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Update: Loonwatch Fully Recovered From Malicious Attack by Hackers

Loonwatchers, first of all I want to thank you for your patience while we experienced a malicious attack by hackers who wished to destroy Loonwatch’s reputation. It is not a surprise that there are many out there who want to destroy our work.

Unable to counter our facts, arguments and use of satire they instead chose to go the dirty route. This is not the first time. Almost a year ago to the date, our site was also attacked: Some Want Loonwatch to be Silenced.

Commenters in the Islamophobesphere were gloating that Loonwatch was under attack, commenting on how there are “bugs” here and “LOL-ing” at the fact that the site was attacked.

These weren’t ordinary hackers, our technical team tells us that they were quite sophisticated, this is why it took some time to redress the issue.

I want to assure our fans and loonwatchers everywhere that not only has the issue been tackled but we have upped our defenses to protect the site and ensure that there won’t ever be a repeat of what occurred a few days ago.

However, since we live in an unpredictable world where you are never 100% safe from attack I want readers to know a few things: In case of attack in the future, please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on what is going on with the site. We also have a mirror site: Loonwatch Digest, which you can visit in the meantime while we secure the main site. And of course you can visit and

Once again I want to thank you all for your patience, apologize for any inconvenience and reassure you that what happened a few days ago will not happen again.

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    • “….Sometimes there were little temporary disturbances by some…who were sitting up in one part of the balcony. They were trying to do a little heckling, but it is impossible for a white man to heckle a Muslim. There is nothing that he can come up with that surprises a Muslim or in any way phases a Muslim. We are not interested in his heckling. All we are interested in is spelling out the problem. And if he is man enough to listen then perhaps he will get a better understanding of it.” —Malcolm X, “The Old Negro and the New Negro”; The End of White World Supremacy: Four Speeches by Malcolm X

    • RDS

      Long live LoonWatch.

      Because the truth can never truly die.

    • edwardel7asan

      LoonWatch must be getting on those extreme right’s nuts. Good on ya Loonwatch!

    • Gee – same here… I thought Muslims and their Leftist allies hated freedom of speech?

      funny thing … I don’t have the desire to hack websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts … neither do any of you.

      Those that “support freedom of speech” and busy trying to take it away from others. Just shows what a bunch of hypocritical scumbags this Geller, Spencer, Wilders, really are.

    • JD

      Be carefull with your facebook account because hackers use the forgot my password link to hack into your account They need to know personal information to answer the security questions which usually dont apply to org and company but still…

    • JD

      wait i thought muslims hated free speech and Patriots telling american people the truth about the Islamic religion.Love the 2 face lairs who cry free speech when its stuff they like and then hack sites that give another opinion they dont like

    • mindy1

      Glad you are back-if you are pissing them off, you are doing it correctly

  • Take your time, no need to apologise to us. It’s a sign you’re doing something right if you’re hacked. Where was all the lol-ing ? I’d like to see, can anyone give links to where they were celebrating?

    Loon Watch, it may be Pamela Geller

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