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Sheila Musaji: Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer Discover “fireworks jihad”

Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer discover “fireworks jihad”

by Sheila Musaji (The American Muslim)

Some individuals like Pamela Geller are so anxious to find anything at all that is negative about Islam or Muslims that they are willing to pass on any unsubstantiated rumor from anywhere as “proof” that Muslims are evil.  Geller’s professed “love” for Muslims is expressed as pathological hatred.

Geller posted an article Sharia in Colorado: Special accommodations for a special class, Muslims.  She said

Once again we see special rules for Muslims in accordance with the sharia and Islamic supremacism. Anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that has to give way. Check this out from Atlas reader Chris:

Very few are talking about it here in Denver Colorado. American citizens were banned from celebrating our national birthday the Fourth of July. Fireworks were and are still banned unless it was to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I have asked several police officers what the huge fireworks show was and they replied that it was the local Islamic center celebrating. I then asked if the statewide ban on fireworks was still in effect and they said yes. So logically I asked did they have a permit for such a large display. The answer was no and that the police were not to respond to calls about it.

Robert Spencer (the self proclaimed “acclaimed scholar of Islam”) posted the same article with the same dubious source with the longer title Sharia in action in Colorado: Muslims set off fireworks in defiance of ban, police told to ignore complaints and the introduction “A statewide ban on fireworks is not a statewide ban on fireworks when Muslims are setting them off. To enforce the ban would be “Islamophobic,” doncha know.”

Actually, no one is talking about it except Geller and the sites that picked up this non-story from her.  The only source for the story is some guy named Chris who posted a comment on her site.

If she had done just a little fact checking, she would have discovered first, that no one else other than her reader, Chris, had reported on this supposed story, and also that on July 9th Gov. John Hickenlooper had lifted the Colorado fire ban and more than 60 Colorado counties moved to moderate to low fire danger.

Geller, Spencer, and the rest of the Islamophobia echo chamber are stark raving mad!  They see Jihad everywhere and in almost all cases it doesn’t exist except in their fevered Islamophobic brains.  Here are just a few ridiculous claims about nonsensical Muslim plots:

An Eid Celebration for Muslim Special Needs Kids was described as a “stealth jihad”.   A children’s page in a newspaper focusing on Eid was described as a toxic propaganda plot.  Joel Hinrichs (a Christian) had a beard and had walked through the parking lot of a campus mosque thus proving that his crime was an example of sudden jihad syndrome.   The awful April 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech by a Korean student was also called Islamic jihad because Cho’s father had once worked in Saudi Arabia (before he was married and before Cho was born).  A Muslim doctor had a heart attack and died at the wheel of his car which then crashed into a shopping mall and this was described as “vehicular jihad”.   A Muslim cab driver objected to what he considered pornographic ads on the roof of his cab, and that became astealth-jihad plot to impose Sharia on America.  Any Muslim who has sued an employer for violation of their rights under the EEOC is engaged in employment jihad, or litigation jihad.  Muslim environmentalists are said to be actually engaged in “civilizational jihad”.  A cartoon series “The 99” aimed at young Muslims was described as “cultural jihad”.  The victims of the terrorist attack of 9/11 included Muslims, they were accused of dying as martyrs in an act of jihad.

The Islamophobes have uncovered countless examples of false and “shocking” Muslim jihad plots.  They have uncovered:  bumper sticker jihad,  Thanksgiving turkey jihad, an incrediblepaisley scarf jihadmarriage to important men jihadspit jihadfashion jihadspelling bee jihadrape jihad,  defacing dollar bills jihad,   population jihadcreeping Sharia jihad,  mosque building jihadterror baby jihad“creeping Sharia” jihad,  pedophilia jihad,  bus driver prayer jihadforehead bruise jihadpostage stamp jihadsoup jihad,  banning alcohol jihad,fake hate crimes jihadpiggy bank jihad,  tv reality series jihadhandshake jihadprom jihad,interfaith jihadArabic language jihad,  public school jihadreligious accommodation jihad,Crescent moon jihadChristmas tree tax jihadoath of office jihadimmigration jihad,community fundraiser jihad.  Christina Abraham (a Muslim) has a name that is not recognizably Muslim enough and so we have stealth name jihad.

There is a reason that many, even outside of the Muslim community see such demonization of Muslims as Islamophobic.  There is a reason that the ADL has stated that Brigitte Gabriel’s Act for America, Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer’s Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), David Yerushalmi’s Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE)  are “groups that promote an extreme anti-Muslim agenda”.  There is a reason that The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated SIOA as a hate group, and that they are featured in the SPLC reports Jihad Against Islam and The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.  There is a reason that Geller and Spencer are featured prominently in the Center for American Progress “Fear Inc.” report on the Islamophobia network in America.  There is a reason that Geller is featured in the People for the American Way Right Wing Playbook on Anti-Muslim Extremism.  There is a reason that Geller is featured in the NYCLU reportReligious Freedom Under Attack:  The Rise of Anti-Mosque Activities in New York State.  There is a reason that Geller is featured in the Political Research Associates report Manufacturing the Muslim menace: Private firms, public servants, and the threat to rights and security.  There is a reason that the SIOA’s trademark patent was denied by the U.S. government due to its anti-Muslim nature.  There is a reason that they are featured (with extensive backgrounder articles) in our TAM Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry.  There is a reason that these individuals are featured in just about every legitimate report on Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred.

These people consistently promote the what everyone “knows” lies about Islam and Muslims.   They generalize specific incidents to reflect on all Muslims or all of Islam.   When they are caught in the act of making up or distorting claims they engage in devious methods to attempt to conceal the evidence.

The claim that “truth tellers” are being accused of Islamophobia for no reason other than their legitimate concerns about real issues and that in fact there is not even such a thing as Islamophobia is nonsense.

The reason that this is so obvious to so many is that rational people can tell the difference between legitimate concerns and bigoted stereotypes.   The Islamophobia of these folks is very real, and it isalso strikingly similar to a previous generations’ anti-Semitism.

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    • zangi

      What is the source of this information? Any news clip from any reputable source? Or is is just from Chris of Atlas Shrug? I live in Colorado and to the best of my knowledge none had any fireworks planned. So looks like readers of loony websites are also loony. They live in make believe world!

    • @rookie

      You wrote, ——————————————————————————————- Breivik?

      He will spend next 20 yrs in prison – writing books.

      He will become millionaire.

      After 20 years he will get out of prison and ground a political party…

      Someone continue…


      If you’re imagining he’s going to go the Hitler route, that’s only the worst case scenario. Besides its not very likely. Even the overwhelming majority of other Islamophobes tried desperately to distance themselves from him, after he went on his Killing spree. A Brevik candidacy and a political party run by him, would be fiercely opposed, especially by the families of his victims.

      Also, if Hitler had spent twenty one years behind bars after the Beer Hall Putsch, instead of just a little over a year after he was convicted. The conditions that lead to ascension of the Nazi party and his rise to power, might have changed dramatically. Not mention that it would have been much harder for him to use it as a propaganda tool, and people might even have forgotten all about him.

      Beer Hall Putsch

    • Solid Snake


      He will tour Europe and the US being paid by right wingers all over the world. At that point the jig will be up, their facade of being against murder and extremism will drop and they will openly embrace violence. Breivek will prove that they can and have beaten the system. His speech will be protected and soon his party will grow.

      As his message and party gains momentum, more moderate people will turn to their local right wing parties.

      Events will heat up in the Middle East as the foreign policy between conservative Right wingers and liberal left wingers begins to blur.

      Pretty soon we will be hearing Anti-Muslim rhetoric from both sides of the isle louder than ever.

      Islamophobes will commit crimes against Muslims only to have Islamophobic lawyers represent them pro bono in front of Islamophobic judges.

      The precedents have been set, first the stabbing and killing of Marwa Sherbini in the court room in front of judges and police officers. and now Breiveks case.

      And then it takes one misguided, lonely, scared, and desperate Muslim to attempt to kill Breivek while he is on one of his tours. as we said one of their goals is to troll for assassins. Whether this assassin succeeds or fails he will have sent the world spiraling downwards into what possibly could be another global conflict.

      From there it only gets worse for Muslims and their allies…..I mean i hope it doesn’t happen but the way it looks I wont be shocked if he is deemed safe to return to society in 20 years.

    • rookie


      He will spend next 20 yrs in prison – writing books.

      He will become millionaire.

      After 20 years he will get out of prison and ground a political party…

      Someone continue…

    • Jai

      “Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer discover “fireworks jihad”

      As I mentioned on another thread a few days ago, I wonder how long it’ll take for Geller & Spencer to notice that a disproportionate number of India’s biggest movie stars are Muslims. I expect Geller & Spencer would call it “Bollywood Jihad”…..

    • Breviek will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Yes, he was only sentenced to 21 years which is the maximum sentence in Norway. Keep in mind that in Norway one can be kept in prison beyond their sentence if they are still seen as a threat to society, something which is highly likely for Breviek.

      Yes, being declared “criminally sane” should put all the crazy Loons on noticed that they too can and most likely will be declared sane by a court of law if they too commit hate-crimes, domestic acts of terrorism or any kind of terrorism.

      Being declared sane is good news and an opportunity to discuss how to deal safely with Loons and not just dismiss them as “crazy.”

    • Zakariya Ali Sher

      Breivik was found ‘sane,’ and sentenced to a mere 21 years because apparently, the Norwegian definitions of “humane” include not punishing criminals for acts like mass murder. Apparently, he has it quite nice too. Three cells, including a spa and a study, and he’s not in general population because the authorities fear for his life. A pity too because I was kind of hoping that he’d get shanked. Fortunately, he wasn’t allowed to rant about his “issues” that In Fidel wants to raise, but unfortunately, he apparently plans on publishing further manifestos from prison. Unless, like I said before, some brave Norwegian convict has the cobbles to shank him before he subjects the world to future indignities.

    • dreamdayz01

      In southern part of India, the “Love Jihad” danger is a favorite topic among right wing Nationalist (even after being dismissed by investigating authorities as hoax).

    • There is a difference between being “criminally insane” and a paronoid schizophrenic. Even schizophrenics, with their self-righteous claims of “truth telling” and illusions of grandness possessed with special gifts- they have a special calling to share the truth while proclaiming all others who disagree as “ignorant”- can be and often are criminally sane because they planned and new what they were doing.

      Breviek is criminally sane, not insane as In Fidel confidently predicted in his comment above. I guess some so-called truth tellers don’t always know the truth, do they Eric Allen Bell, In Fidel, GW, Steve and No Imaginary Friends Here?

    • truth

      Pam geller is a mad woman.I wonder if there is anything she truely loves in her life

    • Crow

      EPIC FAIL TROLL!! Brevik was found sane because the only issues he raised were important to venomous bigots and white supremists, the one issue that should have been raised and wasnt, was should brevik be shot or hung? As for geller, fat spencer, gabriel etc and their fans they are by nature moraless cowards

    • Inn Fidel

      Breveik will be found insane. Finding him sane would force Norway and Europe to face the issues he raises.

    • Sarah Brown

      This is very useful because Spencer does cover some true stories, and indeed some stories which *ought* to be covered – i.e. I assume he pounced on the one about the little girl accused of blasphemy. The fireworks story is a good example of one which is, not just ridiculously exaggerated/tendentiously worded, but simply untrue.

  • mindy1

    Yah know, I think if I took them to my shrink he would diagnose them with delusions of grandeur-thinking you are important when you are not

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