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AIPAC: Jewish Defense League Terrorists Attack Protesters

JDL terrorist thugs are back, and up to the same tactics they honed in the days of terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane, attacking Palestinians and anti-Israeli apartheid protesters.

The JDL was designated a terrorist organization by the US government, and their Kach party, which has a significant following among Israeli settlers is banned in Israel. The JDL was responsible for nearly 7% of terrorist attacks in the US between the years of 1980-2005 according to the FBI.

At the conference the JDL freely operated with their classic hatred, intimidation, and violence. The following graphic video illustrates the violent nature of the attack which was first captured and shared by the Institute for Middle East understanding (IMEU).:

Kamal Nayfeh

Will AIPAC condemn the brutally violent JDL attack on Kamal Nayfeh, an elderly Palestinian, and several IfNotNow protesters? IfNotNow, has urged AIPAC to denounce the JDL attack and has reported that during the Conference AIPAC members were supporting the JDL.

According to IfNotNow, AIPAC’s leadership has so far remained silent on these events: “We watched as AIPAC members walking into the conference shook hands with and vocalized support for the JDL presence. AIPAC therefore must take responsibility for the JDL violence. Until this moment, AIPAC leadership has been silent.”

Up until today there has been no censure or condemnation by AIPAC officials of these terrorist JDL goons. Most top mainstream Jewish news sites have not reported the attack or the JDL’s presence at AIPAC, that includes: The Jerusalem Post, YNet, TabletMag, JNS, and Arutz Sheva. Haaretz, the Forward and The Times of Israel did report the attack. The comment section at some of the sites where this was reported is troubling.

Times of Israel:

The Forward reported the identity of two of the JDL attackers who’ve been formally charged.:

The Metropolitan Police Department identified the two people who were arrested as Yosef Steynovitz and Rami Lubranicki. An article on the conservative website Politichicks named Lubranicki as the creator of the group American Bikers United against Jihad.

Steynovitz was charged Monday with assault with significant bodily injury, which is a felony. Lubranicki was charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor, according to the Washington Jewish Week article.

This should be treated as a hate crime and additional charges should be brought against these two and all those who participated in the attack.

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  • cmyfe .

    Is this comment a joke or are you really a lunatic?

  • Okay, let’s try that:

    In their quest to steal the remaining 22%, Hamas lost the plot
    In their quest to steal the remaining 22%, ISIS lost the plot
    In their quest to steal the remaining 22%, Hezbollah lost the plot

    22% of what??? That was a silly exercise, you silly, desperate Zionist.

    Israel is the last European racist colonial settler state that is still gobbling up someone else’s land. None of these other groups are doing this, and none of them would probably even exist if it weren’t for Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah were both founded to resist Israeli aggression. ISIS was born out of the Iraq war, which also might never have happened if it weren’t for Israel and its backers in America.

    Israel fuels terrorism.

    I find it interesting how a DEMOCRACY WITH EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL if the “Fourth Reich” to you. You have your Nazi analogy turned around. The Nazis wanted a Germany as free of Jews as possible, just like the Zionists want Israel as free of Arabs as possible.

    I’m not going to entertain too much more of this. Your “arguments” aren’t even arguments. You need to understand that even if you could convince some people Israel should have been founded on 78% of Palestine, there is NO DEFENSE for Israel colonizing the other 22% with their illegal “Jews only” settlements connected by “Jews only” roads. Even the most ardent Zionist will typically admit that’s wrong, and the reality is there is no way to stop it.

    Only a genocidal maniac thinks the settlements and colonization of the last 22% is a great idea. Israel has backed itself in a corner and if you Zionists has a wisp of sense, you wouldn’t be sitting around arguing with anti-Zionists. You’d be exerting ALL of your energy toward trying to persuade Israel to do something sensible, like withdraw to the Green Line NOW.

    You won’t. They won’t. And thus One State. Get used to it.

  • Count Beowulf

    False. But substitute Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, or any other Islamic terrorist group that is near and dear to your heart for “Zionist” and “Israel” above in your statement and you will be correct. But your dream of a Fourth Reich under Islam won’t happen. Your hateful kind has always met the same fate. And history proves me right.

  • JD

    Pat Conde Condell who left school at 16, his first job being a dish-washer in the revolving restaurant on top of the Post Office Tower, now known as the BT Tower in London, for five shillings an hour failed comedy career started making Hate video on YouTube for sheep like you is a intellectual lol and I am the Pope of Mars

  • JD
  • mindy1

    I condemn all attacks on innocents, and I wish people would just stop and LISTEN to each other, it’s the only way anything will get accomplished now days.

  • golden izanagi

    “Ironclad argument” none what you have said has been “iron clad” in the least, especially your spiel about Muslims feeling compelled to spread destruction for example has been refuted and can be time and time and time again but I wont stop you from fooling yourself into thinking that any of what you have said is “iron clad” meanwhile I will continue to live my life not feeling compelled to hide behind a bush every time a Muslim walks by me.

  • There are no diversions and no facts that can whitewash Israel’s crimes. A growing number of people in the world–not just Muslims–oppose Israel because of its very uncivilized behavior. No one likes a greedy bully who can’t be satisfied with “only” 78% of someone else’s land.

    In their quest to steal the remaining 22%, Zionists lost the plot. There will be one state, in all of the land, with equal rights for all. Debating the inevitable is pointless.

  • Lots of Americans need to travel more. 🙂

  • No, it most certainly has not “always belonged to the Jews.”

    In fact, their time there has been relatively short and sporadic. Here is 5,000 years of history in the region in 90 seconds, which proves your assertion incorrect:

  • Palestinian Arabs were living in Palestine long before the modern state of Israel was created on their land. Today some of them do live in Israel as citizens, but many others live as stateless persons under occupation, while still others live in exile.

    I’m not asking for Israel to create two states. That’s been the consensus under international law, but since Israel has basically foreclosed that option through its illegal settlement building, I endorse the one state solution. One democratic state in all of the land, with equal rights for all. That’s an easy sell, and it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Khizer

    The Saudi regime was brought to power by the West after WW1, it is still an ally of the ‘great’ and ‘civilised’ western powers you constantly praise.
    Muslims did not give them the power they have, the West did, and they did it out of their own imperialistic ambitions.

    Most Muslims around the world HATE the Saudi regime, since they could care less about their fellow Muslims, which is demonstrated by the fact that they constantly support the U.S. Plundering of Muslim nations, such as the Saudi supported/funded drone strikes in Yemen, which kill many civillians.

    Honestly, the Saudi funding of terrorist groups is basically the Western powers choice of bringing the Saudi regime to power, finally biting them back. The Saudi regime doesn’t care for the wellbeing of Muslims around the world and the performance of Islamic values, they simply want to stay in control and rich. They don’t even care for their own people.

  • Khizer

    Oh, alright, I guess you got me there.

    But seriously, Pat Condell is neo-reactionary old man who doesn’t have much to say. I’m not well suited to discuss this. Go ask Illisha or anyone else in the comments to give you a good analysis and critique of Condell’s video.

  • golden izanagi

    wow a Shakespeare quote adorable, but I just found your little rant about technology and civilization really funny. One Why would using technology “made by zionists” have any bearing on a persons hypocrisy, the tech itself has no political beliefs and I highly doubt the people who made the tech had “zionism” on their minds when creating the things that make up the computers and cell phones people use everyday. Secondly well I think I will let these speak for themselves

  • Joey Sanders

    No no no. I believe Zionism = Modern day Judaism. That is not everyone’s opinion on this website. I believe Zionism has infiltrated Judaism to such an extent, it has overtaken classical Judaism.

    There are many different opinions about Israel and Jews on this website. Nobody, who is a regular commentator on this site, hates all Jews. That would be an idiotic thing to say.

  • The Saudi regime was brought to power by the West, for the West, and is still a Western imperial ally.

    In any case, what has Saudi Arabia got to do with Palestine? Are you suggesting Israel should be allowed to steal all of Palestine because of the behavior of leaders in Saudi Arabia? What sort of logic is that?

  • Palestinians will live in Israel, just as soon as we implement the One State Solution, with equal rights for all in all of the land.

  • I’m not a leftist. Why do you keep repeating that?

    You’re 100% and I’m 100% wrong about what? LOL. There you go again, behaving as if simply stating something makes it so.

    What truth and facts? You certainly can’t prove that Zionism = Judaism using facts. It is a FACT that Judaism is a religion and Zionism is a political movement. There are non-Zionist and even anti-Zionist Jews, as well as non-Jews who are Zionists. Are you going to say a Christian Zionist is a Christian Jew? Because if they’re one and the same, then that’s what follows. They are not the same, and you’ve offered not a single fact to prove otherwise.

  • Israelis are taught to hate Arabs and we can find plenty of examples from that side of this conflict as well.

    You work hard at diversions. I’ll give you credit for that. But I’m not easily distracted, and none of this justifies what Israel is doing. Human rights aren’t predicated on loving your neighbor–especially when your neighbor is an oppressive occupier subjugating you under apartheid over a period of HALF A CENTURY.

    The best way to diffuse hostility is for Israel to comply with international law and withdraw from the territories. Or, alternatively, to give equal citizenship to all in all of the disputed land. Otherwise, this conflict will fester, and Zionism will be to blame.

  • Count Beowulf

    Ah, so the Americans and the Zionists are to blame for the billionaire Muslims in Saudi Arabia spending their money to finance terrorism instead of financing science, medicine, and technology to benefit mankind? But your belief in such nonsense is understandable since you hate facts, hate the truth, and hate civilization.

  • Your “ironclad argument”? You seem to think that if you state something, that makes it true. Not really.

    Apartheid isn’t absolved through technological innovation. It isn’t “hypocrisy” to criticize the policies of a country and buy products that may have been developed there. Just another desperate attempt to distract people from Israel’s intransigence and violence.

  • JD

    The Metropolitan Police Department identified the two people who were
    arrested as Yosef Steynovitz and Rami Lubranicki. An article on the
    conservative website Politichicks named Lubranicki as the creator of the
    group American Bikers United against Jihad

  • Repetition isn’t evidence.

  • JD

    What I don’t get is The JDL was designated a terrorist organization by the US government. These people are openly waving the JDL flag. That is like me proclaiming alliance to ISIS and then waving the ISIS flag around the middle of Beverly Hills. Can anyone guess the results of that . Heck that is a free ticket to GITMO. Where is there a 2 different thing for 2 different people. Why are muslims required to denounce everything the Saudi Government does but saying a single word against Israel make you anti- Semite ( Israel a country Anti Antisemitism is hate for a religion)

  • Count Beowulf

    You say: “Muslim villagers donated money”? And that has some significance? Here is what it signifies:

    “The instruments of darkness tell us truths, win us with honest trifles, to betray ’s in deepest consequence.”–Macbeth, Act I, scene 3.

    But that’s something from civilization. Something you wouldn’t udnerstand or would want to understand. And please cease using your cell phones and computers. To continue doing so makes you hypocrites. After all, cell phones and computers contain within them technologies developed by Zionists.

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