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Robert Spencer Watch: Elena Kagan Ignorantly Promoting Shariah Law

Robert Spencer next to his Perpetual Serf Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer contradicts himself once again. In a recent article in the Daily Caller, Spencer is quoted as saying,

“[Kagan] would knowingly and wittingly abet the advance of Sharia, but she wouldn’t do it understanding anything about Sharia. She would do it out of her ignorance.”

Yes, because the only one who understands Sharia is Robert Spencer.

What a convoluted way of saying what he really wants to say, “Kagan will ‘advance Shariah.’”

So will she “knowingly” or “ignorantly” advance Sharia?

Spencer attributes Kagan’s fondness for Sharia to naïveté and liberalism. “There is a general tendency on the part of political liberals in the United States today to take a benign view of Islam and Islamic law,” he said. “They are generally uninformed and share a hatred of the West and Western civilization.”

Essentially, if someone disagrees with Spencer they are cast as either “ignorant” or “taking a benign view of Islam and Islamic law.” This woman has devoted her whole life to the study of law, does he not think for a second that Kagan might know more about Islamic law than himself?

Spencer’s wild-eyed conspiracy theories are then exposed,
According to Spencer, Kagan will be a willing accomplice in the ongoing stealth jihad — or the institution of Sharia into non-Muslim societies via non-violent means, such as the courts and mainstreaming Islamic customs — currently underway against the West. “The goal of the jihad is to assert the primacy of Islamic law over non-Muslim society and over Muslim societies where it is not fully enforced, and that can take place either through violent or non-violent means and the goal is the same,” he said.
More of the same old conspiracies. On Spencer’s hate blog, he posted this article with the comment, “Ignorance and naivete, mixed in with the fashionable Leftist contempt for America.” Is he referring to the reporter or to Kagan? He doesn’t dispute anything the reporter wrote and instead finds it fit to criticize liberals as being “accomplices in the ongoing stealth jihad.”

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    • Art K

      I am absolutely amazed at how people are still struggling to dominate the world with their religion. I think, in this “Electronic Age” that people are learning how to articulate their feelings in a discrete manner. Yes, there are those that are young and ignorant that choose to exercise their “Right of Free Speech” as given to Americans through the Constitution. They fail to realize that it does not mean to go around and deliberately hurt others with your wicked and sharp tongue. People lapse into deep depression until they die once the verbal damage is done. You cannot undo the hurt once it is accepted by the hurt person. How do you punish the perpetrator for hurting his family, friend or some person on the street? You can’t punish him because of his ignorance of human kindness and care for his fellow man. At one point or another, we must all learn to put our egos aside and embrace one another as loving family members. I happen to have a vast education in “religion” and it does not mean a thing because many people use their religion to cause separation and rejection in our human society. This is a joke being played on us by us, the people aka human beings! The young people today that are rude and arrogant are the by-product of parents that were polite and never said what they felt in a constructive open way. It is too bad. It is my wish that all wars end. It is my wish that all arguments do not occur. It is my wish that all people, civilized or not, learn to reason and think about the impact they have on the life of this planet. We have the resources to care for this beautiful planet and many people beyond eight billion. But, we must first get greed and jealousy out of our lives once and for all. We all have gifts for one another and when given to the world, amazing feelings of love abound. I am happy to be a human. I am happy to know many people that are considerate and caring for others. Religion, Race, Culture and Political persuasion are not the pillars of a society that can survive beyond 2025. True love has the power to crush all pain. True love is the healer of this world and our hurt hearts. Killing is not the key to stopping hatred. It is the hatred in our hearts that must be crushed. Hatred is the achilles heel of a collapsing world. Let 2010 celebrate the rise of the intelligent minds of all human beings hungering for a more sustainable non-coercive society. Love to you all, Art K

    • Sam Seed

      “Adm_Akbar00 Says: August 5th, 2010 at 1:14 pm May Allah fart on Pamela Gellar’s sandwich”

      Please refrain from using foul attributes for Allah, it’s not funny or clever.

    • Abdul Fateh

      I don’t understand how Spencer is still taken seriously. This is a man who was a Catholic school teacher in the Bronx for a while, and now he’s some self-appointed expert on Sharia. He should stick to talking to underage girls about “spiritual virginity.” What a guy. He’s plenty dumb too, one shouldn’t throw bricks when in a glass house. The same goes for Pamela Geller-Oshry, the 52-year old harpy residing on East 56th St in Manhattan in her apartment paid for by her criminal ex-husband.

    • Terry

      Robert Spencer is plain and simple a sewage rat. The only reason this individual without any character is doing this is money. There’s still a lot of money to be made after 9/11 for those who want to smear Islam and arabs. It also fits well into the Zionist agenda of dehumanizing the Palestinians in order to grab more land illegally and ethnically cleanse Palestinians.

    • mindy1

      i may not agree with Kagan, but Spencer is starting to sound paranoid

    • What do these half-wits know about Shariah anyway? In Al Azhar University in Egypt, it takes at least 4 years to get a basic degree in Shariah Law studies (A couple of years longer if you want a Master’s degree). There is no way Spencer’s highly selective “research” is any match

      As for the Shrieking Harpy, before she figures out the difference between Al Azhar and Cairo University (No, Pamela, it was not Al Azhar Obama gave his speech at), she has no business being considered an expert about anything.

    • Justin

      Mwu ha ha ha! First the ground zero mosque, then overthrow the Consistution! It is all going according to plan… (sarcasm intended)

    • Adm_Akbar00

      May Allah fart on Pamela Gellar’s sandwich

    • KnowingTheTruth

      I’m starting to think that these two fools ether have brain damage or lying is the only way to make money to support their mansions. You know what it’s both.

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