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Joe Kaufman O Meter #2: “Moved by Kahane”

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman

Kaufman-O-Meter #2:

In a now infamous article titled, A Kahane Legacy Lost Kaufman wrote a eulogy admiring the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and expressing angst and deep sadness at his loss while affirming that the ideology that Meir Kahane developed was correct.

It is an embarrassing article for Kaufman, especially since he attempts to now posit himself as a mainstream American patriot when in fact he has supported radical violent/racist ideologies and participated with banned organizations such as the JDL, founded by Kahane and designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department.

Kaufman wrote in the article that he posted on the now defunct JDL forums in 2001,

I never did get that chance to see him [Kahane], though. He was murdered seventeen days before the event…I recall seeing one of my fellow JSU members crying, after hearing about this. I couldn’t believe that a person that I knew so little about…could elicit such feelings in someone… at least someone that wasn’t related or even a friend of the family! But I soon learned otherwise, as I watched the film that was shown in Kahane’s place. It was a film of a speech that he had given previously, and I cannot describe to you properly just how moving it was!

Who exactly is Kaufman so “moved” by? Well, Meir Kahane was an advocate for the expulsion of all non-Jews from the Biblical Israel which includes the West Bank and Gaza, he was a proponent of a theocratic Jewish Kingdom governed by Torah Law, he founded the terrorist JDL which was banned in the USA and the Kach party which was eventually banned in Israel for being racist and violent. Adherents to the Kahanist ideology have engaged in terrorism against Muslims and Arabs, as was the case with Dr. Baruch Goldstein who massacred over 30 worshipers in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Palestine.

So how long will ole’ corky Kaufman put up the facade that he is a die-hard American patriot when it seems he is motivated not by democratic ideals but the spirit of his late mentor Rabbi Meir Kahane?

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Who is he?:

Joe Kaufman, has been on the Anti-Muslim scene for quite a while now and is dubbed by the far Right-Wing FrontPageMag as, you guessed it…another one of their ”Investigative Journalists.”  That he has been influenced by Meir Kahane and the Kahanist ideology is well documented, as is his love and angst for Kahane.

In the past he has been accused of contributing to the terrorist organization founded by Kahane known as JDL (Jewish Defense League) while others accuse Kaufman of at the very least holding views that parallel JDL positions.

Kaufman’s unsavory associations and views are quite real and they are only dangerous to America if you’re stupid enough to swallow his conspiracy theories but other than that he is simply a half-baked paranoid conspiracy theorist, some what along the lines of the “9/11 Truthers.”

In every nook and cranny there is a “Mooslim”…hiding and ready to get ya…so beware and be afraid. Be veryyyy afraid goes his story.

In this special LoonWatch series we will detail the exploits and punchlines that Krazy Kaufman throws out there and attempts to pass on as serious journalism, commentary and investigation.

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    • Jekyll


    • The_Punisher

      Why not gives jews their bloody ‘holy land’? there are already about 67 muslim countires, let the jews be already. Its only land, the world would be a better place if Isreal were let be and muslims in turn would prosper because they would be seen in a better light.

    • Kahane was right!

    • Northlander

      This is a wonderful series you’ve started on Kaufman. Kaufman in the grand scheme of things is a nobody and his hypocrisy is borne out by his depraved and subjective comments. I remember reading a back and forth he was having once in the comment section on FrontPageMag in which his associations and comments were being brought to his attention. He was asked by the one he was debating with to repudiate Meir Kahane and his terrorism, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

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