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Blogger Schlussel renames organization after CAIR lawsuit

Posted on 13 January 2011 by Emperor

Schlussel's Gained a few pounds

Update on the eccentric has-been’s trademark infringement trial.

Blogger Schlussel renames organization after CAIR lawsuit

Free Press Staff Writer

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has won a partial victory in its trademark infringement lawsuit against lawyer and conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel.

During the weekend, Schlussel renamed the identically named organization she created last year to Council of American-Israel Relations to head off a legal battle with CAIR, the nation’s largest Islamic civil rights group.

Because of that, U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn declined Monday to formally order Schlussel to stop using CAIR’s full name. He also refused to prevent her from using CAIR’s acronym in Internet domain names she created.

He said he would review that issue in the coming weeks if CAIR pursues it.

“We largely got what we wanted,” CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas said after the hearing in federal court in Detroit. He said he would file court papers within 10 days in hopes of stopping Schlussel from using CAIR in her Internet domain names.

Schlussel’s lawyer also claimed victory.

“They didn’t get anything they wanted,” said attorney Andrew Kochanowski. “They wanted a restraining order and they didn’t get it.”

CAIR sued Schlussel last week, saying she stole the group’s name and trademark last year by creating identically named organizations in Michigan.

It accused her of using the name to cause confusion among CAIR supporters and to siphon off its charitable donations.

Schlussel countered that CAIR gave up its right to the name by failing since 2001 to file legally required reports with the State of Michigan.

Schlussel told one of her Web site followers that she registered CAIR’s name and named herself executive director “to drive the Muslims crazy.”

CAIR says Schlussel spews anti-Islamic hatred on her Web site, . She says she exposes the intolerance of Islam and how it infringes on the American way of life.

Contact David Ashenfelter:

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Eccentric Has-Been Debbie Schlussel Looks to Sabotage

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Zingel

Once on the opinion scene, Debbie Schlussel has spat and snorted her way into irrelevance. No one really cares about her over-the-top rantings anymore. Today, she’s widely seen as an irrelevant foul-mouthed hatemonger who thinks that she’s important just because she was on FOX a couple of times. Desperate for attention, Schlussel has become increasingly erratic and extreme hoping to shock her way into the realm of public attention. But like a flasher lurking in an overall at dark corners of the park, when she strikes, it’s only cause for more people to be turned off. So much for “shock” therapy.

Recently, she posted a diatribe applauding a terror attack against innocent Christian victims at an Alexandria church, saying she’s happy they were killed and that she hopes more of them get blown up. The reason for her raving mad commentary? That they are not pro-Israel enough for her liking.

Schlussel’s hatred and bitterness seems to be mostly driven by her personal inadequacies and insecurities. Jealous of Oprah’s success, the unsuccessful Schlussel routinely refers to her as HO-prah; jealous of Rima Fakih’s charm (Miss USA), the not-so-charming Schlussel refers to her as “Hezbollah’s Sharmuta” (whore), Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets called “hag,” and Kentucky Fried Chicken can’t escape her wrath getting labeled “Kentucky Fried Sleaze.” Even her old pal and now a frequent target of her ire, Pamela Geller is called Scamela Geller (not without merit in this case at least).

Recently, Schlussel’s actions have become more eccentric (bordering on delirium);

CAIR sues Debbie Schlussel over name

(Detroit Free Press)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has sued controversial Southfield lawyer Debbie Schlussel in federal court for trademark infringement, saying Schlussel incorporated several similarly-named groups to confuse its donors.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, urges U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn, to stop her from using the names she incorporated.

“There are people in our community who contacted our office thinking she actually was named executive director of CAIR Michigan,” the group’s executive director, Dawud Walid, said today. He said he fears supporters of his group are making charitable contributions to Schlussel, believing she runs the real CAIR organization.

Schlussel countered that CAIR abandoned its name in Michigan by failing to file annual reports to the state of Michigan beginning in 2004. She said she filed articles of incorporation last year, at the behest of a client who she wouldn’t identify.

“They abandoned it,” Schlussel said. “The state of Michigan sent them notices, but they never once responded.”

Walid says Schlussel spews anti-Muslim hatred on her website. Schlussel counters that she seeks to point out the intolerance of Islam.

A hearing on the case is set for 9 a.m. Friday.

Schlussel’s blog piece on her latest lunatic move is a laughable cry of victimization, faux claim at free speech and most reprehensible of all asking for money to support it.

Schlussel Appointed Executive Director of CAIR Michigan; How You Can Help Our Efforts (to Expose Islam)

I have some important information to share with you. I was recently appointed the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Michigan a/k/a CAIR Michigan, Inc. CAIR Michigan is and will continue to be educating residents of Michigan–through various activities, in the courts, in the media, and everywhere you can imagine–about Islam and the true state of “American-Islamic relations.”  Check out our website, which is in development.  (Thanks to Fred Taub of Boycott Watch for his help in that endeavor.)  We have a lot of projects in store, in terms of educating the public about Islam in America and elsewhere.  We will be mixing things up.  We are applying for tax-deductible status and are in the process of filing all of the official paperwork to raise money as a non-profit.

Until that process is complete, you can help me in this and my other endeavors in exposing the real Islam and stopping it from further changing the American way of life by donating to these efforts.  Donating even just $5-$20/month can really add up to significant support in the ongoing operation and expansion of these activities. You can either use the yellow Paypal buttons on the upper left hand side of the site, or you can prevent the PayPal fees by going to PayPal and sending it directly to:  Any amount is appreciated, and we can really use your help to make a bang as the new year approaches.

My first official act as CAIR-Michigan Executive Director was the letter below to the Michigan Attorney General’s office in opposition to a federal appellate lawsuit filed by an imposter group of Muslims using our name to fight a Michigan judge who asked a woman, Raneen Al-Baghdady–to remove her Muslim headscarf in court. And a few weeks ago, the appeal lost. The judge was upheld in asking the woman to remove her Muslim headscarf.

Can it get any more creepy and pathetic than that?

Dawud Walid, the Executive Director of the real “CAIR-Michigan” has an excellent blog piece on this farce as well as some hilarious broadsides at the comedic and goofy character of Debbie Schlussel:

Schlussel makes classic ‘straw man’ argument today

For years, the Muslim community, its leaders including myself and the organization which I lead have been subjected to fallacious allegations, distortions and smears from “xenophobic loon” Deborah (Debbie) K. Schlussel. Despite her incessantly bigoted blogging, we have virtually ignored this “know-nothing nut”, and I haven’t really blogged about her over the years because she is frankly an irrelevant, fringe in my book.  In other words, she’s simply been a Class A, minor league annoyance unlike major league Islamophobes that can cause serious harm to civil liberties.

In regards to the current complaint that has been made against Schlussel for her commandeering the name Council on American-Islamic Relations – Michigan, she is trying to frame her bogus argument that the legal complaint against her is to silence her freedom to criticize Muslims.  This, however, is a classic straw man argument.  Our complaint against her, though it mentions that she is an anti-Muslim blogger in showing her motive, focuses on her attempt to represent herself as the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in the state of Michigan, an organization devoted to protecting the civil rights of Muslims and challenging Islamophobia.  This is the issue at hand, not her bigotry.

If Schlussel wishes to state that President Obama is an uncover Muslim who can’t be trusted, let her do so.  If she chooses to continue to mislabel Dearborn as “Dearbonistan” (Arabs, by the way, don’t use “stan” behind their lands; those are Central Asians :) ), she is free to do so.  If she even chooses to state that Christian Arabs such as Coptics deserve to be bombed because of their “anti-Semitism” (Arabs are Semites too by the way :) ), she can also say such.

It appears in this situation that her disdain for Muslims caused her to make some crucial lapses in her attempt to “drive the Muslims crazy.” (To DS: We have the entire blog saved, so no need in trying to erase the post now.  :))  And like any organization or business with a trademark and name recognition which has offices or stores in other regions, we signed an affiliation agreement to use the trademark with our national office kind of like how franchisees sign a contract with Burger King for instance with its corporate office to use the name Burger King.  Burger King would never allow its trademark to be used by a store that is strictly vegetarian and against selling hamburgers in America, nor would a civil rights organization such as CAIR allow an anti-Muslim, anti-Arab bigot to use its name in any state, be it Alaska, Colorado or Michigan.  Even my 9 year old son grasps this simple logic.

Anyway, I have bigger fish to fry for now.  I have talks to give at area mosques today and tomorrow as well as have official business with government officials to conduct.  This will all work itself out in court.

Cut & paste below to view complaint filed against Schlussel:

Update: The website for Schlussel’s “CAIR-Michigan” no longer stands for “Council on American Islamic Relations” if you visit it now it reads “Council on American Israeli Relations.” A fitting description perhaps. Maybe Schlussel started feeling the heat?

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