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Reason meets Loony Blogger: See What Happens!

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    • Kashmere

      This woman is an idiot.

    • I was going through the old archives, and came across this video. Cenk interviewing Pamela Geller.

      I was struck by the fact that Cenk asked her to confirm that her blog blog was about “global jihad” and which side she was on. I watched the whole clip.

      I came to the conclusion that he is not a regular reader of Atlas Shrugs, otherwise his response would not have been so insipid. It’s quite revealing how Geller lies and obfuscates to him. Cenk makes out that she is fighting Islamic extremists, but that is not what she does.

      She fights the religon of Islam, she lies and slanders, her website is a hate site, and spins half lies and white lies and complete lies, lying by omission, spreads the Obama being Muslim myth, and Cenk should have asked her outright if Geller supports Palin because she is an Armeggonite.

      My guess is that Cenk is unaware of what the agenda of these people is. I was losing patience with him, and by the end of the video i wanted to hit him over the head.

      Does anyone else feel he was not sufficiently aware of what Geller and her ilk is about? Why didn’t he ask her if her loyalty is to the US or Israel Likud first?

    • Pi Beck

      Tal Cohen, there is no way that Pammy owned him unless we are in a parallel universe controlled by a puppet master with the administrative skills of George Bush. What strawman arguments are your referring to? The fact that we invaded Iraq on a lie? That our resources were sucked into the development of a cosmic war (read Reza Aslan’s recent book), and an Us v. Them mentality that only exacerbated a threat that was more equivalent to a global criminal problem than one that required war.

    • Tal Cohen

      Sorry, but Pammy totally owned him. The genocide denier Cenk is either ignorant (which I doubt) or a patent liar and deceiver (As I do believe). Strawman arguments, rhetorical questions, ridiculous comments and premises. Last time I checked Christians didn’t blow themselves up in crowdrd buses replete with children. Pathetic.

    • MauriceAvenger

      This lady makes no sense at all. Its like Cenk is talking to a brick wall or a clueless valley girl.

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