevertheless. It’s just evil of you to hate all Muslims. How many Muslims do you know? Has any Muslim behaved horribly to you? Besides that, what do you expect me to do, go and fight against IS? All alone? Why hasn’t the West helped the IS, for starters. The West created IS in the first place and now they complain that they can’t control them, liek the sorerer’s apprengticce? They made the mess in the first place and now they want us to clean it up? And on top of that they refuse to help us cleaning it up. Evil hypocrites!
    And what’s more, guys with genocidal opinions like yours are totally UNWORTHY OF EXISTING! They shall never find peace, not in this world and not in the Hereafter.
    Aas for you, the more I read your diatribe, the more convinced I am that you are a genocidal maniac, a bloodthirsty thug out for Muslim blood. That the main reason you want6 to do in Muslims is just because they are there. What is then the point of trying to talk reasonably with a declared enemy of my people. You want to do me in, go ahead and try it. I will smash your molecules.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Do YOU know any Muslims in person? I bet you don’t. Get a life. There are no evil religions. there are only evil people. Nedless to say the IS are evil to the bone. Do you consider me a “terrorist”, just for being what I am? Then, by the same logic, all Germans must still be Nazis to you.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yeah. Karadzic too said the Bosniaks couldn’t be trusted and were preparing the invasion of Europe. That the Serbs were doing the gates of Vienna – again (which was a lie even back then) .
    So you justify genocide. You repeat the genocidal anti-Muslim propaganda lies. So what else is new?
    “Your religion is bad” Who sais idiocies like that has in my eyes disqualified himself as intelligent and as a decent human being. Even with mediocre intelligence you should know that religion by itself is not evil. There are no evil religions. There are only evil people. Since I will rather not assume you are stupid (I could be wrong on that of course) I must then assume that you do know but you pretend not to, as it serves your genocidal purposes. In conclusion, you are evil to the bone.
    By saying what you have said you have already proven yourself as a genocidal. So I wish no more discussion with you. I have heard that “well, I’m sorry for what happened to your people in 1992-95 but you had it coming” too many tims before, and having you repeat it for the xxth time does not make it any truer. If somebody said something half ass bad to my face, the least thing I’d do would be slap his face so hard that I’df loosen most of his teeth, and if he were stronger than me, get me a shotgun. But of course hidden behindf your aninimity you can heap on me inslut as you like, eh, troll? You can do that because you know that I can’t hurt you. Otherwise you imagine that you would search me with the USMC, to do to me what you people did to our people at Omarska or at Abu Ghraib, eh, you filthy coward? But what if things weren’t in your favor, you would have no time to regret what you said. After all you lot are not only evil but incredibly cowardly. You insult us because you are so afraid of us.
    Get out of here. Get out. Or try committing genociude agianst my people – again. I can promise yu as much: I will not be led like a lamb to the slaughter, I will take six genocidal sideboys with me.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well, they say “Never again genocide”. Then, when genocide happens or is about to happen they say “what genocide?”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, I know. In the sense that the Japanese still harbor chauvinist ideas of racial and moral superiority, they are very much like the Serbs. And as little liked by their neighbors. Having said that I don’t hate the Japanese. In fact I was always treated with kindness and respect when I visited. But then I like Japanese culture very much.
    And I do not hate the Serbs as such. But those who harbor genocidal tendencies, yes, absolutely.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Not to forget, nobody helped the Bosniaks and nobody will.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    However, ifRussia succeeds in sdestroyibg Ukraine the Serbs with Putin’a backing will destroy Bosnia-Herzegovina too. See Marko Attila Hore’s analysis (on his web page) Then the Bosniaks will find themselves again as in 1992, or at best like the Palestinians, at worst like the Rohingya, or the Armenians in 1915. Unless the patriotic Bosnians (mostly but not just Bosniaks) prepare to respond with military force to such a threat. For nobody will come to help them. If they could only see that. If only they had a leadership worthy of being called that…

  • Reynardine

    Nothing starts without a beginning.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Ah, I see. Sorry if I upset you. No, surely the Turks weren’t justified to try to exterminate the Armenians. Genocide can never be justified
    Nevertheless I would so much like that some Serb would ask the Bosniaks’ forgiveness; after all, it’s not like Bosniaks are aliens…

    Like I said, if my side can ever get back at the Bosnian Serbs they really should only give those who actually committed genocidal actions their richly deserved punishment. But by all means leave all other people alone; then they will maybe see that Bosniaks aren’t that bad, and that they don’t want to “rule” them…

    Another thing: are Ukrainians soo different from Russians? I think not.

    So Erdogan kind of apologized to the Armenians? Not much of an apology I think; at least he expressed regret; like Tadic’s to the Bosniaks; it’s not much, maybe it was tactically motivated. But at least it’s a beginning.

  • Reynardine

    Looks like a casual mention set off a stack attack. Simmer down, brother. We all know technology is not a prerequisite for genocide.

    And, on my father’s side, I am predominantly German. Our ancestral coat of arms is even on a thirteenth-century doorway in Freyberg an der Unstrut. All the same, they did it. And they weren’t justified in doing it.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    TheTurks? Er, excuse me, where do theTurks come in here? Kindly explain what you mean by that.

    I thought you could do better than that. Please don’t think I deny the Armenian Genocide. You should know I do not. I deplore it as I do with all genocides.
    As I see it, the Turk ultranationalists who committed it were in that respect as evil as the cetniks. They were in fact not driven by ideas of religious but of ethnic supremacy. Ideas adopted from the other ultranationalists. And yes, it was a crime. Genocide is always a crime. If my own side did it I would not stand for it. That evil individuals deserve punishment is clear but to blame a whole people? Even if the Armenians had collaborated with the Russians (after all there was a war going on) it would have sufficed with punishing the actual collaborators, not a whole people. The Young Turks thought they could do it with impunity because only 3 years back the Bulgarians (and the Serbs and the Greek) had expelled about a million of Balkan Muslims (and killed God knows how many more). With impunity.
    But does one wrong make another right? Of course not. What good would it do any or all the victims of the Serb Genocidal Crusade if the Bosniaks were to pay back the Serbs in the same coin? Nothing, nothing at all. I can only recommend my Bosniak brethren never to try it. No matter how much their enemies deserve it. We should be nobler than that. We aren’t Nazis. I certainly am not.
    Unfortunately it is part of human nature to want to take revenge. And other than the pretext offered by Serbs, the reasons Bosniaks have to be sore at the Serbs are quite real, and recent, not some mythological (or real) events that happened some 70 or 500 years ago and therefore have no relevance to people of today, but are a pretext for land grab and robbery. But 1992-95 that’s just 20 years back, and what the Serbs did is very real. The whole world was witness to it.

    Moreover, the problem is that a majority of Serbs, unlike the Germans do today with the Holocaust, out of bad conscience and fear, and hatred, deny they ever did anything wrong, refuse to acknowledge the genocide they postulated, planned and committed or approve of, or pretended not to see and stood by and let it happen. They refuse to ask for forgiveness, continue to look down on, to mock and taunt the victims of genocide and are aching to try it again. I mean, why else would they continue doing all they can to make life miserable for Bosniaks, 20 years after their conquest, even though they already have half of Bosnia. Do they want to take the other half as well? Grind the Bosniaks under their heel? Or what? What if a majority of the Serbs still are genocidal? Doesn’t every single one who is genocidal, be it for what he actually did, planned, or approved, or what he says and thinks, deserve punishment? Or for some, even to be liquidated so he no longer poses a danger?
    So sorry, I don’t trust them. They think it’s either them or us. If they refuse to see it any other way, what can I do? You can’t ask me to shake hands with somebody who refuses to unclench his fist. I can only see that I strike him first if he tries to strike me. I can only hope to smite him before he smites me, so he will never try again. And that’s that. I will never turn the other cheek. Don’t even try asking me.

    Yes, the Turks did commit atrocities against the Balkan Christians, I don’t deny it. Maybe including your family way back in the 14th, 15th, or 19th century. Bulgarian folk song is full of such things, as are Spanish songs of the 15th and 16th century, I happen to know both of them quite well. And Arab songs from North Africa of that time, about the loss of Al Andalus, which show the other side. And Turkish songs by Balkan Turks who had to leave the Balkans after 1912-13. So I can say I have a very good picture of both sides of the story.

    But I don’t see why I or any Bosniak or other Balkan Muslim living today, should have to apologize for those things to anybody, and much less to pay for it. Anyone tries to exact payment for me over things that happened in my great-great-great-grandfather’s time or farther back in time, I will at the very least punch him in the nose. Or worse. Much, much worse …
    I mean, not even those Bosniaks living in Canada or Australia are spared from being attacked by some cetnik jerks trying to exact revenge of them for those old histories…

    Of course, most of the time the Ottomans just let the non-Muslims thrive. Else they could not have ruled them for over 400 years you know. How long do you think one can oppress a people? 50 years at most. How long did did the Ottoman Empire last, and how long did Stalin’s, hm?
    Like it or not, there were better and there were also worse times. One thing is certain, under Lenin and Stalin up to Brezhnev and Andropov, there were NO better times. Only brutal repression of the worst kind paired with unspeakable misery. Period. That’s why Stalin’s empire collapsed after 44 years.

    Very clearly, the Ottomans started oppressing their non-Turkish peoples from about 1820 on, first the Greek, then the other non-Muslims, finally the non-Turkish Muslims, the Bosniaks and after 1914 the Arabs too, and then of course then it didn’t take more than a few years for the Ottoman Empire to be broken apart. In 1920 it was all but gone. You see, nationalism is destructive, in the end also for the own nation.

    Ooooh, and did the non-Muslims then take “revenge” on the Muslims “for 300 years oppression”. Hah, it was just a pretext to rob them. Rob them of their belongings, their land, their money, their houses, their women, their dignity, their lives, even their blood. Like in the Spanish Reconquista of 400 years before. I have read all about it, from Spanish and Arab writers and chroniclers, contemporary and current. Critical and apologetic. I have seen the few remains of the glorious past of the Spanish Muslims, since I was a kid. I have read about the descendants of the Spanish Muslims living in North Africa today, about how their ancestors came to be Muslims in the first place, back in the 8th to 10th centuries, about how they remember their ancestors being force-fed Christianity and expelled from Spain, 400 years ado. They remember. So will the Bosniaks remember Prijedor, Foca, Visegrad and Srebrenica, 400 years hence. Just ike Iranian and Central Asian mothers tell their children even today “Go to sleep now, or Gengis Khan will come and take you”, so will Bosniak mothers in 1000 years say to their children “Go to sleep, or Ratko Mladic will come take you.” Of that I’m sure.

    So Nobody should try to tell me I have drawn the wrong conclusions. I have seen the parallels of events in Spain in the 8th and 9th centuries to developments in Bosnia in the 16th and 17th centuries; and then, from about 1820 until today, the new Reconquista, as it was in Spain from around 1058 to 1492, and then the ethnic cleansing until 1614, in waves. And not to forget most of the rest of the Balkans too, why else do old paintings and photographs of cities in the Balkans show so many mosques, would they have built them if they weren’t used, what became of all those people? Don’t tell me, I know.

    It’s not like all non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire were dirt-poor have-nots, you know. At least no more than most people in, say, Great Britain or Germany at that time. All the fine historic Ottoman-era houses you can see today, for example, in Plovdiv, Koprivshtivica, Prilep, Shkoder, Gjirokastra, Ioannina, some in Sarajevo (the Despic house), and quite a few in Istanbul too; in Damascus, Jerusalem and until a few years back, also in Homs and Aleppo (one Christian house from Aleppo is preserved in Berlin’s Islamic Museum), in Lebanon, whom do you think they belonged to? To Muslim families? Sure, some do, but quite a few belonged or belong to Christian ones! I have seen images of saints and angels in their architecture, which Muslims would have that? Other than that they have the typical Ottoman style and are in many respects, finer than any historic houses you can find in Turkey today, not even in Safranbolu. (Which is saying something, as that a jewel of a historic Ottoman town, just like Carcassonne is a jewel of a medieval French town; or Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a jewel of medieval Geman architecture. Oh, all fantastic places to visit. It’s a miracle that today Mostar or Pocitelj the most importat ensembles of Ottoman architecturehas somehow risen from the ashes, even though it looked in 1994 as Dresden or Osaka did in 1945. And what does that so-and-so Nemanja [ex Emir] Kusturica do in Visegrad? Build a pastiche, a serbo fascist Disneyland when there are so many authentic historic buildimgs in Bosnia still around; but they destroyed so many true ones, those barbarian fakers of history!).
    No, quite a few of these fine Ottoman-style houses belonged or belong to Bulgarians, Macedonians, Armenians, Greek, Arab Christians, Serbs! That’s why they are still standing; Muslim houses were more often than not demolished, so their inhabitants wouldn’t come back. Or are all but dilapidated, see in norheastern Greece on Samos and Lesbos, in the Sandzak and in “RS” and Serbia proper.

    Could that have been possible if Christians were always oppressed in the Ottoman Empire? C’mon.
    And please, please, please, spare me the history of the Greeks from Smyrna. The Ottoman Empire was destroyes, it did not collapse like the Soviet Union, it was broken apart, but, like the Soviet Union, it ceased to be a multi-ethnic state. Besides that, the Greek had tried to conquer half of Anatolia and to ethnically cleanse it. Who sows the wind, will reap the storm. My sympathy is very much restricted.
    Read some history and admit that Christians have for most been more intolerant to Muslims than vice versa.
    Look at the Reconquista in Spain in the Middle Ages as I have done, and at the forced Christianization and ethnic cleansing of Spanish Muslims by the Catholic and Habsburg Kings from 1492 to 1614. Look at Palestine today. That, exactly that, and nothing else, is what happened in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1941-45 and again in 1992-95, for the very exact same reasons, and in a posting to me a few years ago, some Greater Serb ultranationalist Christianofascist anti-Muslim supremacist, was very candid about it. He said “We don’t care about Bosnian Muslims but we need the land.” Well, next time around if they come with that intention, let that land be their graveyard. No, that would be too much of a honor for them. Let them be thrown back across (or into) the Drina and the Sava if that’s the way they want to have it.
    Do you know the Arab saying that “you have to shake the hand which you can’t cut off?” Well, until a few years back I believed that too, and still I try, but unfortunately, history has shown more than often enough that the opposite is true.

    I wish I could end this on a happier note, I have always enjoyed discussing things with you and I do appreciate your sympathy. But unfortunately I haven’t seen too many encouraging things in the last 22 years; the world is what it is and people are what they are, not what we would like them to be, and most of this is bad. So it will be until Judgment Day. Why else would a Jewish anecdote I read a long time ago describe Paraise as being completely empty of people?

  • Reynardine

    The Turks didn’t need them, and neither did the Rwandans.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Me, they enrage to no end. Bosniaks lived (or rather, quite a lot failed to live) through the same thing at the hands of Serbs since 1804…
    And nobody does anything so that it does indeed happen “never again”.
    What are future generations to think? Let “bygones be bygones?” And become victims- yet once again???

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes. It’s “always again”. “Over and over again.”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    No. In Rwanda the genocidals were defeated and expelled. No such thing here. This is Auschwitz on a more primitive scale.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes. That already looks like the way the Jews were treated in Nazi Germany! And nobody say “the Burmese don’t have gas chambers.” They don’t need them.

  • mindy1

    They did not get help either :'(

  • Anonymous

    Its Rwanda all over again

  • Reynardine

    It’s clear the intent of these actions can only be genocidal.

  • mindy1

    Oh those kind of sories break the heart :'( it always saddens me to see people treat their fellow humans like that 🙁

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