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PSA: If You’re White, Don’t Drink And Watch Fox News!


By Emperor

This just in! White Americans should be aware, drinking and watching Fox News is a toxic combination that may cause you to transform into a white supremacist terrorist seeking to perpetrate violence against minorities.

Take the recent example of John David Weissinger. Maybe he had a bit of hate in him, maybe he lost his job or his wife cheated on him. We’re told he suffers from anxiety and depression. He also enjoyed a brew or two or, well, lets say a lot more than two. Apparently, as his lawyer tells it, after binge watching Fox News for a week straight he decided to threaten the CAIR chapters in San Diego and Washington.

Malowney said Weissinger has problems with alcohol, anxiety and depression and had just finished watching a week of Fox News coverage on the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris when he threatened the CAIR offices.

“He barks when he’s drunk,” Malowney told the judge. “He was reeling from depression and anxiety.”

A female employee at CAIR’s Kearny Mesa office testified during a preliminary hearing last April that she came to work the morning of Jan. 15, 2015, and listened to a threatening voicemail left by Weissinger.

“In no way did we deserve the terror that Mr. Weissinger waged on us,” the employee, identified as Jane Doe, said in a recorded statement played in court Tuesday. “Domestic terrorism is unacceptable and must be stopped.”

This isn’t the first time a Fox News watcher has gone loony. Remember Randy Linn? He was the guy who said, “I only know what I hear on Fox News,” then one day drank 45 beers, and decided to burn down a mosque in Toledo, Ohio.

Prosecutors said Linn drove about two hours from his home to suburban Toledo on Sept. 30 and broke into the mosque where he poured gasoline on the rug and lit it on fire.

He estimated that he had drunk 45 beers over several hours before he decided to drive to Ohio.

Linn had several firearms in his car and carried a gun into the mosque, which was empty at the time.

The fanatical Islamophobic hate against CAIR has been going on for years and sadly it hasn’t only been the usual online suspects and celebrity Islamophobes. The hatemongers have included elected public officials who give succor to conspiracies about the group, as well as presidential candidates such as Ben Carson.

So please, please don’t drink and watch Fox News!

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  • Reynardine

    Not waiting for Voodoo Donuts. I frosted the Big Bundy myself.

  • Reynardine

    To whom it may concern: I believe Brother Tanveer turns seventeen on the 13th.

  • Reynardine
  • Dr.S

  • Reynardine

    If you are white and watch Fox News, you can get your face on a donut.

    (Bundy donut courtesy of Voodoodonut)

  • JS

    Ironically enough, but from my own personal experience, the female news anchors on Fox news seem to be the most revealing of them all…

  • Reynardine

    Ammosexuals who spread gunorrhea.

  • Jekyll

    Vanilla ISIS baby ICE

  • Ilisha

    Y’all Qaeda?? LOL. :)

  • Reynardine
  • HSkol

    Well, I see you got the news through here. What the heck with the other place?

  • Reynardine
  • Jekyll

    did flirt with white supremacist groups
    Alienation and loss of self hood. Jeeringly similar to young Muslim men who end up joining jihadi organizations.

  • Ilisha

    Well said. I agree. Again. :)

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    I wonder if the idea of feminism itself wasn’t designed to be polarizing. Far too much of modern feminism is hateful towards men in general or women who refuse to self-identify as feminists. When you look at who funded some of the leading lights of modern feminism such as Gloria Steinem perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise. I doubt the CIA and corporate foundations were interested in bringing us all together as one big happy family to overthrow the system.

    I fully support equal rights for women and the redress of any legitimate grievances women have, as well as the right of each woman to define freedom in her own terms, and not those dictated by the media or society. But it seems that feminism has a monopoly on the concept of equality and “if you’re not a feminist, you’re a bigot” as Gloria Allred once said. This is like saying if you’re not a Republican, you’re a traitor.

    I can embrace ideas as you say without having to pin a label on myself and defend it. I can support women’s rights and reject feminism, just as I can support religious liberty without supporting religion.

  • mindy1

    Used to watch fox, can agree it can tweak at your nerves, but unless you are already nuts you will not kill because of it alone

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Every now and then it’s worth searching on stories about “terrorists” influenced by television. Stories come up more often than I would have expected.

  • Ilisha

    I watched this and found it interesting. He seems to be a very kind, intelligent and sincere guy, who peppers his speeches with a lot of cursing. :)

    I’m a contributing writer, but it’s been a long time since I’ve contributed anything apart from comments. I have too much going on, but hope to resume writing at some point.

    In some other contexts, I’ve been asking people to please stop using the term “white feminism/t.” I know what they mean when they use this, but I don’t like it for similar reasons. I have pointed out that the kind of ethnocentric feminism they dislike is not even particular to white people. It’s a mindset, and attributing it to a certain race isn’t helpful. I’ve tried to get people to be specific about what aspect they’re criticizing, rather than making it about race or about the person who is making the comment–I think an idea should be addressed based on the actual IDEA. I might agree or disagree with a particular idea, regardless of whether the person expressing it is white or identifies as feminist, or whatever.

    What’s interesting is some people will actually agree with and acknowledge my point, but then, a little later, use the term “white feminist” again. *Sigh*

    Getting people to stop thinking in tribal, divisive, collective terms is an uphill battle–and one I think is worth fighting.

  • Yausari

    So basically, fox news is an accessory for radicalization. Huh…

  • rookie
  • Ilisha

    I see your point.

  • Reynardine

    I suspect you drink and watch Fox News.

  • Morrigan Nic Cormac

    Weissinger is Jewish, so please change the title of this post to

    “PSA: If You’re Jewish, Don’t Drink And Watch Fox News!”

    if you’re going to assign collective responsibility for individual behavior, please assign it to the correct group.

  • Reynardine

    And now, for the real Fox News…

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