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Racist graffiti outside London primary school: Mother reacts furiously to media coverage


Racist graffiti outside London primary school: Mother reacts furiously to media coverage

A concerned mother has hit out at media coverage of racist graffiti at her local school after a series of articles claimed that white pupils alone were being targeted by the slurs.

Coverage of the vandalism, which was left on the entrance path to the Prince of Wales Primary School, focused entirely on just one of the messages which said “whites not welcome.”

But the mother who alerted the media to the graffiti has responded furiously to coverage by publications including the Daily MailDaily Express and Evening Standard who, she said, are creating “misconceptions and division.”

Jasmin Nathan, who has two sons aged nine and six at the school, sent several images of the graffiti to a number publications, including the Huffington Post UK. She has now said that she is “very disappointed and angry” that only the one image has been widely circulated.

Huffington Post, 6 June 2014

In the context of the other graffiti at the site, it seems clear that the “whites not welcome” slogan was a racist objection to supposed discrimination against white people rather than an anti-white threat. The coverage in the right-wing press, however, suggests the opposite. Needless to say, this interpretation has been seized on by the far right (see below).

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  • sasboy

    Call the police. Whoever scrawled this rubbish can be prosecuted.

  • Lynchpin

    Seems strange that they’re spraying stuff in Enfield, the northernmost point of London, about Luftur Rahman, the mayor of Tower Hamlets. He’s got nothing to do with Enfield.

  • SarahAB

    Absolutely – very clear once you see the context. The Mail’s been more than usually bad recently.

  • mindy1

    Pathetic, but not surprising that the right wing would run with this

  • Hassan

    And the Huffpo commenters, even with context and full explanation, still think it’s anti-white graffiti.

  • Guest

    The Huffpo article commenters have all the photos right in front of them, and they *STILL* think it’s anti-white graffiti. People really need masters to control what they think, don’t they? I don’t trust Brits to govern themselves.

  • John Smith

    Bias by omission. What else is new for these loons?

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