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Muslamic Ray Guns Being Used in Stealth Jihad

Well it is green you know?

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s heroes, the EDL at it again, lets watch this genius:

Obviously the bloke is a little drunk…at least I hope he is. At the end of the day this group is a nativist, racist organization that doesn’t want to see any non-Whites or Muslims around.

Of course you know that it had to be autotuned:

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    • sadia

      EDL – English Drugaddicts League – now its easy to understand why they behave in the way they behave! Booze, Drugs and Abuse is what the EDL is capable of. Its no surprise only their similar kind (read:pam and company) will stand by them!

    • Mosizzle


      John is sympathising with this EDL loser and believes that such anti-Muslim bigotry is acceptable — in it’s “context”. Yes there are some people who exploit the welfare system but John, in his attempt to justify hatred of Muslims, has used a completely ridiculous 50% figure. We find these stereotypes throughout the British media, that all Muslims live off the state, steal the jobs, rape women, blow up stuff etc etc.

      Sometimes I do think that if there were less Muslims, perhaps there would be less Islamophobia. But that is irrelevant now, as Muslims are here and we can’t do anything about that. In general, Muslim immigration to the UK seems to have slowed down. The Islamophobes are only worried about the Muslims that are already here and god forbid should they have children — their population would increase!

      There’s nothing that can be done about the 2 million or so Muslims in the UK. But people can control their hatred towards them.

  • ThruSriLankanEyes

    @ John Maxwell

    John, on a certain level, I do agree with you. Speaking as a Sri Lankan Muslim, I can say that moving to the UK has now become almost trendy amongst Sri Lankan Muslims. Almost every SL Muslim and his brother is off to the UK these days

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