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Asra Nomani Testifies Before Congress, Says Hijab Can Lead To Terror


Alternet’s Grayzone project on Islamophobia has an excellent article by Maha Hilal on how the recent congressional panel on “women and terrorism puts women in the War on Terror’s crosshairs. It is a must read.

Islamophobia-enabler Asra Nomani was among those testifying at the hearings. Nomani, was there to put forward the discredited argument that increased outward religiosity, in the sense of starting to wear hijab is a sign of a trajectory toward terrorism and a potential threat indicator.

via. Alternet, Grayzone Project


Next, Asra Nomani, a Muslim, provided personal anecdotes of her own family’s path to radicalization. She spoke about book after book that documented Muslim women victimized by the brutal patriarchal culture of the Islamic world, using the hijab, or headscarf, as a specific token through which their oppression is made visible. Nomani then constructed a scenario in which hijab serves as a warning sign of terrorist intentions.

“On the conveyor belt of ideas, what you end up with is Libya, ISIS putting up billboards telling you how thick it has to be,” said Nomani. “You end up with women beating women who do not comply with these regulations, you end up with mandatory laws that require that women live with this partition. Because hijab does not mean headscarf, it means separation.”

“It’s a very dangerous trajectory,” Nomani continued, “and it’s one in which we hear disturbing comments in which mothers in the Islamic state are forcing some of these sex slaves to have abortions so that their sons can continue to have sex with these sex slaves.

According to Nomani, putting on a headscarf can set women on a path that eventually leads to martyrdom. “It is a virtue then to kill,” she declared. “For all the reasons that have come before us on the conveyor belt, a woman is virtuous if she then becomes a shaheed, or a martyr.”

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  • She finally got to pray among the men, and none of the other women joined her. Muslims aren’t impressed, but someone like her will always get an audience because the “strong woman staking a place among backward, misogynist Muslims” narrative is a consistent crowd pleaser.

  • Joey Sanders

    I will never truly understand why she says stuff like this. What I do understand is that she has been a troublemaker for a long time.

    I remember watching the documentary “The Mosque in Morgantown” many years ago. She slandered that community beyond belief because they would not bend to her overly liberal version of Islam. She wanted women and men to pray side by side with one another like they do during Hajj. Muslims who would not agree with her were portrayed by her as evil Muslims like the ones that committed the acts of terror on 9/11.

    I don’t know if she is a kook. I figure she is too smart to believe her own garbage. I think she just laughs her way to the bank.

  • 1DrM

    I sure was.

  • 1DrM

    Nomani was born in a pathetic Indian American household without any Islam. She had no interest in religion until 9/11 as a way to make $$$. I was the first guy who raised serious questions about her credibility back in 2003 when she was on the self-promoting pro-regressive Muslim bandwagon, and concluded she was a Zionist media whore. Back then many thought I was being too harsh but over the last 8 years I’ve been proven right. Today she is a clear enemy of Islam and the Muslim community.
    Tarek “fat bastard” Fatah is another malignant turd who comes to mind.

    Those who sell God’s covenant and their faith for a small price shall have no share [of Paradise in] the Hereafter (Quran, 3:77)

  • AJ

    Our anti-fecal fascist doctor was taking her on a decade ago I think 🙂

  • mindy1

    Uh, if that is the case, than should places like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran be in flames by now? Those places are full of religious people.

  • For quite some time, I’ve been moving away from criticizing these people harshly, which has led (mostly) to my simply ignoring them. I hadn’t thought much about Ms. Nomani since way back when “Ilisha” still had a Twitter account and she butted into a discussion among friends, insisting everyone stop criticizng her in the name of adab.

    Her latest war on hijab has brought her back in the spotlight, which I suppose was the point. I find her hard to take seriously. It amazes me anyone listens to her at all.

  • Yausari

    She tried to “reform” Islam by seeking alliance with anti-Islam? A bit fishy, don’t cha think?

  • I’m not a regular reader of Nomani. Years ago, I read an article by her published in a well-meaning progressive newsletter. I could see, based on that article alone (back then I mean), how she might have seemed okay. I don’t think that same paper would publish this.

    I’m really glad she’s being so out there these days–there’s no mistaking her agenda now!

  • Yausari

    Really? It’s not so surprising though. She’s been trying to push her own version of Islam. And she’s visibly obsessed with hijab topic.

    We reject this interpretation that the “hijab” is merely a symbol of modesty and dignity adopted by faithful female followers of Islam

    After reading halfway through this article, it looks to me like as if she thinks that Muslim women are so stupid, that they are fooled into thinking that hijab is the sign of modesty. It’s clear that she is anti-hijab. She came up with crazy conspiracy theories crazy, it’s laughable. One of them is that Muslim men invented “virtual 6th pillar of Islam” (you guessed it) wear hijab.

    At that point, it won’t surprise me if she spew out whatever nonsense she could come up with, regarding the hijab.

  • AJ

    Did the WVA mosque people, men and women, not interact with this loony and called her ‘a loner not interested in engaging the community’ when she tried to do the mix prayer thing? Why does this woman speak for Islam or is allowed to present solutions for Islam? As far as we know she has gone many times against the main tenets of Islam and doesn’t have any viable support within any Muslim community besides the pseudo non-practicing ones or the non-Muslim Islamophobes she interacts with.

  • Amie

    And how do we know she is a Muslim? Her background or/and because she says so? No. I think she is a secret convert to something else or an atheist, who got on “anti-terror” payroll from the extreme right. No problem, she can be a tree or worshipping a mouse for all I care. However, we should not be naïve about the so-called Muslims who attack the main tenets of our faith. I am not hijab wearer, but I support sisters who wear hijab and wish that I could wear hijab too. But, I would never say that hijab leads to terrorism simply because of thousands of Muslim women who wear hijab are not evil, violent people. Nor are the majority religious men, for that matter. I am always reminded of one part of an ayat from the Qur’an that states: “…you will know them by their speech.” And sure enough, it is the truth. The open and secret enemies are known for their speech: they call to violence, they lie, they propagate hatred toward faith in God, frequently make anti-Islamic statements, etc. Just pay attention to their speech and you will quickly come to know who they truly are.

  • Possibly, with generous funding from the neocons who no doubt love her. As far as I know, Cameron was the first to advance the “conveyor belt” theory of radicalisation.

  • The greenmantle

    borrowing ideas from David Cameron ? does that mean she has a secret off shore bank account too ?

    Sir David

  • This seems bizarre even for Asra Nomani. Though she is apparently borrowing language and ideas from UK Prime Minister David Cameron, so maybe she’s just tuned her message to match the present climate.

  • The greenmantle

    Both on the same side really – rule by fear
    Sir David

  • Mehdi

    Gruesome disgusting comment, and in the meanwhile the real terrorist are having a laugh, these kind of idiot speeches are free propaganda for their cause.

  • JD

    ( I have million of these so I will stop here)

  • JD

    So then why is this terrorist holding this baby

  • Yausari

    She had always been like this. I feel as though she’s trying to create the impression that all Muslim men are trying to “enslave” Muslim Women.

  • Reynardine

    It is not peculiar to any one society or religion that misogynistic women are the worst oppressors of other women. That aside, I suppose I owe it to this unusually warm Florida winter that I am not stepping on that ladder to terrorism by keeping my ears warm.

  • Awesome

    The bogeyman industry has made the anti-Islam campaign so lucrative that now even some Muslims want to take part in it. The hijab cannot lead to terror, but saying so can certainly lead to a nice payoff. Especially for a journalist trying to sell their books and their journalistic skills to people. Not everyone puts integrity before their career.

  • Marinater

    are bowl hair cuts the first step to attacking churches and christians?

  • Marinater

    probably saying what they paid her to say

  • Yausari

    This has to be a joke. Where is she getting all these… fox news level of facts.

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