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Anti-Muslim Rev. Bill Keller: “Obama not American Citizen”

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Talk about having an agenda, in this case the shameless attempt to play on people’s fears to make a few bucks. It is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the next episode when TownHaller’s like Pamela Geller have their veiws of Obama being a Muslim parroted by Bill Keller.

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    • Robert808

      Birth announcements were published in both local papers in Hawaii. But then…. maybe his parents thought that someday he would be President so they called from Kenya and convinced the hospital to submit two false reports. And then had the State create a fake birth certifcate. Of course! The ignorance and racism is unbeleivable.

    • Duh-Swami, you really put the “duh” in your own name.

    • duh_swami

      Obama’s Kenyan grandmother say’s he was born in Kenya and she was there…Of course we all know that the President of the United States grandmother is a notorious liar…

    • Word

      I’m really stunned, that politics like this are actually mainstream amongst the right at this point.

    • Nusrat.K

      These people get funnier and funnier. That 186 page rebuttal of Obama’s birth certificate (biggest waste of time and energy), which no one in authority cares to even countenance, is supported by none other than Pam as you reported. The right wing is slowly going into dementia.

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