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2010: The Year of Islamophobia

2010 has been an unbelievable year! Can we say that we are happy that it is finally over? Only if that means that the wacky anti-Muslim Islamophobia that reached unprecedented and at times demented levels will recede. However, it doesn’t appear as though that will be happening any time soon.

Looking at the year in review we see that right-leaning and populist anti-Muslim/xenophobic organizations and party’s increased their power/influence across Europe while also initiating and passing discriminatory legislation in their countries.

  1. Rise of Geert Wilders and the Freedom Party
  2. EDL (English Defense League)
  3. Sweden Democrats
  4. Switzerland’s banning of Minarets
  5. BZO Austria
  6. Pia Kjaersgaard (DF)
  7. France and the face veil controversy
  8. Belgium’s banning of the face veil
  9. Catalonia face veil proposal

In the United States we saw the convergence and solidifying of a network of Islamophobes across the nation who joined arms with their brethren across the Atlantic ocean. We were also treated to the Republican party’s instrumentalization and usage of Islam for purposes of fear-mongering during the the run-up to the 2010 elections; add to this mosque controversies, hate crimes, anti-Muslim rallies and your run of the mill nuke Mecca suggestion and you had 2010.

The beginning of the year saw a slew of hate crimes, it also saw our piece, “All Terrorists are Muslim…Except the 94% that Aren’t,” go viral and become one of our most popular pieces ever, getting picked up by various mainstream media outlets.

Joseph Stack’s attack

Events picked up shortly after that with Joseph Stack flying his plane into a IRS office kamikaze style and the failure of many, especially on the right to equate the act to terrorism.

Such double standards were consistently exposed by us throughout the year, particularly in our “What if they were Muslim?” segment. We documented the colossal double standards that exist both in media and popular perception when it comes to judging crimes committed by Muslims against those committed by individuals of other faiths. Invariably, when a Muslim commits a crime it is blamed or linked to Islam, whereas if someone else does it his or her faith is not mentioned — even if it was the motivation.

Of course we would be remiss if we did not mention the biggest story of the year; the Cordoba House, i.e. Park51 or as it has come to be known by many, “the Ground Zero Mosque controversy.” This was a story that raged for months and was “whipped up into a frenzy by a pair of bigoted anti-Muslim bloggers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, two individuals who should be summarily dismissed as loons that have zero influence in the mainstream media or amongst any of our politicians.”

The Republicans latched onto this story and attempted to make it the wedge issue that they could use to ride to victory during the elections. A dozen or more candidates incorporated this issue into their platform with some making it their sole selling point, (un)surpirsingly a handful actually came out victorious, most prominently the looniest of them all, Allen West.

This was also the issue that catapulted Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer into their 5 minutes of fame. We had been reporting on these two, their financiers, networks and supporters ever since we started Loonwatch, our pieces on both of these goons especially “Pamela Geller: The Looniest Blogger Ever” was picked up by mainstream media outlets including the New York Times,, Christian Science Monitor and the Washington Post.

Both Geller and Spencer were irked to no end by this and though they attempted to play the silent game were forced at some point to respond to Loonwatch, but they did so only with ad hominem attack and zero interaction with the substance of our articles. Geller resorted to calling us a “Goebbels-style hate site” while Spencer wished to inflict “100-101 lashes” on Danios who he labeled a “slick liar” while continuing to run-away and evade Loonwatch’s open challenge to a radio debate.

Today the controversy over Park51 is still simmering though the rhetoric and verbiage on it has cooled down quite a bit to the chagrin of Spencer and Geller. The spill over from Park51 left a terrible residue and sparked controversies around the nation.

It seemed that the issue with mosques (i.e. Muslims) was not simply about proximity to “hallowed ground,” but the right to build and freely worship was being challenged all over the country.

  1. Murfreesboro, TN.
  2. Temecula, CA.
  3. Sheepshead Bay
  4. Sheboygan County, Wi
  5. Florence, KY
  6. Selden, LI
  7. Ohio

Ahmed H. Sharif

There are about six more places from our count where mosque controversies were raging, but the above sampling gives you an idea. The worst spillover of the mosque controversy undoubtedly manifested itself with the near fatal stabbing of New York City cab driver Ahmed H. Sharif. Passenger Michael Enright entered his cab, asked him “Are you a Muslim?” and when the cabdriver replied, “Yes,” slashed his throat.

There were other notable Islamophobiapalooza moments during the year as well. For instance Rima Fakih, the first Muslim Miss America drew the ire of right-wingers and Islamophobes who didn’t like seeing a brown lady with the crown, let alone a Mooslim. There was also the South Park/Revolution Muslim controversy and the resultant Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on Facebook which descended into an orgy of bigotry and hatred. Later this would reveal the epic double standards and failure of the moribund perception-makers in the media when contrasted with the way it dealt with the story of Pastor Terry Jones and his wacky Dove Outreach Church’s “International Burn the Koran Day on 9/11” (Read: Islam and the Media in the Age of Islamophobiapalooza).

The final focal point with which Islamophobes and their cynical cohorts in the Republican party attempted to garner populist support through anti-Muslim fear-mongering was surrounding the buzz word: Sharia’. Sharia’ is the boogey monster that Muslims, 1% of the population of America is going to impose. Forget the fact that most of those advocating this conspiracy theory are themselves woefully ignorant of the Constitution, a document that they subvert with every statement and move they make. It got so bad that Oklahoma overwhelmingly passed a measure banning Sharia’ which has (thankfully) been overturned for being unconstitutional, it should also have been overturned for being unbelievably stupid.

This leads us to consider the biggest Islamophobic conspiracies of the year, which could be a feature piece on its own:

  1. Sharia take over of the United States
  2. Park51 being a “victory mosque” for “Islamic supremacism”
  3. Barack “Hussein” Obama being a secret “Mooslim”
  4. Muslim Congressional Spy Interns
  5. Rep. Keith Ellison working for Hamas
  6. Google’s “e” as an Islamic crescent

At the end of the day, all hope was not lost. There were many whose eyes were opened and Loonwatch helped by being picked by prominent and diverse bloggers as well as media venues as varying as AlJazeera, NPR, Christian Science Monitor, The Independent, AlArabiya etc. Many concerned citizens spoke out eloquently to reject and counter Islamophobia, our segment “Anti-Loons” vividly  showcased the best of those who opposed bigotry and were sincerely and effectively working to counter hate and ignorance on all levels, especially against Islam and Muslims. Lesley Hazelton’s profound lecture describing her experience with the Quran left us with hope, that those who make an effort may come to see beyond the stereotypes, the ignorance that shackles us and fosters animosity between humanity.

“Part of the problem I think is we imagine that the Quran can be read as we usually read a book. As though we can curl up with it on a rainy day with a bowl of popcorn in reach, as though God, and the Quran is entirely in the voice of God speaking to Muhammad, were just another author on the best-sellers list. Yet it is precisely because so few people read the Quran that it is so easy to quote, that is to misquote, phrases and snippets taken out of context, in what I call the highlighter version, which is the one favored by Muslim fundamentalists and anti-Muslim Islamophobes.” —Lesley Hazelton

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    • Khushboo

      good piece! Let’s not forget Fox News for always showing the negative side of Muslims and being hypocrites no thanks to Bill O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity and his hateful guests such as Ann Coulter, Dennis Miller, Juan Williams, Gaffney,etc. etc.

      Bill Maher is also an Islamophobe worried about too many Muhammads being born and laughing at Orchard Park Muslim woman beheaded by her loony husband. I don’t recall him laughing at Nicole Simpson nearly beheaded by accused OJ.

    • muhammad ‘abd-al haqq

      LW. would you consider this story good for the “What if they were Muslim?” series:

      Albany, NY – Lawmakers Lobby Gov. Cuomo to Restore Kosher Law-Enforcement Division

      Imagine a lobby of Muslims with the specific aim of installing a Sharia Law Enforcement Division in the governments State Department.

      Allahu A’lam

    • Mosizzle

      To be honest, I don’t like the way Sufis are treated like they are as some other sect, especially in Western media, as different from Sunnis and Shias. Not only does it make it look like the Ummah is more divided, but it doesn’t make much sense to consider Sufis as different from Sunnis or Shias in the same way that Catholicism is different from Protestantism.

    • Dawood

      The Qadiriyya is mainly a Sunni order, I have never met any Shi’a members of that tariqa, though I would imagine that they exist as it’s one of the oldest established. The founder, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani was actually a Hanbali in fiqh, although he was a sayyid (both Hasani and Husayni in lineage). One can be Sunni and Sufi at the same time – in fact, most well-known scholars were (al-Nawawi, al-Ghazali… the list is endless). Even Ibn Taymiyya himself took the Qadiri way and received the mantle of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir!

    • here is the wiki entry As such, he is a notable figure in Kurdish, Arab, and Muslim culture. Saladin was a strict adherent of Sunni Islam and a mystical disciple of the Qadiri Sufi order.

      and NassirH, I didn’t say he was a Caliph, I said there have been Shia Caliphs, sorry, I write so fast and click “submit” often without checking, it sounded like i was saying Salah al Din al Ayoubi was a Caliph

    • Dawood, I don’t have a source to hand, but I always thought he was a Shia, certainly he was a Sufi?

      anyway, i just checked Wikipedia and it says he was a Sunni and followed the Qadri Sufi order, which sounds conflicting, was he both a Shia and a Sunni then? or didn’t he distinguish between the two? so he may have been both Sunni and Shia? interesting,..i’ll look into this,

      You may be correct though, as your sources look better than Wikpedia…

    • NassirH

      Saladin was definitely Sunni. And I’m pretty sure he ws never a Caliph either.

    • Dawood

      Halalpork: No one here claims to speak for anyone but themselves, so your attack on Zakariya due to his belief is moot. It is especially so considering the explicit designation of the Shi’a as Muslims found in such things as The Amman Message. I for one enjoy his contributions to the site, and welcome his perspective.

      Inspired by Muhammad: As a tangent to this discussion and a matter of history, I’ve never heard the claim that Saladin was Shi’a before. Do you have a source? All the sources I have checked mention that he was staunchly Sunni (Shafi’i/Ash’ari – some even mentioning that he memorised the famed Al-Iqna’, a major commentary on a foundational text of the Shafi’i madhhab, Matn Abi Shuja’), and that he was Qadiri in tariqa. He’s also Kurdish, who (besides a small number in Iran and Turkey) are staunchly Sunni, as far as I know.

    • Mosizzle

      I’m sorry I meant “Inspired by Muhammad”. Apologies.

    • Mosizzle

      Thanks, Imad.

      I will add to your comment with a modern example: some of the greatest leaders of Pakistan have been Shia– Muhhammad Ali Jinnah was born a Shia, so was Liaqat Ali Khan. Benazir Bhutto and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto were also Shia. Current dictator Asif Ali Zardari (backed by the US!) is Shia and so is the current Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

      The fact is that Pakistan, despite being majority Sunni, has had many Shia leaders. So obviously Shias are not considered Kaafirs by most Sunnis because if they were then the conservative Sunni clerics would have objected. Even the extremist Sunni Taliban is currently taking support from Shia Iran.

      Also Shias are allowed in Mecca which is proof that they are Muslims and not Kaafirs. Obviously, Halal Pork you have no idea about Islam and have exposed your stupidity once again with your comment.

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