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10 Loonwatch Pieces from 2009 you May Have Missed but Shouldn’t Have


While the year was great and we had a lot of highs there were some pieces that didn’t get the attention that they truly deserved due to Loonwatch not being as well known at the time.

Here are a list of 10 pieces you may have missed but shouldn’t have, also take a look through our archives for any past articles:

Douglas Farah’s Delusional Delight

Douglas Farah

Douglas Farah

Doug, yet another so-called “investigative consultant” tries to link U.S. Muslim orgs to planet Zorbex, that global superpower operating in perfect coordination yet total secrecy to sneak in an evil empire.

M.Cherif Bassiouni Rips Fake Scholar Robert Spencer

Cherif Bassiouni

Cherif Bassiouni

Robert Spencer, and his proxies such as Hugh Fitzgerald fail miserably trying to character assassinate M. Cherif Bassiouni, read them get ripped in the process.

Update: Robert Spencer Whines and Wimpers after being Exposed

Robert Spencer: Exposed

Robert Spencer: Exposed

Update: Robert Spencer cries “bloody censorship” after he is exposed and the ALA canceled his near platform to spout anti-Muslimisms.

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield’s Double Speak

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Rabbi Hirschfield seems like a good guy but on his blog he bizarrely criticizes Muslim objections to an anti-Muslim hate film he himself trashes, as “crying wolf.”

ADL Contradicts its Goals by Supporting Fascist


Abe Foxman’s support of Avigdor Lieberman is quite troubling for a number of reasons, most glaringly for its contradiction to the goals preached by the ADL.

Tawfik Hamid: The Shemp of the Three Stooges

Tawfik Hamid

Tawfik Hamid

Previously we wrote about the Three Stooges of Islamophobia: Walid Shoebat, Zachariah Anani, and Kamal Saleem but we forgot about Shemp — Tawfik Hamid.

Steven Emerson: “Wowser”


Steven Emerson likes to pass himself off as a gumshoe Investigative Journalist but his antics reveal that he is a poor imitation of Inspector Gadget.

Update: Freedumb of Speech Summit-Defenders of Delusion


The Freedumb of Speech Summit descended into a predictable Hate Summit, but were you expecting otherwise?

Spate of Islamophobic Gang Attacks on Elderly Muslims of London

Three year old girl, traumatized from watching her grandfather's brutal murder

Three year old girl, traumatized from watching her grandfather’s brutal murder

A spate of racially motivated gang attacks against Muslims culminate in the death of a sixty-seven year old man, who was clubbed to death in front of his now traumatized granddaughter.

Fascist Leaves Daniel Pipes “Elated”

Avigdor Lieberman

Avigdor Lieberman

Lieberman’s extreme world view and rhetoric has left observers around the world, including many Israelis, shocked and frightened. Not so, Daniel Pipes. Lieberman has him “elated.”


And here is a free bonus since Rabbi Hirschfield, while having a loonie moment, does not qualify as a loon in our books:

Robert Spencer: Teaming up with Euro-Supremacists Again

Under his wing; Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, erstwhile ally of neo-Fascists, friend to advocates of genocide, and all around anti-Muslim is once again basking in the light of his own, made up self-importance.

This time it centers around his recent trip to Germany where he gave a speech at a rally in Berlin.

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    • Brother

      Andy Blume is spreading hate speech about Muslims. He has no right! Someone should stop him. He admits to rape on his blog, he admits to selling drugs and taking drugs. He list his address as p o box 737, Elsternwick, Vic, Australia, 3185, He says he owns Spatula Publishing Conglomerate, and his blog is blog/

      Someone should go straighten him out on respect for his Superiors.

      He is a Sociopath spreading hate about Muslims in Australia, is there not a law against this hate speech inciting violence against our brothers and sister??

      A Muslim brother.

    • Great idea Proud Muslim, thanks, we will look into it.

    • to Question

      If you check the “Like this site? How you can help” link above it shows various way you can support Loon Watch, and one of them is by linking and adding the logo to let readers know.

      Suhaib Webb, (being an Imam and a popular one) would want to support a project like this and tell his readers and pupils, as would any Muslim, even secular ones, who are not religous do not want to see their religion being attacked unfairly.

      You’ll find lots of secular and non practicing Muslims who rally together for a cause like this. If there is one thing that we can thank the Islamophobes for, is how they unite the religious and secular Muslims.

      In any case, i’m sure readers here would love to hear what Suhaib Webb and other Imam’s have to say by commenting. They’re probably busy at their own sites, but it would be nice if they add input here too.

      Loon Watch,

      Can I make a suggestion for the “comments” feed on the main page? I note that a set number of “latest comments” are published. 10 are listed. This means if 17 are approved we will miss the 7 not showing, and there is no other way of knowing if any new comments are added.

      Do you think it’s possible to add a “previous comments” link at the bottom, so that we can scroll back and read any new comments that we may have missed?

      As the website get’s busier, this is something that you will have to sort out eventually anyway.

      Many thanks, and sorry for making you work harder;)

    • Question

      @Xexes well I guess that does make sense. I was just wondering. Imam Suhaib Webb is smart as heck so it wouldn’t have surprised me if he was affiliated with this site in any way. LW For The Win.

    • Xexes

      lol Question, if everyone who linked to Loonwatch ran it or was a part of it, then it would be run by 1000 people, I see tons of site linking to LW on their blogroll including Jewish and Christian sites. I doubt Imam Suhaib Webb runs this site, he is an American Muslim and Islamophobia is a rising disease in the West, it makes perfect sense for him to link to the best site out there dealing with this disease,… heck, I linked here from both my blogs, word!

    • Mike H.

      Avigdor is really scary

    • Question

      Is Loonwatch run by or is part of Imam Suhaib Webb from His blog has a whole page dedicated to you guys. Just a thought…

    • Nabeela

      Oh what a lovely little doll of a girl, and i agree that Rabbi Hirshcfield shouldn’t be on the Loon list.

      Great work, and good articles, excellent.

    • OstEuropa43

      awesome. I think I did miss a few of these pieces. But who can forget that poor little girl who lost her grandfather. Thanks for working on NYE, you guys are serious!

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