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‘Death to Islam’ Sign A Huge Draw For Bar


A former veteran puts up “death to Islam” signs in his bar. For most of his clientele this is perfectly OK. Apparently he thinks by doing so he is “supporting the troops” I wonder if anyone can introduce him to this guy:


WEST YORK, PA. — The Other Place has been a neighborhood hotspot for decades, but a sign recently posted on the front window is drawing accusations of hate.

The sign says “Death to Islam” and it’s echoed by two similar signs inside the bar. Bar staff say the two interior signs went up right after 9/11, and they’ve been there since 2001.

The outdoor sign went up more recently.

The bar is owned by Jeff Seitz. Bar staff say he’s a veteran who wants to show support for the military by posting the signs.

“I don’t condemn the man and I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong,” says customer Carroll Waltimyer, who said he personally wouldn’t have chosen to display the sign. “That sign could mean a lot of things.”

A customer posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, saying it’s hateful. Staff say since the signs began getting attention last week, they’ve seen an increase in business.

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  • Laila Muhammad

    this jewish veteran is why jesus called them ‘ children of the devil’ john 8 36 44 oy vey

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  • ShunTheRightWhale

    Boy, I know a solution, that’s much more consistant: NUKE EARTH! This will simply wipe out every death worshipper and hate monger, including you, for good. And yes, if you’re asking, I’m taking my pills… FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

  • adc714


  • Drifter

    What can i say these guys are creative when it comes to complimenting.

  • Drifter

    What is this a call for cogent explanation and reasonable discourse ? How dare you?!!!!! 😮

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  • sasboy

    This is a deplorable sign, reminiscent of the anti American polemics of the likes of Al Qaeda et al.

    The First Amendment guarantees protection for such hate speech but refusing to patronize such establishments is the best way to handle such provocations.

  • Jekyll


  • adc714

    as I do see your point, I would have to disagree somewhat when you say “muslims choose islam”. children don’t really get a say in choosing any religion for the most part, whatever mom and dad are, they will be too

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hey, that’s a good one

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