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Murderer Robert Craig Klimek Used “Stand Your Ground” Law To Get Away With Anti-Muslim Hate Crime


Ziad Abu Naim with his wife Lisa

By Emperor

In the US not only can you kill someone because you are motivated by racist hatred and get away with it, (especially if you are white) but you will also become a celebrity. This fact was brought home recently to most Americans when George Zimmerman murdered 17 year-old Trayvon Martin and proceeded to successfully use the “Stand Your Ground” defense to get away with murder.

In Texas this past June, a Muslim man, Ziad Abu Naim, was murdered by Robert Craig Klimek, and like Zimmerman, his lawyers focused on using the “Stand Your Ground” defense. A grand jury declined to indict Klimek.

A killing of a Muslim man in what some are calling road rage, and others a hate crime, is bringing renewed attention to the deadly consequences of Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law.

The shooting occurred in Houston on June 26, 2015 when Ziad Abu Naim and his wife, Lisa Aimone, were driving to visit with one of Naim’s business clients on the way to his mosque for Friday prayers. After turning left at a four-way intersection just a block from their home, Abu Naim’s vehicle almost struck another vehicle, driven by Robert Craig Klimek, another Houston resident.

Moments later, as described by Leah Caldwell in a Jan. 4 report for Texas Observer, Abu Naim was on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound:

“[Klimek] made a right turn and pulled alongside Abu Naim’s Porsche SUV. Both men rolled down their windows. Aimone sat forward in her seat to catch a glimpse of the man in the other car, and that’s when she heard it: “Go back to Islam!” Abu Naim opened the door and stepped out of the car. Aimone kept her eyes on his back. Within a few seconds, she heard a single gunshot.”

Abu Naim never recovered consciousness and died in a Houston hospital three days later. Klimek told police he shot Abu Naim after Abu Naim reached inside his vehicle and punched him multiple times, while Aimone insists there was no time for any blows before the fatal gunshot, and that the shouted words point to a possible hate crime.

Cowardly murderer Robert Klimek

Cowardly murderer Robert Klimek

The right-wing press was in an orgasmic state while reporting the murder of Abu Naim. What makes the right happier than: 1.) A Muslim killed, and 2.) A white guy doing it and getting away with it like in the “good ole’ days ” of lynchings and Jim Crow?

On top of all of this lets remember that Robert Klimek has a history of anti-Muslim rants on Facebook. Yet for some “reason” the prosecution decided this fact was not worthy of pursuing.

Prosecutors also ignored Aimone’s demands that the killing be investigated as a hate crime. Although Caldwell’s investigation found years of anti-Muslim rhetoric posted online by Klimek, Aimone said officials were “dismissive” of the possibility, and added, “It was almost like too much work for them to find something to see if it was a hate crime.”

If the roles were reversed you can bet that Abu Naim would be smeared as a terrorist and an extremist. The prosecutors would move heaven and earth to interpret any Muslim-y pic or post on Abu Naim’s social media as proof that he was an extremist. The right-wing media would be going nuts, blaming Obama and calling for us to bomb Agraba.

This of course is nothing new, racial bias permeates every inch of our justice system. MintPress quotes Prof. Tamara Rice Lave of the University of Miami School of Law on how the expansive Texas Stand your ground law encourages violence against minorities and the double standards involved.

“‘If somebody’s in the car, the ignition is on, the foot is on the gas pedal, then they can easily drive away,’ she said. ‘If it was a white, upper-class mother getting out of her car and approaching a car, [and she were shot], do I think there would be an indictment? Yes, there would be. It makes a difference who the victim is.’”

This is America.

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  • George Carty

    I suspect the American fashion for military-style weapons was created by the gun manufacturing industry, just as the American fashion for gas-guzzling SUVs was created by the Big 3 car manufacturers as a way to deal with their legacy-costs woes.

  • Sally

    Except George Zimmerman never claimed Stand Your Ground – he claimed regular, ol’ self-defense. Pay attention to the facts, as presented in the actual trial, not opinions by pundits and armchair attorneys.

  • Jekyll

    West Memphis 3
    Making a Murder

  • Reynardine

    This was not a federal case. This was a Florida case, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, to be exact, and you have proven again you don’t know snot about the case.

    Incidently, under the doctrine of dual sovereignty, the United States government could still try him.

  • Reynardine

    Damn good avatar, there.

  • Reynardine

    You can’t always tell. Exchanges like, “Who told you that you knew how to drive, you cabbage head?” are pretty common in ordinary accidents. You don’t know someone is pathologically enraged until they go nova on you. It used to be a real problem with steroid freaks. These days, it’s probably a different substance, same old results.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hmmm … food for thought.

  • technoviking

    Most car accidents are not road rage incidents. If it is, then call the police and don’t get out of your car.

  • Reynardine

    He is half Colombian, which is a nationality, not a race, and the rest of your screed is non sequitur.

  • Reynardine

    I reiterate: you don’t know snot. You just don’t. You’re repeating memes I recognize. Shut up before you look truly foolish.

  • AJ

    I was joking too.

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    I hate when I have to explain a joke. No, I am saying the terrsts have never let themselves into my house and left pamphlets on the floor in an attempt to kill me and make it look like an accident, but it would be a creative way to ruin my day if they had the mind

    Some people just don’t get irony.

  • AJ

    So are you trying to say that you would take out the suspicious-looking ragheads bringing you cookies and make it look like a mistake?

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    I’ve had far worse at my door–the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. They once let themselves into my house and left pamphlets on the kitchen floor. As soon as i walked in I slipped on the pamphlets and nearly hit the floor. Not to give the evil terrsts any crazy ideas but there are ways of taking people out and making it look like an innocent mistake 🙂

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    Joe Biden has admitted that our “allies” in the Mideast are financing ISIS and there is no “moderate” Syrian opposition. Of course, he was throwing America’s “allies” under the bus to distance the US and Israel from their role in arming, training and supporting these groups. Still, it it is quite an admission.

    Donald Trump has made the same accusation, though he mentions a certain country in the Middle East that he can’t mention as being involved as well.

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    You imagine yourself to be somehow better informed as a result of geography, but have added nothing to this debate other than meaningless comments about his alleged race, weight and some race-baiting nonsense you read in the media. You seem to think guilt can be determined by the willingness of the public to hate and even kill someone who has been demonized by the media.

    As I said up front, my opinions are based on evidence not race. Get back to me when you can supply some evidence for your bizarre theories otherwise I’m done wasting time with you.

  • Reynardine

    You see the crape on Jekyll’s nose? He’s in mourning for his brain.

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