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Feeling the Hate

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More myths about Barack Obama being a Mooslim and other nonsense from Tel Aviv streets documented by Max Blumenthal.

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    • Sam Seed


      “What now, Didn’t the leader of Iran say he’ed Wipe Israel off the map!”.

      You will find that this is a lie, the Iranian Presdient didn’t utter those words, its what you want to hear. He actually said that the ‘Zionist Regime’ must be wiped off the face of the earth, not Israel. Oh the many faces of Zionism…

    • SunnyB

      “The only thing israelis want, is to finally be left alone and live in peace”

      This is really hilarious and sad at the same time. Shows you how much brainwashing and ignorance there is, that flies in the face of truth and justice. You would think a PALESTINIAN would be saying they want to be left alone to live in peace.

      HELLLOOOO, have you ever heard of the West Bank and Gaza Occupation? Checkpoints? Closed Borders? The aparteid wall? The open air prison that is Gaza? Give me a break, no one is buying the “poor innocent Israeli self-defense” excuses anymore. The world is wakin gup to the true face that shows through in these videos. Yes we no about the holocaust. No, we are not “Anti-Semitic”. Tired, old, lame arguments and re-perpetration of crimes against humanity of which Israelis should be the first to stand against!

      Give me a break!

    • Ari N.

      Denying Nakbaa is denying the holocaust. What a vicious cycle this is. Is this the reincarnation of the 40’s?

    • Sir David

      LB Firstly please enrole in a history class this autumn. Who is this “we” you are talking about ? Deserteagle . I was so pleased to read the leftist conspiricy therory was still alive I thought that one had died out in the 90’s.Where is the evidence for this bland assertion? Hienz . Fortunetly two wrongs dont make a right . Well not where I come from anyway. When will you guys ever learn that a dislike of Zionism and/or the politics of the state of Isreal is a perfectly allowable political stance? Its even legal in Isreal! and does not make one a terrorist.

    • deserteagle

      when the real haters kick in blumenthals door and drag him out because he is Jewish , he will get the message. the message? The only safe Jew is a fit well armed one , why? because there is a spectrum of haters out there and guess what blumenthal , alot of them are leftists. sad sad sad, wake up buddy.

    • LB

      What now, Didn’t the leader of Iran say he’ed Wipe Israel off the map! What do you except the Jews to say? Iran also provides the rockets to shoot into Israel- Get real! How about the leader of Palestine that joined with Hitler and The Nazis, Remember? When we won WWII we kicked them out because they where Axis allies serves them right! We know of the same thing happening on both sides for 100’s of years so what! It’s just now that Jews are kicking your ass that you whine!

    • Heinz Schneier

      Why are you focussing only on the reactions in Tel Aviv only? Why don’t you make any comparable inquiries in a main street of any arab capital (providing they would let you inquire anything)? You would understand then that you cann’t possibly expect any different reactions in Tel Aviv. The only thing israelis want, is to finally be left alone and live in peace and the reality that there ist a Paletinian Authority is due to the fact, that the Israelis brought the PLO back from Tunisia, to install them in their offices. On the other hand the overwhelming majority of muslims want to destroy Israel, kill the Jews and spread Islam all over the Dar-ul-Charb (World of the war).

    • YS

      Sadly, you do not have to go to Israel to “feel the hate”. This type of talk is common place among many, if not most, Jews in America. Many of whom quietly deny jobs, endoursements, media attention, etc. Muslim Americans and or anyone preceived and critical of Israel.

    • Max Blumenthal is an American Jewish reporter and author. He is the son of Sidney Blumenthal, who was the senior aide to Bill Clinton, hence his excellent connections. He has also made programmes for Al Jazeera.

      Max specialises in writing about the far right wing, and how they try to subvert public opinion. He has filmed some excellent video’s and reports by going undercover. The Tel Aviv video above was one he made in Israel, but he has also gone undercover and exposed American extremists like Pastor Hagee (Christians United for Israel)

      Max Blumenthal’s work offers a valubable insight into what America is up against. Please check out his superb work, his own website has a libary of his written, TV and media clips.

      Max Blumenthal published his first book in 2008 Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party

    • Ustadh

      It is pure hate on the streets of Tel Aviv.

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