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“Jews News” Spreads False Story About Lynched Mutilated Corpse


By Emperor

A certain Theodore Shoebat (Walid “fake ex-terrorist” Shoebat?), writing for “Jews News,” an Israeli website with over one million Facebook followers, has posted a false story that claims Muslim villagers in Dalga, Egypt tortured, lynched and mutilated a Christian man. The false story has gone viral with over 6.2k shares. (h/t: Nate)

The article has the inflammatory title, Muslims Murder Xtian Man Right In Front Of His Son, Drag His Body To The Mosque, Tie His Body And Mutilate Him.”

Shoebat writes,

“Muslims in Egypt, in the village of Dalga, murdered a Christian man right in front of his son by riddling his body with bullets, then they dragged his body to the mosque. When they arrived at the mosque, they tied his body to a tractor and then mutilated the corpse as they screamed “Allahu Akbar!”

The article is accompanied by a picture of the lynched man, shown above.

In fact, Shoebat’s story is completely fictional but that is not the only reason that it is horridly mendacious and reckless!

The lynching shown in the picture actually took place…in Lebanon! It took place not in 2014 but in 2010! The lynched man was not a Christian but an Egyptian Muslim!

Angry Mob of Lebanese Villagers Lynch Murder Suspect
A mob of angry Lebanese villagers stabbed to death an Egyptian man and then lynched his naked body in the centre of town over allegations he killed four members of a local family.
Mohammed Msallem, a 38-year-old Egyptian who worked as a butcher in Ketermaya, had been arrested a day earlier on suspicion of shooting to death an elderly couple and their two young granddaughters, aged seven and nine.
He was leading police investigators through a re-enactment of the killings when dozens of residents attacked him with sticks and knives, security officials said.
Police rushed Msallem to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital, but residents broke in, dragged him out and pounded him with sticks.

The story was reported in international media at the time, including CNN, The Daily Mail, LATimes, Jerusalem PostAlJazeera and a spattering of other sites. It caused serious tensions and a severe diplomatic row between the two nations.

The Lebanese newspaper Ennahar also reported on it at the time, using the same image that Shoebat and Jews News used,


In an age where sensationalist headlines from dubious internet sites are quickly retweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook, it goes without saying that we must be vigilant readers and consumers of news. This is not the first time LoonWatch has had to bust such a hoax!

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  • Jacqueline Burns

    Oooh maybe JewsNews learnt something from the Palestinians then? Because they use pics of children killed in Syria & Lebanon to back up their stories & everyone accepts that as fact….even when it is proved a lie!

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