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LoonWatch Calling all Bloggers

Over the past few months LoonWatch has grown phenomenoly and this has led to an expansion of our efforts. We have launched two new websites, and We have assembled a great team of bloggers but this expansion requires us to scour the net and find those gems of talent willing to expose Islamophobia and the anti-Muslim Movement.

In light of this we are making a general casting call for individuals who would like to participate, mainly for and but depending on our evaluation of your abilities also LoonWatch!

Are you a LoonWatcher who has been following our site for quite some time, have you left comments with the thought that “I should write for LoonWatch?” Well, this is your opportunity!

Email us at:

Include your name, how you learned about LoonWatch, why you would like to write for LoonWatch and any samples of your writing. If you are a frequent commenter on LoonWatch or any of the other sites mention that as well.

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    • SKhan

      I think would be a good choice for this site. includes refutations to Islamophobes in his videos, and provides sh*tloads of citations. He is also calm, relaxed, and refrains from slurs. I vote for him for LW.

    • Beautiful Muslim Doll

      Yahya, without meaning to push you, you don’t have to do it full time, an article now and then would be OK. You don’t even have to do it specially for Loon Watch, when you post one yourself at your own blog, send it in.

      Just took a look your blog, it’s superb stuff, your material is great. you’re an ideal candidate, as is Stephen Parker.

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