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Kansas City: Muslim Teenager Murdered By Man Who Hated Islam, Compared Quran to Ebola


“Quran is a virus disease worestr than Ebola”

A young man of 15, Abdisamad Sheikh Hussein had his life stolen away from him, reportedly for no other reason than he was a Muslim. The perpetrator is an unidentified individual of 30, also a Somali who had a deep seated hatred of Islam and Muslims, even comparing the Quran to Ebola. The perpetrator sounds like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, except he was actually willing to carry out his hatred of Islam and Muslims in a personal bloody attack.

You can reach out to support the Somali community center and share your condolences at 816-842-2191.

The vile and hostile rhetoric from those who are a part of the industry of Islamophobia is creating monsters, monsters who dehumanize and kill. (h/t: Hadi)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 15-year-old boy died after losing too much blood when his legs were severed in what police believe was an intentional attack outside the Somali Center of Kansas City Thursday evening.

Abdisamad Sheikh Hussein, who goes by the name “Adam” was getting into a car outside the Somali Center, 1340 Admiral Blvd., when he was hit by a man driving an SUV at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

Adam is a student at  Staley High School, 2800 NE Shoal Creek Pkwy, in the Northland. He was rushed into surgery at Children’s Mercy Hospital, but did not survive.  His family says he was brain-dead and they decided to take him off life support.

North Kansas City School District spokesperson Michelle Cronk says extra counselors are available to help Adam’s classmates as they learned the news on Friday.

“It became pretty clear that this was not an accidental crash, there is a considerable amount of evidence that leads us to believe it was intentional,” Sergeant Bill Mahoney with KCPD said.

According to some witnesses, the suspect, who is now in jail awaiting charges is a man known to them. They say he is also from Somalia, and that he has a history of hating Muslims.

FOX 4 had not named the suspect, pending charges.

Family and people heavily involved with the Somali Center near Admiral Boulevard and The Paseo say a man had been threatening people in the Muslim community for months now on Facebook. Several others say that same man pointed a gun at them, threatening to kill them because of their Muslim religion.

One friend of Adam’s recalled the man telling them that “Quran is worse than Ebola.”

Friday morning, Bridget Patton, FBI Public Affairs Specialist, said the FBI has opened the case as a Federal Civil Rights investigation and potential Hate Crime violation.

“A month or two ago he came to the Somali mall, two blocks from here. Things got bad, they started arguing and he pulled a gun,” Abdul Mohamed, a man who knows the victim, said.

Family told FOX 4’s Megan Brilley at the crime scene that Adam Hussein is the son of the Somali Center’s leader, and they were devastated by the events that happened Thursday night.

“Our family is very destroyed at what happened. He’s a sweet, loving kid. He doesn’t deserve this,” Khadra Dirir, the victim’s aunt, said. “I’m pretty sure it’s a hate crime from things I’ve been hearing. I hope that someone brings him to justice.”

Police quickly arrested the suspect.

“He tried to leave the scene but couldn’t get anywhere in the vehicle.  He bailed out of it, started running eastbound and was apprehended by officers,” Sgt. Mahoney said.

“He can exercise his First Amendment, but him actually come and try to run over kids, that’s just ridiculous. Like who does that?” said Khadra Dirir.

A second person hurt reportedly didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Friday is a worldwide day of congregational prayer for Muslims and some were out early Friday morning at Admiral Blvd and the Paseo, where the prayer center is located.

The Heartland Muslim Council released a statement overnight which read, in part:

Kansas City Muslim community is deeply shocked at the hit and run, apparently intentional assault last evening outside a mosque on Admiral Boulevard in Midtown Kansas City. The attack resulted in the death of a teenager and serious injuries to another teenager. Our thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families and friends.

We ask the federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this attack as a possible hate crime.
We commend the Kansas City Police Department for apprehending the suspected killer immediately after the crime. We hope the suspect will be charged and brought to full justice.

In light of the increased attacks on the mosques across the nation, we appeal to the law enforcement departments to provide extra safety and security to the mosques, Islamic schools and Muslim businesses.”

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