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Lindsey Graham’s Epic Fail

Lindsey Graham, senior Republican senator proves that even when the GOP tries to get it right they can manage to mess things up. In condemning the wackos Graham does a good job but he has an epic fail when he lets out a (freudian?) slip that, “[Obama] is not a Moslem, he is a good man.” It reminds us of John McCain’s sorry answer to the crazy lady who asked him during the presidential election if Obama was an “Ayrab, a Mooslim.”

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    • sadia

      Dear Tim, A lot of us (muslims) are not BIGOTS like those found in the company of pam & spencer(including their ‘fans’).

      Perhaps, some of them can learn a lesson or two from us. We don’t blame the “general mass” of America or its allies in its fake war which resulted in the genocide of muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. Ofcourse we have every right to call the ‘leaders’ of these nations as wrong-doers and war-mongerers for brutally oppressing these nations.

      But you go all out in your blinding hatred guided by misinformation, to blame all muslims for some ‘evil’ acts done by a few muslims, which if true, is actually the result of their deviation from true message of Islam.

      BEAR IN MIND, Non-adherance to Islam = Acts of injustice.

      FYI, under no circumstances does Islam allow killing of innocents, contrary to the principles as preached in Bible where we find passages calling for death of not just men, women and children but even sucklings and animals are also not to be spared!

      Ref: “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” [1 Samuel 15:3]

      I am not trying to use this to propagate hatred for christianity like most anti-muslim propagandists attempt to do against Islam. (by misrepresenting verses from the Quran)

      The quote from bible is just to show how hypocritical these propagandists are in their attempts to defame Islam by labelling it as a violent religion. (I wonder if they ever called bible a violent book!)

      No matter how hard they twist & ramble, the truth will always remain clear – Islam is the way of life bringing peace and justice for all.

    • tim

      alot of you are’nt sahar

    • Goldberg

      From Joe Wilson who interrupted the President’s speech by shouting “you lie!” to Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina certainly has the brightest and most prudent politicians anywhere.

    • Sahar

      It’s almost like he’s indicating that muslims can’t be good

    • Ustadh

      Lindsey, for some reason I can imagine him whistling ol’ Dixie. The sad thing is that he is as moderate as the Republican party can get.

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