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New Mexico television interview with local Muslim captures passerby’s ‘Taliban’ insult


By Scott Kaufman (Raw Story)

An Albuquerque Republican hoping to unseat a Democratic incumbent is unsettling many — but not all — potential voters with his anti-Islamic social media posts.

KRQE interviewed Khadija Chudnoff, a member of the University of New Mexico’s Muslim Student Association, about Louis Tafoya’s anti-Islamic posts on Facebook.

The posts include one titled “Pedophilia & Islam” (picture below) which links to a site that informs readers that “pedophilia is widely accepted in many Muslim countries” and encourages them to burn a virtual Koran.

“New Mexico deserves somebody who is going to check their facts before they click, ‘share,’ on their Facebook page,” Chudnoff told KRQE.

“This is something a teenager would do. It’s not something someone searching for political office should be doing.”

“As New Mexicans, as people who have lived through this, we should be aware of this kind of hateful rhetoric and we shouldn’t allow it,” she said, only to be interrupted by a passerby who loudly inquired why KRQE was interviewing “a Taliban.”

According to KRQE, a crying Chudnoff continued to explain how she hoped that some day, such hateful rhetoric will not be a part of political discourse.

Watch a report on Tafoya via KRQE below.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    And the mosques I have seen in Japan are quite beautiful too.
    Not only that, the Japanese may unfortunately share some unsavory traits with the Serbs (ultranationalism and supremacy; at least if you ask a Korean or Chinese you’ll get an earful; and as history shows it has not benefitted them) but I have to say that to me almost all Japanese I’ve ever met have always been very welcoming and kind and I really appreciate that. Of course, during my stay there I tried at best to adapt to their ways; why not, I like their culture very much after all. Also I’m not aware of any islamophobic incidents in Japan and I appreciate that too.
    Not only that, looking at the traditional Japanese house or room and how everything is arranged and the lifestyle, and comparing it with the traditional Ottoman house, anybody can see that people did things quite the same in both cultures.
    So, I think the Japanese are OK, basically. I mean, except for the few extreme right fringe elements of course. But as a Muslim I have mostly met friendly interest.

  • Friend of Bosnia


  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yeah, when you lot wish we were dead and try all to make it come true. Do the names Sabra and Shatila, and Srebrenica ring a bell???
    Oh, probably I have the notion to go out and kill those who want to see me dead, but that would be legitimate self-defense now wouldn’t it?
    And even so. I prefer that all good and decent folks would rally against genocidals. But if need be, with weapoms, not placards.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes but please note that genocidal hate speech does not fall under freedom of speech. Genocidal hate speech should be treated as what it is, a criminal offense.

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