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More Fairytales from Geller about the EDL’s Bristol Demonstration

Pamela Geller‘s defense of the EDL falls in the face of logic and facts–once again (Islamophobia-Watch):

More fairytales from Geller about the EDL’s Bristol demonstration

Having confidently predicted that “thousands” would be marching with the English Defence League yesterday to protest against the “Islamification of Bristol“, Pamela Geller has failed to explain why only a few hundred people turned out for what was advertised as a national mobilisation by the EDL.

Shifting her ground, she has now decided to emphasise the supposedly respectable, non-violent character of the EDL, reporting that they were “well-behaved” and “maintained a calm and peaceful assembly” during their Bristol protest (in contrast to their anti-fascist opponents, who Geller claims “trashed the city and assaulted police”).

However, as you can see from the above photograph (via the Press Association), it was only the weight of police numbers (officers had to be drafted in from as far away as Yorkshire to allow the deployment of a 1,000-strong riot control force) that prevented the EDL from attacking their opponents.

On their way home from the march, and without a police presence to restrain them, the EDL were free to indulge in their proclivity for drunken violence, as is illustrated by this Facebook comment (viaEDL News) from a witness who was, until then, an EDL supporter (and still shares their hatred of “scummy muslims”).

You can understand why Geller might want to cover up the violent nature of the EDL. She and her friend Robert Spencer are jointly launching a “worldwide counter-jihad alliance” with this gang of drunken thugs in Stockholm next month.

And we’re still waiting for Geller and Spencer to explain their support for an organisation that recently carried out an attack on a peaceful anti-monarchist protest in co-operation with the neo-Nazi, white supremacist and antisemitic National Front.

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    • Sam Seed

      @Critical, The Pamela Geller Blog Generator.

      That was really funny!

    • Jai

      This is the BBC News article about the EDL’s Bristol demonstration:

      Full article:

      Fourteen arrests and missiles thrown during Bristol demo

      Missiles have been thrown and 14 people arrested during two demonstrations in Bristol.

      Some 300 supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) marched from Redcliffe Wharf to Queen Square.

      A counter demonstration at the same time by We are Bristol took place at Castle Park.

      Avon and Somerset Police said “some missiles have been thrown” but they were now scaling back their operation as demonstrators returned home.

      On Twitter the force said it had responded to missiles being thrown and it had been “working to calm things down”.

      The violence broke out after both rallies had finished.

      The routes of both marches had been pre-planned to ensure demonstrators were kept apart.

      “Rubbish bins were overturned and set on fire, lumps of concrete were ripped off the wall and thrown at the police,” BBC reporter Nigel Dando at the scene said.

      He added that a group of people in Victoria Street had tried to charge police lines and that about 60 police in full riot gear had been at the scene.

      “There is a bit of standoff at the roundabout between Victoria Street and Redcliffe Way as the EDL supporters attempted to get to Temple Meads but police have stopped them at the moment,” he said.

      Fourteen arrests were made for alleged offences including a racially aggravated public order offence, refusal to remove face coverings after being asked to do so by police, assaulting a police officer and unlawful assembly.

      All those arrested remain in custody, Avon and Somerset Police said.

      It had drafted in officers from other police forces and there were about 1,000 officers on duty.

      Avon and Somerset Police said it would facilitate peaceful protests, but would tackle anyone who became involved in violence or disorder.

      A separate and unrelated march organised by the city’s gay community set off from Berkeley Square at 11:00 BST.

      The colourful procession snaked down Park Street to College Green for the Pride festival.”

      The Huffington Post also has a detailed article about the EDL’s demonstration in Bristol, including multiple photographs of EDL members and the police during the demonstration:

    • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

      Chris said “I’m saying that I made myself a witness to see first hand”

      This really begs the question , er ….. Why ?

      I am sure the gay pride march was more colourful , entertaining and musical .

      Unless you are a supporter of the EDL ;-).

      I agree the BBC reports the truth about the EDL espicially the truth about there previous antics and the fact that a number of their members are currently inside jail contemplating the error of their violent ways .

      Sir David

    • Chris

      I’m saying that I made myself a witness to see first hand, which is why I know this article is lying.

      You can assume all you like, which appears to be all this site does.

      As for the images, it clearly says NF and was not part of the demonstration that happened in Bristol. For starters, that statue is not in Bristol, and if it was, it would of been all over the mainstream.

      Therefore, this article is nothing but a perversion of the truth and should not be considered newsworthy.

      As for the article it was attacking, it doesn’t matter. The truth was reported by Bristol’s local news and even by the BBC’s televised mainstream.

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